Friday, 23 October 2015

Three Signs Your Project Management Is Broken And It Is Time To Move To Talygen

Project management is complicated and many tools are not helpful. In fact, they are often as complex as the project. And the list of complaints does not terminate here. Inflexible, inefficient, unintuitive, hard-to-use and expensive are some of the common adjectives appended to popular project management tools.

Do not worry if you are a decision maker and think your project management is broken. You can solve the most crucial issues of project management in one stroke if switch to Talygen.

Find it hard to believe? Read on to see how Talygen solves your most crucial project management issues.

Project Updates

If the client asking you for a project update sends you in a panic and makes you end up spending your entire day copy-pasting data from one program to another, then your project management is broken.

Talygen solves this issue elegantly. It allows your clients to log into Talygen see the updates themselves. The updates happen automatically and your clients can view them anytime. So, you save a lot of time and increased transparency gains you the client’s trust.


In a project, everyone’s work affects everyone else. So, collaboration is essential. But in many cases, few people know what others are doing and this lack of knowledge hurts efficiency.

Talygen is a project management tool build from the ground up with collaboration in mind. It allows your team to work together in real time and gives you a comprehensive overview of what everyone is doing.

No One Logs Their Time

Time tracking is a crucial part of any project and it is exactly the thing many employees hate. There are several reasons for it: time tracking is cumbersome, boring and it is time-consuming.

Talygen solves these problems through an intuitive time tracker, which can be used on your phone and desktop computer. One of its many advantages is that you can fill an entry for the entire week if you are certain about the schedule. This takes off a lot of pressure from your shoulders and gives you more time to work.


Project management is complex and most project management tools are not helpful. They do not increase transparency between you and your clients, promote collaboration and encourage time tracking. Talygen solves each of these issues. It allows your clients to view project progress through Client Login, improve collaboration through its cloud-based work model and encourage employees to log their time through some clever innovations.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Four Benefits of Cloud-based Project Management

Here at Talygen, we are all big fans of cloud. And we are not the only ones. There are some studies by industry watchers who say cloud is growing five times faster than traditional computing and by 2018 two thirds of businesses will have some computing done on huge data centers. The numbers are mind-boggling because they suggest cloud is going to shake up enterprises. No part of business will stay unaffected, project management included.

A lot of project management already happens on cloud and the trend will continue. In fact, you can gain a lot if you subscribe to a cloud-based project management tool right now.

Connected Team

More businesses rely on remote workers than ever before. Cloud-based project management tools let your team to be connected all the time and collaborate seamlessly.

Minimal Upfront costs

Cloud applications have zero or minimal upfront costs. You do not need new hardware or expensive onsite installation. An internet connection and the computers you already use are sufficient.

Low Maintenance

It is many project managers’ dream to be able to use a tool that can help them work without asking for constant maintenance. Cloud technology fits the bill. It minimizes the time you would spend on updates and gives you more opportunities to focus on your work.


Cloud offers security—against physical and electronic damage. No amount of damage to the computers in workplace can harm the data. At the same time, protection provided by expert programmers keeps your data secure against the preying eyes of competitors and unauthorized personnel.

And the benefits’ list does not end here. You also get cost efficient tools that are faster and more widely available.

Do not take us for our work. Test it yourself by downloading Talygen’s Project Management for free for the first 30 days.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Why Do You Need the Talygen Time Tracker?

The old maxim “Time is money.” is truer today than ever before. Without a time tracking tool, your company will soon find itself buried under a mountainload of paperwork to track employee performance. And if that is not bad enough, the black markings on dead trees will not be as precise in their measurement as modern tools are. If you are not using a time tracker in your organization, it is time to use one, but do not fall in for those freebies.

Issues with Freeware
Free time trackers may not cost anything to download, but you will still end up paying for them. Freeware is rarely as good as professionally designed software. As far as time tracking goes, few no-cost tools are capable of producing detailed reports you will need to manage your business efficiently.But what can happen is that you will end up compromising your business’ security by using someone’s half-baked, unsupported software. A more sane approach will be to invest in Talygen.

Reasons to Use Talygen
Talygen is a multi-feature business automation tool with time tracking one of its fortes. It solves most of the issues in other time tracking solutions and equips you with a powerful software to manage your business efficiently.

Measures Efficiency
Talygen figures out hours spent on billable and nonbillable tasks. It allows users to enter time entries in bulk and runs with and without internet. It supports meal breaks, overtime, screen captures improves productivity by default. But what really sets Talygen’s tracker apart from others is its ability to create detailed reports that contain actionable data on time spent on each task for each employee.

Captures Screenshots
Similar to popular online IT staffing sites, Talygen includes an activity log and a set of approval rules including the option to capture periodic screenshots, mouse clicks, and keyboard strokes—to enable you to confirm activity and verify the billability of tasks and reduce concerns for virtual employees.

Integration with Other Modules
The tracker integrates with other Talygen modules—cloud storage, invoicing, project management, and human resource management on your desktop or smartphone—allowing you to work seamlessly between devices.

Supports Collaboration
Talygen is built from the ground up for cloud. It includes the option to allow clients to view complete data on screenshots, work diary, and time tracked by each task or project; thereby, increasing transparency and helping build long-lasting, solid business relationships.

To sum up, Talygen Time Tracker has everything you will ever want or need of a time tracking solution. It makes your business more efficient and builds trust between you and your employees and sets you on a path of high growth.

 For more information on the tracker and how you can benefit from it, visit:

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Five Features that Will Make Managers Love Talygen

In any workplace, managers have a unique and important role to play. They are supposed to nurture a culture of teamwork without stubbing individuals’ high-performance mindset. Companies believe in them and this trust reflects in the privileges managers enjoy over their team members. But being a decision maker is not easy.

It is a tough job to keep a delicate balance between competition and collaboration. Some people are motivated by challenges, while others need a constant, delicate push.  It is also important to ensure the team works as a unit—and not some mish-mash of individual constituents—irrespective of how dissimilar its members are.  The job is tough but brilliant managers are known to pull it off under any circumstances without external help—though businesses rarely let them go without outside assistance.

Most businesses invest in management tools to assist their leaders because they are aware that in the long-run tools can make a ton of a difference. A lot of the time, when businesses go out shopping for management tools, they look for products that can help their leaders in project, resource, and document management while also improving their reporting and billing capabilities. Talygen is one project management tool that fits the bill. It has the five essential qualities any manager will want, namely:

Project Management
It is packed with project milestones, task management, project planning, workflow system, portfolio management, issue tracking and all other essential software a decision maker will need to manage projects successfully and efficiently.

Resource Management
Talygen comes equipped with project and resource forecasting features that allow managers to make allocation-based estimates, schedule efficiently, and monitor attendance 24x7 to ensure availability, reduce costs, and manage client expectations.

Document Management

Businesses run on data and documents are a popular way to store data. Talygen’s powerful document sharing, storage, versioning, and editing tools make document management feel like a breeze of fresh air. Talygen is also capable of importing your existing documents from Google Doc and letting you edit them on your computer or smartphone.

At the end of the day, reporting turns out to be as crucial as actual work. Managers know it but they cannot always spend hours creating detailed reports. Talygen helps them. The tool produces email reports and visual reports with data imported from Timesheets.

Money makes the work go and nowhere it is truer than in business. Talygen understands the importance of cash flow to your organization. So it comes with milestone alerts, expense management, balance and accrual calculations, flexible workflow management, and essentially everything you will need to make informed decisions.

To sum up, Talygen includes all the powerful tools and reporting a manger will need manage your employees, data, and expenses.

Friday, 17 July 2015

How can HR management help a business prosper?

To function smoothly, each firm needs help of an HR team. There are so many important functions that need to be taken care of on a daily basis that no company can survive for long without a responsible Human Resources staff.

Saving time and providing error free work

Time is of highest importance in business and nowhere it is truer than in HR. A way to save time on HR functions is to use dedicated software because there could be nothing better than an electronic assistant to handle everyday HR functions efficiently and accurately.

It is amazing to see how a good human resource module can save a company time and money while keeping things in the perfect order. There are more chances of an error slipping in when work is done manually. Keeping records online is something is accurate and has far more reliable and has long-term benefits, such as work tracking, employee leaves, performance reviews, salaries, and a much more.

Companies can manage such processes without having to maintain large files and folders that are painstaking to fill in and maintain year after year.

Saving space and reducing human effort
For companies, an HR software makes it possible to function without piles and piles of folders and easier to retrieve records years later. Cloud computing makes it possible. Cloud allows companies to benefit from improvement in technology without investing in a huge IT infrastructure.

Good HR Management means hope for the future
When things are managed well internally, there remains adequate resources for a company to focus on growth and expansion without running the risk of losing employees. A quality HR software helps you grow and keeps your employees happy.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Four Reasons Small Businesses Will Love Talygen

Small businesses in the U.S. are the economy’s backbone. They account for more than half the nonfarm, private GDP and give jobs to around 50 percent Americans working for private employers. Talygen is a business management software geared towards making small businesses more productive. It makes life easier for them in many ways, the top of which are:

Easier Idea-Sharing
America is a country of start-ups. There are a shade less than 350 entrepreneurs for every 100,000 adults in the U.S running more than 20 million businesses. At the root of every start-up is a revolutionary idea. Talygen’s Knowledge Base makes sharing that idea with employees, angel investors, or anyone else more secure and convenient.

Efficient Project and Expense Management
Talygen comes with advanced project and expense management tools, such as project milestones, personalized invoices, visual reports, issue tracking, batch invoices and automated tax calculations. These tools automate management and allow you to focus more on profit-generating work.

Powerful Human Resource Management Tool
No startup can grow without talented individuals. Talygen’s powerful recruitment tools make finding and retaining talent easier. Its features include timesheet, performance review, leave management, benefit management, and a secure, non-distracting chat client.

Integrated CRM
Money makes the world go around. Clients are the source of capital. It means that to grow your business, you will need a powerful tool that helps you find more clients, retain them, and get more business from them. Talygen has a powerful CRM tool, equipped with all everything you need for efficient customer management and marketing.

Talygen has everything a small business needs: from sharing the idea, to getting customers, to managing employees and work.

To learn more about Talygen, and how it can benefit your business, consider speaking to our representatives on: 650-800-3850.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Three Reasons to Consider Cloud-based Talygen Time Tracker for Your Business

Talygen comes with a powerful, easy-to-use time tracking and auditing tool to increase accountability at work and transparency between your business and clients. It has been built from the ground up to be on the cloud. There are at three good reasons to consider Talygen’s time tracker for your organization:

Powerful Time Tracking
Talygen Time Tracker is a powerful tool. It can track time spent on billable and nonbillable work. Its screenshot feature and detailed reports section are absolutely essential for any serious business. They can be accessed from anywhere on the planet. The tracker also supports meal breaks and records overtime to ensure every billable second is captured. And the best part is that the tracker can run without an internet connection.

Screenshots and Audits

Like popular staffing websites, Talygen’s Time Tracker comes with an activity log and an approval rules feature. The first tracks users’ keystrokes and mouse clicks. The second sends this data to administrators in a human-readable format. The administrators can reject or approve billable time for a particular period based on this data. It confirms billability and reduces concern among virtual employees.

Desktop and Mobile Integration
Talygen’s Time Tracker can run from your browser, desktop, and mobile. It stores data in the cloud but keeps it accessible from nearly any device with an internet connection—allowing you to switch seamlessly between devices without affecting your productivity.

You can read more about the Time Tracker and how it can make you more productive on:

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Why does your business need efficient project management?

Businesses always require good development and administration. There is always need for planning ahead and managing well. This will help you in dealing with calculated risks and meeting the needs of your company with ease. Incorporating software that can deal with these different set of requirements of the functioning of your company can be really beneficial for you.
 If you don’t have the right ‘format’ to deal with the different needs and requirements of your business, it is bound to suffer. In the changing dynamics of the business industry, with stock markets swaying to extremes within the span of a single day, if you don’t have a firm grip on your business, it is going to slip right through your fingers and fall prey to things recession and shift of commodities.

From the employee efficiency to cost of production, asset management to expense tracking, there is so much you need to keep tabs on; that something or the other is definitely going to fall out of place if you leave it to manual calculations. Good business intelligence software will help in the effective planning, record-keeping, cost management and human resources besides other functions.

  • With effective project management, you can handle all the detailed reports, resources and keep track of the progress done on different projects
  • Communication and discussing different aspects of the project becomes easier when your record-keeping is up to the mark
  • The start and end dates, and the review of screenshots and team interaction regarding the same becomes a lot easier
  • The storage as well as upload of new documents becomes easy with the help of cloud computing

Talygen offers a number of such functions such as project management, time tracking, invoicing, CRM, asset management and HR resource management, besides other features. Established in the year 2009, the company is ISO approved and supplies world class business management solutions which have worked wonders for a long list of clients.

Friday, 20 March 2015

How is our Online Appointment Calendar Tool Revolutionizing the Industry?

Managing appointments is one of the most important and difficult things in industry. Handling timelines, meetings, deadlines, payments, and appointments is crucial to make sure that things go as planned. Talygen’s online appointment calendar software does just that. It helps professionals manage their schedule with ease and precision. Keeping records becomes really easy.

A few benefits of this innovative system by Talygen are:

  • Say goodbye to secretaries and manage your own appointments
  • Never miss an appointment, get regular updates and reminders
  • Make online payments/transactions easily
  • Store data securely in cloud and, maintain privacy through appointment calendar tool
  • Don’t wait for updates and save time
  • Easy to setup and easy-to-use 

Talygen has been designed with a focus on mobility.  It assists you to create appointments online and carry details with you wherever you go. It is in your phone and desktop, making sure you will not miss a reminder.

Talygen’s online appointment calendar will not only help professionals manage appointments, but in the overall growth of a business. This is especially beneficial for professionals, such as doctors, artists, and tutors. CEOs and VPs of large organizations can also benefit from this efficient appointment management tool.
Talygen aims at providing simple yet indispensable help to professionals, by managing their needs and thereby revolutionize how businesses manage appointments.