Friday, 22 May 2015

Three Reasons to Consider Cloud-based Talygen Time Tracker for Your Business

Talygen comes with a powerful, easy-to-use time tracking and auditing tool to increase accountability at work and transparency between your business and clients. It has been built from the ground up to be on the cloud. There are at three good reasons to consider Talygen’s time tracker for your organization:

Powerful Time Tracking
Talygen Time Tracker is a powerful tool. It can track time spent on billable and nonbillable work. Its screenshot feature and detailed reports section are absolutely essential for any serious business. They can be accessed from anywhere on the planet. The tracker also supports meal breaks and records overtime to ensure every billable second is captured. And the best part is that the tracker can run without an internet connection.

Screenshots and Audits

Like popular staffing websites, Talygen’s Time Tracker comes with an activity log and an approval rules feature. The first tracks users’ keystrokes and mouse clicks. The second sends this data to administrators in a human-readable format. The administrators can reject or approve billable time for a particular period based on this data. It confirms billability and reduces concern among virtual employees.

Desktop and Mobile Integration
Talygen’s Time Tracker can run from your browser, desktop, and mobile. It stores data in the cloud but keeps it accessible from nearly any device with an internet connection—allowing you to switch seamlessly between devices without affecting your productivity.

You can read more about the Time Tracker and how it can make you more productive on: