Thursday, 6 September 2018

5 Reasons Why You Should Go With Talygen’s Online Performance Review System

Oh yes! Its appraisal time, which is a magical time of the year for an employee as their performance would be reviewed by Managers in order to give them appraisal. Although, performance review excites and pleases employees but it is an uphill task for employers if they are using traditional methods of performance management system.

At present, with an expanded volume of work, paper-based performance review system is outdated. Firstly, it is a time consuming task as managers have to write a performance review, get print outs and send it to other authorized personnel for their comments and reviews. Sometimes, the concerned person is unavailable to submit his/her review due to various reasons, which means unnecessary delay. It only increases frustration and make you feel exhausted.

If you are having similar concerns for a long time, then using Talygen’s online performance management software is the best way to get breathing space and avoid the usual pitfalls you are facing in between your performance review system.

Talygen, a leading business management automation provider, offers an affordable and effective performance management system which has a number of benefits for both employers and employees. In this post, we will give you different reasons of opting for Talygen’s performance management system.

Efficient Performance Review System:

Talygen has an efficient and effective performance management system with multiple review processes. Managers can create an approval chain sequence that comprises multiple reviewers who have the authority to evaluate performance of employees on the basis of different standards. They will provide their inputs and comments on multiple levels and submit them to managers. Managers can also set a sequential and non-sequential order of review, so that performance of employees would be evaluated by reviewers in desired order.

Time Saving System of Performance Review:

Talygen’s online performance management module is specifically created to save precious time of organizations by reducing paperwork. Talygen is available on various digital platforms including a mobile application that helps businesses to become more environmental friendly by reducing hardware requirement.

Exceptional Reporting and Review System:

As per traditional performance review system, it was an extremely challenging task for managers to manage and control entire progress of performance review. While using paper-based performance review system, it used to be very difficult to view how many reviews have started and completed. You could only depend on emails and chats to keep records.

Talygen’s online performance management system allows users to view consolidated real-time reports of their reviews. The system enables users to access data anytime. Besides this, they can also view the feedback given by Reviewers about performance on the basis of which, their appraisal will be recommended.

Self-Assessment of Employees:

Self assessment is an integral part of Talygen’s employee performance review system. It ensures active participation of employees in the process and motivates them towards their professional goals. Talygen’s performance review process allows employees to write and view their performance review. They can view essential details such as review type, former review list, review ratings by different Managers, and percentage of progress made over a specific period of time. This helps them to identify their strengths and weaknesses from their point of view. When managers provide their reviews, employees can acknowledge and assess pros and cons of the review that leads to better results.

Multiple Templates in One Application:

Every organization has numerous employees with different skillsets, so there need to be multiple benchmarks and standards for employees as per their skills. Talygen’s online performance management system enables Managers to create customized review templates for each employee. Managers can also create different review templates and save them for later use. Customized templates include star ratings against the answers they would write.

Final Words:

Going after the above mentioned traits, it is clear that adopting Talygen’s effective performance management system is the ultimate solution for organizations to analyze performance of their manpower. It not only transforms your business by generating maximum productivity from your employees but also reduces unnecessary costs incurred on paper-based performance management system.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Why Choose Talygen’s Invoicing Software for Billing

According to a research, business organizations spend approximately $5 to $25 per transaction in creating, processing and sending invoices. Another research says that a small company having 10 employees can save upto $2500 annually by giving up traditional billing model and acquiring online invoicing software. These stats are enough to understand the importance of invoice creating software

Attracting new clients and managing your existing ones is one of the biggest challenges organizations face today due to highly competitive market. Irrespective of your business size, you should look for solutions that help you in saving time and money to increase productivity. Therefore, online invoicing software can become a key factor for your business growth.

Invoicing and Billing is the very first step to scale-up your business as per expectations, so you need an efficient invoicing software which not only provides you assistance in generating invoices but also helps in tracking your expenses.

The traditional billing and invoicing model was used to create invoices at the end of every billing cycle. After this, the generated invoices get printed and sent to clients.

With various technological advancements, this method of invoicing has become inefficient as it takes time to generate an invoice and send it to your client. Therefore, time has come to move on and replace outdated manual invoicing model with online invoice creator to beat your competitors.

Now the main question is, which invoicing software should one choose as there are a number of options available in the market? Although, at present, one can find numerous alternatives available with unique features but if we talk about a complete package, Talygen might be the best option to choose as per your business requirements.

Talygen, one of the leading business management automation service provider, offers a highly intuitive and easy to use online billing and invoicing solution. Talygen’s invoicing software has the ability to solve all your problems related to billing and reduce costs. Here, we have compiled some of the significant features of Talygen which can be beneficial for your business.

Create Multiple Billing Rules

Talygen offers an advanced online invoicing software that helps users to effortlessly create multiple billing rules to meet client requirements. Managers can easily upgrade these rules. Users and clients can enter data through an uploaded data file and map its fields to match Talygen’s fields. They can further use these fields to create billing rules for each client individually.

Proffer Discounts and Apply Taxes

Talygen’s invoice creator allows companies to offer discounts and apply taxes on invoices. They can also add more discounts to a specific line item. Besides this, users can also apply taxes as per government rules. Talygen's online invoicing system includes key elements of accounts payable such as Offers, Discounts, Applicable Taxes, etc. in the invoice.

Importing of Time and Expenses

At the time of invoice creation, users can easily import details related to time and expenses directly to an invoice. This not only helps to increase credibility and authenticity of invoice but also shows a clear picture to clients related to payments of work done in a specific time duration.

Supports Multiple Currency Accounting

Talygen's invoicing solution supports multiple currencies. This allows businesses to seamlessly manage their accounting process. They can send invoices, create business invoice templates, reconcile accounts and receive payments in any currency as per their requirements. This also ensures the global acceptance of Talygen’s project invoicing software.

Numerous Online Payment Gateways

Talygen has integrated its online invoicing software with numerous online payment gateways which help clients to easily accept online payments as per their requirements. PayPal and Stripe are some of the most authorized and universally accepted payment gateways integrated with Talygen’s invoicing system.

Final Words:

Talygen’s process driven billing system provides a number of extensive features such as invoicing, financial systems, project delivery, financial reporting, setting up of invoicing software and much more. It’s the best time for you embrace Talygen’s invoicing solution to eliminate the unnecessary delays in payment and achieve your business objectives.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Talygen’s Resource Scheduling System: A Key To Successful Project Management

Project overrun is a critical problem faced by many companies. This mostly occurs because of those last-minute error-corrections and further improvements that often take longer than expected.
Projects that were on schedule suddenly become overrun, costing you thousands of dollars not to mention your client’s cranky face every time you try to describe the situation to them. Planning and scheduling your resources in a collaborative environment is the best way to avoid this problem.
Since you can schedule projects in different stages, you can easily find quality issues ahead of time and your client can also get real-time information about the progress. This hence allows you to resolve any issue before it becomes a serious threat to your project’s schedule.

How Resource Scheduling Ensures Organizational Progress?
Cloud Resource Scheduling plays an important role in project management. It helps you to understand the scope of the project in advance and manage/assign your resources accordingly. Besides, it provides an overview of who’s responsible for delivering what and by when.

Talygen’s Resource Scheduling System works in combination with its Project Management Software to optimize utilization, forecast revenue and give the latest information about who’s working on what and when. The system gives the visibility you need to start projects faster and model your staffing needs with precision. In other words, you get a clear picture of what’s happening through the lifecycle of a project and manage each task closely through collaboration and clear communication.

Talygen’s Resource Scheduling Solution helps you in various ways, including:

  • It provides a foundation for monitoring and regulating different project activities
  • Based on your schedule, you can decide how to allocate resources and tasks to best attain your project goals
  • To evaluate time delays and understand their impact on project
  • Analyze if you have additional resources to assign other tasks/ projects
  • Track the progress and status of projects

Resource Scheduling Software To Improve Business Productivity 

Talygen offers a configurable, flexible Resource Scheduling Software that adapts to your company practices, people, and projects. It enables your project managers to set staffing requirements and also helps resource managers to decide how best to accomplish those needs.

The Resource Scheduling App gives easy-to-use tools for an ongoing task of assigning people to projects, while providing insightful answers about your hiring needs, revenue, utilization, and profitability. Gantt chart with its easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality makes scheduling resource changes a snap. You are going to be forever changing your scheduling to match the existing resource with the task that needs immediate attention.

Powerful reports and dashboards combine day-to-day scheduling data to show you who’s expected to work on what, who’s available, and who’s overbooked. They also help you realize performance to budget at completion, rather than just performance to date. This is how you can avoid bottlenecks in your schedule, by staying flexible and knowing where your resources are allocated at any given time.


Managing your company resources without an efficient Work Schedule Software can be a total nightmare. Capacity and demand can vary throughout the project. Resource management is thus important for completing a project within the right budget, timescale, and quality.

Talygen’s Employee Database Software provides a graphical, intuitive interface for matching projects with the right people. The software helps to track activities and tasks, ensuring that your teams collaborate and communicate with each other to deliver the required activities effectively and within the given time period. This not only enables you to meet your deadlines but also improves quality of end result by reducing/ eliminating human errors.

Friday, 29 June 2018

How to Manage Your Employees with Talygen’s Employee Management Software

Employees are the biggest asset for any organization. They are the backbone of an organization and an integral part of their business objectives. A company cannot even think to survive and grow without motivating their employees with various means. To enhance employee performance, organizations impart a number of methodologies among them employee management software is certainly on the top.

Today, in this fiercely competitive work environment, managers have a lot at hand including meetings, conferences, and appointments, therefore, it is really very difficult for them to look after their team members with as much attention, time, motivation as they deserve.

To aid in handling a workforce, employee management software is a specialized online manager which has the ability to reduce burden of an organization’s management team. It can not only increase work productivity of the employees but also provides a best-in-class employee management system that makes it easier to review an employee’s tasks and productivity.

Talygen, a leading business management automation provider offers a cloud-based employee management solution that has a number of rich functionalities. It has lots of useful features that help managers to assign tasks, manage shifts, review assigned tasks, view work progress, manage attendance and many more.

In this post, we will educate you on how organizations can efficiently manage their employees through Talygen’s employee management software with its vast array of helpful and distinctive features:

1.Talent Acquisition Management:

Talent acquisition is one of the most important task for Hiring Managers of an organization. Any organization wants to hire the best talent to ensure quality output within a reasonable or short turnabround time. Talygen provides a state-of-the-art employee management system to manage and increase hiring opportunities of organizations. Hiring Managers can quickly manage all the necessary hiring requirements electronically. With Talygen, Managers can add a new job opening with all necessary details. Apart from general details, Managers can set an approval chain that includes the authorized personnel to give approval to a new job opening or a vacant post.

Hiring Managers can use internal, external and hidden links for job postings. The internal job postings help employees within organization to view an opportunity. External links allow outside users to view job postings. Hidden job posting links can only be viewed by authorized managers. Hiring Managers can also add a new job applicant with all the relevant information.

2.Track Employees Attendance:
These days, Managers have to deal with an immense workload, it is very hard for the to take out time to supervise their team members. Talygen’s activity tracking software allows Senior Managers to track their team member’s attendance and time offs. Employees just need to start tracking their time via the easy to use inbuilt time tracker when they are about to start working on a project. They can also stop and resume time tracking anytime as per requirement. Managers can track and manage working weeks of employees for a particular location or shift. They can also track log in and log out time of team members, allowing them to keep track of how many hours they have worked on a particular day.

Employee time tracking software makes things easier for managers. Now, they need not rely on manual tracking. It not only allows them to monitor their team members but also helps in analyzing the work performance of team members at the end of a certain time period.

3.Approval System:

An mature approval system plays an important role in any organization. There are a lot of things that happen in an organization for which employees need to take an approval from the higher authorities. Manually, it is very difficult to take approval as there are a number of work priorities for any employee in a day. Talygen’s hassle-free employee management software is the best solution for such a situation with its inbuilt approval system. This advanced enterprise-level approval system helps employees to send approval request to respective Managers and approvers can instantly approve it after reviewing their request. Employees can send approval for time, attendance, expenses and leave requests. As this system works on customizable rules, it gives complete flexibility to an organization.

4.Roles Management:

Defining roles is an integral part of a Project Manager’s responsibility. They have to set roles of each team member, so that they can specifically work on given tasks, rather than looking after multiple tasks and loosing focus. Talygen’s employee task tracking software allows Senior Managers to create and assign different roles to team members and make sure that they can only access limited information in their Talygen account. With specified roles, employees can only have access rights to view those sections for which their roles have been defined. Managers can easily and seamlessly manage privileges for employees.

5.Multi-Level Performance Review:

Talygen’s offers employee time keeping software to analyze the performance of employees. After tracking employee performance, managers can add multiple reviewers for reviewing employee’s performance in a sequential and non-sequential chain. For multi-level reviews, the system can also track employee’s performance with different skill sets. This entire system is highly beneficial for both employees and organizations. On one side, employees work sincerely as they know their performance is being analyzed scientifically, on the other side, it becomes easier for organizations to review the performance of employees and pay accordingly.

Final Words:

So, these are some of the highly effective features provided by Talygen’s employee time tracking software. As we mentioned earlier, this software is highly suitable for small as well as large organizations. A system where employees can handle responsibilities related to their work and managers can help them in achieving their organizational goals.