Friday, 23 October 2015

Three Signs Your Project Management Is Broken And It Is Time To Move To Talygen

Project management is complicated and many tools are not helpful. In fact, they are often as complex as the project. And the list of complaints does not terminate here. Inflexible, inefficient, unintuitive, hard-to-use and expensive are some of the common adjectives appended to popular project management tools.

Do not worry if you are a decision maker and think your project management is broken. You can solve the most crucial issues of project management in one stroke if switch to Talygen.

Find it hard to believe? Read on to see how Talygen solves your most crucial project management issues.

Project Updates

If the client asking you for a project update sends you in a panic and makes you end up spending your entire day copy-pasting data from one program to another, then your project management is broken.

Talygen solves this issue elegantly. It allows your clients to log into Talygen see the updates themselves. The updates happen automatically and your clients can view them anytime. So, you save a lot of time and increased transparency gains you the client’s trust.


In a project, everyone’s work affects everyone else. So, collaboration is essential. But in many cases, few people know what others are doing and this lack of knowledge hurts efficiency.

Talygen is a project management tool build from the ground up with collaboration in mind. It allows your team to work together in real time and gives you a comprehensive overview of what everyone is doing.

No One Logs Their Time

Time tracking is a crucial part of any project and it is exactly the thing many employees hate. There are several reasons for it: time tracking is cumbersome, boring and it is time-consuming.

Talygen solves these problems through an intuitive time tracker, which can be used on your phone and desktop computer. One of its many advantages is that you can fill an entry for the entire week if you are certain about the schedule. This takes off a lot of pressure from your shoulders and gives you more time to work.


Project management is complex and most project management tools are not helpful. They do not increase transparency between you and your clients, promote collaboration and encourage time tracking. Talygen solves each of these issues. It allows your clients to view project progress through Client Login, improve collaboration through its cloud-based work model and encourage employees to log their time through some clever innovations.