Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Talygen’s Message Board Module: The Best Real Time Client Communication Platform For Businesses

In our previous blog related to Message Board, we had discussed some of the robust features of Talygen’s Message Board Module such as global reach, direct chat with clients, users’ collaboration and message translation. It helps business organizations to easily connect with the people within the organization as well as with the clients.
This blog is the sequel of the previous one wherein we will elaborate some more productive features of Talygen’s Message Board tool. This module of Talygen is considered as one of the best Real Rime Client Communication platforms for business organizations across the globe. Due to its simplicity and flexibility, Message Board is the outstanding source of communication and discussions on the cloud.

Effortless Access of the Logs:
As an owner of a business organization, you need to have the records of all your conversations with clients so that any kind of confusion can be eliminated. Talygen’s instant Message Board Module helps users to save all the conversations done on chat with clients or other users. It can be easily retrieved anytime as per the requirements. All the users can easily access and view their communication logs with the other users and clients. These logs play a crucial role at the time of receiving payments from the clients.
When an organization works on a client’s project, the team working on the project regularly communicate with the client to receive necessary inputs and directions in order to get perfect results. Therefore, if you have your conversations log with them on Message Board, they cannot deny or delay the payments as you have the records of the conversations which will work as a proof of communication.

Remove Communication Gap:
Communication gap is one of the biggest hurdles faced by business organizations. Although, there are numbers of reasons for this communication gap, the language barrier is amongst the top. Today, businesses have stretched their operations globally. They are collaborating with clients who are based on different countries and regions. Therefore, it is essential for organizations to be well-versed with different foreign languages to improve the overall efficiency.

Talygen’s Message Board Module assists users in removing the communication gap by allowing message translation privilege. Users can select their preferred language while communicating with other users or clients through the Message Board. As per the functionality, the messages sent by the Managers to the end users are automatically translated into the preferred language chosen by the user. It helps users to effortlessly read and reply to the messages without the need to translate them first.

Improves Quality of Communication
Quality communication always plays an ultimate role in the success of a project. If communication with clients is not as per the standards, it is really difficult for anyone to satisfy the clients and achieve their business goals. Talygen’s Message Board Tool allows the users to have seamless communication with utmost transparency and accountability. The best part of this communication system is the Real Time Client Communication that enables Project Managers to contact the clients in real time. It helps both the parties to resolve the issues on projects as soon as possible without any confusions. This results in building a healthy relationship between business organizations and clients.

Client Oriental User Interface:

The User interface is also an important aspect of any business software or application which drives the users towards the system. Talygen’s Message Board Module comprises a user-friendly interface that gives an amazing experience to the users. It includes numerous intuitive traits such as socialize module, live chat etc. that makes it simple for the users to effectively communicate with clients and other team members.

Final Words:
Here comes the end to this engaging blog related to Talygen’s Message Board System. We hope that this informative blog will help in understanding how crucial this Message Board is for the long term growth of the business organizations. To get more information about Talygen’s Message Board, contact us and book a free demo.

Friday, 4 January 2019

Talygen’s Resource Scheduling Solution: The Best Tool to Manage Your Resources

Project Management is one of the most critical aspects for any business organization. This is the pillar on which any business organization stands and delivers with the expected growth. There are hundreds of hurdles faced by the organizations in managing projects such as overlapping, budget allocation, task management, timely deliveries of projects and many more. Among all, Resource Scheduling is topmost priority for the managers in order to deliver projects within deadlines.

Business Managers have the prime responsibility to schedule available resources efficiently. This is the most integral part of project management for Managers. If resources could not be managed effectively, it may cost heavily. Therefore, Managers should have to schedule their resources in the best possible way to avoid the issues.

Talygen’s Resource Scheduling System allows Managers to schedule different tasks of existing projects in different stages. It helps you to effortlessly find the flaws in the progression of the projects and resolve them before they become a threat for the project.

In this post, we have compiled some robust features of Talygen’s Resource Scheduling Application that helps you to transform your Resource Scheduling System in order to effectively schedule your resources.

Check and Review Availability of Resources:

Talygen’s Cloud Resource Scheduling System is the most flexible and configurable solutions among its competitors. This system is supervised by Managers to schedule and assign project related tasks to the team members. Besides this, Managers can readily check and review the availability of team members and then assign them tasks accordingly. This feature of Talygen allows Managers to easily review the current availability of the team members. They can easily know that which group of team members is occupied with the work or which group has time availability to schedule the tasks. Talygen’s Resource Scheduling System is the best way to manage your workload.

Tasks Scheduling on off Days
The primary objective of Talygen’s Resource Scheduling Application has always been to enhance the work productivity of team members by efficiently scheduling their tasks. This system allows Managers and their team members to schedule their upcoming tasks on off days. This will help them to positively meet the needs of the clients. The best part of this feature is that Managers can easily assign the highly prioritize tasks on the off days to meet the short deadlines.

Rescheduling of Tasks:

Rescheduling of tasks is an important part and parcel of project management. For a manager, it is essential to reschedule tasks of the team members as per the necessity of the project. Talygen’s Employee Cloud Resource Scheduling system allows Project Managers to increase the time period of the team members working on completion of a task. This can be simply done by dragging the assigned resource bar. This is a time-saving feature that allows Managers to directly increase the time limit. Therefore, you need not to go through the entire process of assigning and saving a new task.

Notifications for Overburdened Employees

Talygen’s Resource Scheduling Solution provides a notification feature to its users. As per the functionality, if one user is overburdened with excessive assigned tasks, a notification will be received by the Managers. After which, they can reschedule the tasks as per the availability of other team members. This is an amazing feature which always makes sure that the workload of the organization has always managed efficiently so that results would always come as per the requirements.

Graphical Representation of Data

Talygen’s Resource Scheduling Solution enables a graphical representation feature to the users which helps them to easily understand and analyze the data. Moreover, users can get in-depth details of the current situation which helps them in further scheduling of the upcoming tasks.

Final Words:

Regardless of size and demand of the project, resource management is an integral part of project management. Talygen’s Resource Management System is a complete solution for the organizations. It provides an intuitive and graphical interface to the users that help them in finishing the given projects within deadlines. Managers can easily improve the quality of the ultimate results by reducing human errors.

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

5 Reasons Why You Need An Expense Tracking Application for Your Business Organization

Expense Management is an integral part of any business organization. Irrespective of the size of the organization, there are lots of tasks on a regular basis in which employees need to get the approval of expenses to be spent on props related to either organization or projects. There are different types of expenses need to spend by organizations such as system expenses, salaries, renovation of employees and many more.

With the business size expansion, it becomes really difficult for the employees to manage their expense and get the reimbursements. Managers are also going through miserable time as they are the professionals who have to approve the reimbursements and get an added pressure to complete them.

This is the best time for organizations to consider an Online Expense Tracking Software that not only offers an intuitive expense management system but at the same time also includes Customer Support, Email assistance, and Accounting Solutions. A good Business Expense Software simplifies and automates entire expense management reducing reporting approvals, useless data entry and enhances inter-business function productivity.

Take a look at 5 reasons why you need an Expense Tracking Application for your business organization.

No More Delays Caused by Pen-Paper Process
Earlier, when organizations used to go with traditional approaches in managing their expenses, the only way to record these expenses was pen-paper based process along with paper reports attached with receipts. If managers used to update the expense submission, they often have to share the excel sheet to track and manage expenses. It results in excessive delays and unwanted errors.

At the hindsight, an online Expense Tracker App enables organizations to reduce paper work. It gives flexibility to the employees to quickly submit their expenses through mobile, system, iPad, laptop and other digital devices. They can easily get the reimbursements.

Manage and Control Expenses Effortlessly
Expense management is an essential part of any organization. All the top-notch business organizations have splendid expense management system. Some of the businesses have made lists of policies and parameters related to expense controlling for projects and clients. Online Expense Tracking Applications allows the organization to manage their spending in automated ways without applying manual rules. This result that non-submissive expenses can quickly flagged off when submitted by the employees. There is no need of having extended communications on company’s expenses. Managers can easily pay much attention to those expenses that needs to be highlighted.

Faster Reimbursement
Slow reimbursement process sometimes creates disappointments among employees. They get frustrated and it reflects in the efficiency of the employees. This state of great turmoil can be overcome by installing a Business Expense Software. It helps in faster approvals and reimbursement process. Multiple devices access allows employees to share the expense details while traveling towards office or home, therefore this is a prompt process. Managers can immediately ask questions to team members about the increased expenses.
Enhance Organizational Efficiency

Online Expense Tracker
Application helps users to follow a customized and automated workflow process. It also helps in reducing the time spent in processing expenses. The entire process of submitting expenses is so smooth and flexible that Managers can easily disburse the expenses and employees can get the reimbursements. Users can even attach the images of receipts and bills. Automatic notifications can be enabled related to the expenses so that Managers get the necessary alerts. This entire automated process can save the precious time of the employees which results in increased efficiency of employees and lower down the processing costs.

Helps in Review Spending
Online Expense Tracking Application not only manages your organization’s spending but also makes it simpler for them to review the expenses and look for the latest trends. Managers can review the current trending and make a progressive plan for the upcoming financial year through analytics and expense reports.

Final Words
Business revolves around money and it’s all about how you manage your expenses. If you implement Online Expense Management System in your business organization, your employees become efficient and it positively reflects in your balance sheet at the end of the financial year.

Monday, 17 December 2018

How To Improve Your Sales By Applying CRM Automation

As we are aware about the fact that business volume across the globe is doubling with every passing year, therefore, all are looking for ways to ease down data management. Unlike past, we have an inflow of advanced technology that helps in managing loads of data in minutes. Today, Organizations are focusing more on adopting a Customer Relationship Management System which results in maximizing profits with minimum efforts.
Client Management Software stores every possible detail in the CRM System. Whether it is sales interactions with clients, social media conversations, each call, service request, and even a missed opportunity is stored in the system. The CRM System has Automation which is an integral part and has the ability to bring better results and reducing the workload.

In this article, we have highlighted some effective ways of using CRM automation which helps business organizations in achieving expected results.

Contact Your Web Leads Within Minutes:

A Lead always play a defining factor in Customer Relationship Management. You must ensure that leads should be contacted within minutes. As per a study by a top-notch organization, if you won’t contact with your lead within 6 minutes, you will more likely lose the conversion opportunity. Now the question arises, how will your team respond quickly to every lead? Automation is the correct answer.

Firstly, integrate your Customer Management System with your telephone software. It automatically sends an alert to your sales representative on their system and they call them back. If the sales representative is busy, the system automatically transfers the call to the next free representative and so on until they make a call to the lead. Then, the representatives receive all the necessary details related to that lead.

Do Not Miss Missed Calls, They might Be Your Leads:

Missing calls are really important in CRM because they might become your lead. You can miss calls due to various reasons like holidays, after working hours, busy lines etc. However, with automation you can make sure that you won’t miss a call. With the calling system, you can compare any unanswered number with the CRM data. For a new call or for a new lead, a setup could be organized which ensures that a new ticket would automatically be generated. Also, a miss call alert can be sent to your inbox. In case of voice message, it will be attached and sent to your system’s inbox.

Direct Linkup With Leads:   

Ideally, sales representatives contact leads but if they have an option to call back, it will be highly beneficial for the business organizations. What you can do is assign a personal number to your sales representatives, so that their leads can call them back. As per the workflow, when any lead makes a call, it automatically get transferred to assigned sales representatives.

Sales Representatives Should Always on Connected Mode:

Sales representatives are usually into ready to go mode, which results in missing connection to some of the important calls. Successful Sales Team always stays connected with the leads. What you can do is to configure your CRM Software with your phone system. This helps your representatives to stay alert and take calls at any hour of the day.

Final Words:

These are some of the ways through CRM,automation can not only help you to strengthen your relationships with your clients but also boost your sales. All the above-mentioned ideas are the combination of two systems – your CRM System and Your Supporting System (Telephone System).