Thursday, 2 November 2017

5 Key Challenges You Will Face While Implementing CRM

‘’Customer Relationship Management is basically a business management strategy to get an idea about the likes and preferences of prospects and customers in order to build a strong and long-term relationship with them.’’

The above-mentioned definition of CRM clearly indicates that it is one of the most important aspects of earning and retaining maximum number of customers for your organization.

CRM Project Management plays a key role in collaborating across multiple functions in an organization, such as marketing, sales and customer services.

Today, a lot of tech giants are providing cloud-based CRM software and tools to their clients across the globe, helping them to strengthen their relationship with their clients. Moreover, the implementation of a CRM system is the best way to show your clients that customer services are always your top priority.

This blog will throw some light on the importance of Customer Relationship Management tool for your organization as well as the five key challenges you will face while implementing CRM.

Why CRM is a key element for your organization?

Customer satisfaction is the only way to achieve success irrespective of the nature of the business. If any organization wants to sustain itself for the long haul, they have to constantly provide high quality products and services to their customers.

This is the reason why businesses regularly need to get in touch with their customers to understand their requirements. They need to monitor and analyze communication with  customers for long-term relationship.

From a layperson’s perspective, building customer relationships through a Cloud Based CRM Software seems very simple but in reality, it is one of the top challenges businesses often face with CRM implementation.

Most of them fail to get a comprehensive view of the customers, due to which they end up spending millions and billions of dollars with little to show for results.

Here are some of the top CRM challenges faced by organizations:

1.Absence of Relevant Goals

CRM Project Management is ineffective if goals have not been defined first. The foremost challenge is to get away from predefined notions related to CRM implementation. Start your initiative by determining relevant and achievable goals, like streamlining sales and marketing automation, for enhanced productivity. Another important factor to consider while developing these goals is to start with smaller implementations for quicker results.

2 Expenses

This is the primary challenge businesses face, while implementing CRM software. Implementing CRM can be a costly affair, if it is not done with proper planning. Therefore, you should first know why you need CRM for your business operations.

The moment you get an answer to this question, it becomes quite easy for you to conceptualize the bigger picture, and you can decide your budget. Some organizations do it the wrong way by blindly investing in any  Customer Relationship Management tool after observing their competitor’s strategies. It only leads to disasters.

So, it is important for you to first discuss all the CRM requirements with providers and then, make an informed decision.


It is expensive and time-consuming to train your entire workforce on a new  Customer Relationship Management Software. Many businesses prefer to train all their employees in a single go to save time and money. A smarter alternative could be to first pick some potential team members and train them.

Find individuals in need of CRM from each of your departments and train them extensively. Then, they can give training to others. This would significantly reduce costs.

4.User Adaptability

Apart from cost and training, it is really important to use the devices and tools which meet the need of today’s mobile connected personnel. USA based CRM providers, like Talygen, are the best example of this trend. The web based Customer Relationship Management tool runs seamlessly on most devices (Mobile apps available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry).

5.Resistance to Change

Innovation and transformati
on always face some initial resistance from the employees. Therefore, it will take some time to move them out of their comfort zone. The best way to overcome this situation is ‘communication’.

Always share the benefits of acquiring a Customer Relationship Management Software with the employees before implementing it. That will weaken passive resistance.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, these CRM implementation challenges are critical enough to affect your business operations. But if you take the right precautionary measures, as mentioned above, it will surely evolve as a profitable move for your business.

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