Friday, 6 May 2016

How to Access Help?

Talygen is designed to be intuitive. However, it is so huge that even the most experienced users do not work on all the modules all the time. Such users appreciate help an advanced feature is to be invoked or a new module is to be learned. But where is help to be obtained? This blog answers.

Assistance on how to use Talygen is available through:

  1. Documentation
  2. Tele-assistance
  3. In-person visits

Talygen is a well-documented tool. The documentation is accessible from inside the software. Here’s how to retrieve it:
  • Click on the icon below HOME to view the Full Menu. Support is on the upper right corner. 

  • A right click on Help takes a user to Knowledge Base, where Talygen documentation is.

  • New users can download the Quick Start Guide. Those looking for assistance can view articles in the Front End KB Article directory. 

  • There is also a search box to facilitate information retrieval. 

In the rare instance that the documentation does not cover a subject, or the issue at hand is complex, users can turn to forums, raise a ticket or send Talygen an email.
  • The forums can be accessed here:
  • A ticket can be raised through Talygen Support, which happens to be adjacent to Help. 

  • Emails can be sent to:

In-person Visits
On the extremely rare chance that nothing short of a physical visit will do, users can schedule a visit from an expert technician by calling at  650-800-3850

Talygen is designed to be easy-to-use. The assurance that help is at hand makes it even easier.

Wish you all a very productive summer.

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