Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Features of Right Time Tracking Software

Time management has come a long way from when employees would manually stamp time cards and hand them in.

It is now possible to track and store employee activity, monitor productivity through screenshots and keystroke frequency, figure out the hours invested on each project and produce meaningful reports on what is really going on in your business.

Time tracking software is useful for everyone, from freelancers to mom-and-pop stores and from small businesses to large enterprises. Time tracking applications can be found in industries as varies as hospitality, construction, cleaning and information technology.

If your organization does not use time trackers, it is already at a technological disadvantage and may be losing clients to your competitors who do a better job of time management through tracking. It is time you should incorporate a time tracking software into your business.

Which time tracking software is right for you?
A quick Google search shows links to hundreds of trackers. Which one of them is suitable for you? A few years ago, any tracker would have been the right one for you, but not now.

Businesses and technology have evolved a lot in the past few years. It is important to make sure the tracker you invest in has at least these features:

Essential Features of a Modern Time Tracking Software

Time Tracking
A modern time tracker is capable for monitoring time for hourly as well as salaried employees. It offers multi-device support so that a user can log in from a desktop but log out from their smartphone. Offline tracking is essential for many industries, so is the ability to integrate with GPS.

The idea is new, but has quickly won over the hearts of decision makers and employees alike. Timesheets facilitate the billing process, smoothen workflows and allow you—as a manager—to approve or reject a large amount of data with one click.

Overtime Control
Overtime is expensive. Modern trackers—such as Talygen—alert you whenever an employee bills more hours than planned. You can accept or reject the work done during off-time hours. This can save you from costly overtime payment.

Project Management
Though project management software is its own category, modern trackers either offer barebones project management or integrate with your existing project management software.

Finally, a modern time tracking software is capable of producing detailed, human-readable reports from the logged data. Usually, the reports are available in several formats; including PDF and XLS files.

Make sure the time tracking software you are going to invest in is capable, offers timesheets, overtime control, project management and detailed reports. 

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