Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Four Reasons Small Businesses Will Love Talygen

Small businesses in the U.S. are the economy’s backbone. They account for more than half the nonfarm, private GDP and give jobs to around 50 percent Americans working for private employers. Talygen is a business management software geared towards making small businesses more productive. It makes life easier for them in many ways, the top of which are:

Easier Idea-Sharing
America is a country of start-ups. There are a shade less than 350 entrepreneurs for every 100,000 adults in the U.S running more than 20 million businesses. At the root of every start-up is a revolutionary idea. Talygen’s Knowledge Base makes sharing that idea with employees, angel investors, or anyone else more secure and convenient.

Efficient Project and Expense Management
Talygen comes with advanced project and expense management tools, such as project milestones, personalized invoices, visual reports, issue tracking, batch invoices and automated tax calculations. These tools automate management and allow you to focus more on profit-generating work.

Powerful Human Resource Management Tool
No startup can grow without talented individuals. Talygen’s powerful recruitment tools make finding and retaining talent easier. Its features include timesheet, performance review, leave management, benefit management, and a secure, non-distracting chat client.

Integrated CRM
Money makes the world go around. Clients are the source of capital. It means that to grow your business, you will need a powerful tool that helps you find more clients, retain them, and get more business from them. Talygen has a powerful CRM tool, equipped with all everything you need for efficient customer management and marketing.

Talygen has everything a small business needs: from sharing the idea, to getting customers, to managing employees and work.

To learn more about Talygen, and how it can benefit your business, consider speaking to our representatives on: 650-800-3850.

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