Wednesday, 26 December 2018

5 Reasons Why You Need An Expense Tracking Application for Your Business Organization

Expense Management is an integral part of any business organization. Irrespective of the size of the organization, there are lots of tasks on a regular basis in which employees need to get the approval of expenses to be spent on props related to either organization or projects. There are different types of expenses need to spend by organizations such as system expenses, salaries, renovation of employees and many more.

With the business size expansion, it becomes really difficult for the employees to manage their expense and get the reimbursements. Managers are also going through miserable time as they are the professionals who have to approve the reimbursements and get an added pressure to complete them.

This is the best time for organizations to consider an Online Expense Tracking Software that not only offers an intuitive expense management system but at the same time also includes Customer Support, Email assistance, and Accounting Solutions. A good Business Expense Software simplifies and automates entire expense management reducing reporting approvals, useless data entry and enhances inter-business function productivity.

Take a look at 5 reasons why you need an Expense Tracking Application for your business organization.

No More Delays Caused by Pen-Paper Process
Earlier, when organizations used to go with traditional approaches in managing their expenses, the only way to record these expenses was pen-paper based process along with paper reports attached with receipts. If managers used to update the expense submission, they often have to share the excel sheet to track and manage expenses. It results in excessive delays and unwanted errors.

At the hindsight, an online Expense Tracker App enables organizations to reduce paper work. It gives flexibility to the employees to quickly submit their expenses through mobile, system, iPad, laptop and other digital devices. They can easily get the reimbursements.

Manage and Control Expenses Effortlessly
Expense management is an essential part of any organization. All the top-notch business organizations have splendid expense management system. Some of the businesses have made lists of policies and parameters related to expense controlling for projects and clients. Online Expense Tracking Applications allows the organization to manage their spending in automated ways without applying manual rules. This result that non-submissive expenses can quickly flagged off when submitted by the employees. There is no need of having extended communications on company’s expenses. Managers can easily pay much attention to those expenses that needs to be highlighted.

Faster Reimbursement
Slow reimbursement process sometimes creates disappointments among employees. They get frustrated and it reflects in the efficiency of the employees. This state of great turmoil can be overcome by installing a Business Expense Software. It helps in faster approvals and reimbursement process. Multiple devices access allows employees to share the expense details while traveling towards office or home, therefore this is a prompt process. Managers can immediately ask questions to team members about the increased expenses.
Enhance Organizational Efficiency

Online Expense Tracker
Application helps users to follow a customized and automated workflow process. It also helps in reducing the time spent in processing expenses. The entire process of submitting expenses is so smooth and flexible that Managers can easily disburse the expenses and employees can get the reimbursements. Users can even attach the images of receipts and bills. Automatic notifications can be enabled related to the expenses so that Managers get the necessary alerts. This entire automated process can save the precious time of the employees which results in increased efficiency of employees and lower down the processing costs.

Helps in Review Spending
Online Expense Tracking Application not only manages your organization’s spending but also makes it simpler for them to review the expenses and look for the latest trends. Managers can review the current trending and make a progressive plan for the upcoming financial year through analytics and expense reports.

Final Words
Business revolves around money and it’s all about how you manage your expenses. If you implement Online Expense Management System in your business organization, your employees become efficient and it positively reflects in your balance sheet at the end of the financial year.

Monday, 17 December 2018

How To Improve Your Sales By Applying CRM Automation

As we are aware about the fact that business volume across the globe is doubling with every passing year, therefore, all are looking for ways to ease down data management. Unlike past, we have an inflow of advanced technology that helps in managing loads of data in minutes. Today, Organizations are focusing more on adopting a Customer Relationship Management System which results in maximizing profits with minimum efforts.
Client Management Software stores every possible detail in the CRM System. Whether it is sales interactions with clients, social media conversations, each call, service request, and even a missed opportunity is stored in the system. The CRM System has Automation which is an integral part and has the ability to bring better results and reducing the workload.

In this article, we have highlighted some effective ways of using CRM automation which helps business organizations in achieving expected results.

Contact Your Web Leads Within Minutes:

A Lead always play a defining factor in Customer Relationship Management. You must ensure that leads should be contacted within minutes. As per a study by a top-notch organization, if you won’t contact with your lead within 6 minutes, you will more likely lose the conversion opportunity. Now the question arises, how will your team respond quickly to every lead? Automation is the correct answer.

Firstly, integrate your Customer Management System with your telephone software. It automatically sends an alert to your sales representative on their system and they call them back. If the sales representative is busy, the system automatically transfers the call to the next free representative and so on until they make a call to the lead. Then, the representatives receive all the necessary details related to that lead.

Do Not Miss Missed Calls, They might Be Your Leads:

Missing calls are really important in CRM because they might become your lead. You can miss calls due to various reasons like holidays, after working hours, busy lines etc. However, with automation you can make sure that you won’t miss a call. With the calling system, you can compare any unanswered number with the CRM data. For a new call or for a new lead, a setup could be organized which ensures that a new ticket would automatically be generated. Also, a miss call alert can be sent to your inbox. In case of voice message, it will be attached and sent to your system’s inbox.

Direct Linkup With Leads:   

Ideally, sales representatives contact leads but if they have an option to call back, it will be highly beneficial for the business organizations. What you can do is assign a personal number to your sales representatives, so that their leads can call them back. As per the workflow, when any lead makes a call, it automatically get transferred to assigned sales representatives.

Sales Representatives Should Always on Connected Mode:

Sales representatives are usually into ready to go mode, which results in missing connection to some of the important calls. Successful Sales Team always stays connected with the leads. What you can do is to configure your CRM Software with your phone system. This helps your representatives to stay alert and take calls at any hour of the day.

Final Words:

These are some of the ways through CRM,automation can not only help you to strengthen your relationships with your clients but also boost your sales. All the above-mentioned ideas are the combination of two systems – your CRM System and Your Supporting System (Telephone System).

New Features and Key Updates of Talygen’s Customer Relationship System

Last week Talygen, a leading business development software service provider has unveiled some new updates in its Customer Relationship Management System.

These updates include some new advanced features which allow users to customize CRM as per their unique business requirements, enhance productivity and effortlessly manage entire operations. These elegant and intuitive user interfaces can be used by business organizations irrespective to their size and help increase the understanding with their customers in order to build strong relationships.   
Below are some brief overview about new updates and features of Talygen’s CRM System.

Bulk Imports of Leads, Opportunities and Clients:

Managing leads today is an arduous task for managers, especially, for a large scale organization. It is challenging for Project Managers to manage projects, leads and opportunities in this extended competitive market without any online software. Talygen’s Client Management Software allows users to simply manage and track lead records. This intuitive Customer Relationship Management Software helps users to effortlessly import Prospects, Leads, Opportunities and Clients as in excel file or CSV. You can also import or exports leads in bulk which eliminate the need of manual entry of details into application. This result in cost cutting and you can save more bucks and enhance the efficiency.                                   
Reminders and Follow-Ups:

Talygen is one of the Best CRM Softwares in the market toda, serving millions of customers across the globe. The second exciting feature of its CRM system is automated client communication and follow-Ups. It streamlines the management of a large number of leads in one go. User can create follow-ups as a reminder and communicate with clients on their favorite mode of communication. Users can set and fix reminders for a specific time period on a particular day.

Sale Analytics:

Talygen’s Client Management System enables users to filter the information, analyze it and present it in detailed conclusions which can be further used for creating some fine sale campaigns and make better future business decisions.

Sales Automation:
Talygen’s CRM System is capable of automating every aspect of the sales process including follow-up campaigns, outgoing calls and management of data is for successful sales campaigns.

Additional Owners:
Customer Management System of Talygen offers an Additional Owner feature that helps in streamlining the entire CRM management. As per this feature, Project Managers can create additional managers who act as substitute managers of lead as per the requirements. Once a user has been assigned as additional owners, he has all the rights and responsibilities of the primary manager. However, the primary manager can limit the access for additional manager if needed so that business policies might not harm and are properly enforced.

Convert Leads Into Clients:
Talygen’s CRM System can easily help users to create Projects for leads and clients. Users first make an estimate for budgets and sent it to clients. Once this estimate budget with certain conditions is approved by the Client, the team can easily start working on projects which were created. Company Admin and Project Managers can simply track team member’s goal, view detailed reports and coordinate the workflow within the organization.

Final Words:
These are some of the latest updates and features of Talygen’s Customer Relationship Management System. With these product refinements, Talygen allows its users to customize their workspaces with these innovative features and upgradation.
If you like these features, you can request for a demo, our representatives will connect you and learn more about these updates.   

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Talygen’s Project Management Tool: A Tested and Proven Web based Project Management System

Successful business organizations constitute a solid management team that includes some talented Project Managers who effortlessly plan, schedule and manage the available resources to the best of their abilities.

Even on a hectic day, results are overwhelming. Why? What are those ways that they incorporate to enhance their team’s performance to this level?

The three words answer to these questions is – project management tool. Yes, today organizations are using some of the best project management software solutions to run and manage a large number of professionals. If we go by facts and figures, currently around 80% companies are using online project management tools.

Talygen, a leading online business management software offers plethora of features making it one of the powerful project management system at the moment. In this post, we will examine some raw features of Talygen’s project management software. These features will be enabled when you add/edit a project from project listing screen.

General Settings:

This is the first step to add/edit a new project. When you click on ‘’add/edit’’ button, general settings screen appears that include numerous project related fields which you have to fill. Some of these mandatory fields include - Project Name, Project Mode, Project Hours, Project Rate, Project Amount, Project Billability, Project start/end date and many more. Users can select off days in a week as per deadlines and project scheduling. They can set the priority of project as high, low or medium as per the requirements.

The best part of this feature of project progress tracking tool is Virtual User functionality. By checking a given box, user can add virtual users to the existing project. A Virtual User in Talygen is a person who will be visible (if enabled) to the client. Other users (to whom virtual user has been assigned for the project) can also operate this profile.

Custom Fields:

This feature is enabled when users add/edit a new or existing project. Custom field refers to a particular feature in which a user can customize the fields as per their requirements. These fields are basically related to personal contact information of the user such as mobile number, email address, alternate e-mail etc. Users can set up custom fields from Custom Field module.

Talygen’s project management module is an all-in-one comprehensive system to manage multiple projects. As a Project Manager, you have to manage your projects but before this, you need to manage the tasks assigned to your team members. Our next feature is also a Task manager.

In this Task tab, a user can add multiple tasks with all the necessary details like Task Name, Task Rate, Hours, Start and End Date, Team and Description. You can also add more tasks by clicking ‘’Add More’’ button. This feature helps managers to assign any tasks to team members related to projects. Team members can also manage their tasks according to their priorities.


A team plays an integral role in completing and delivering any project. A team with efficient team members always achieve or sometimes surpass the expected results. Although, the most important thing is how a manager manages his team with a number of complexities. Talygen’s web based project management tool provides a ‘’Team Tab’’ feature through which Project Managers can add and manage the team working on a project.

They can add new members in their team for the project by clicking ‘’Add Team’’ button. A new screen will appear which shows the list of existing team members. You can add new members here. You can also appoint Project Manager out of the users to lead the project.


A business organization which extends healthy relationship with their clients would achieve remarkable success in the longer run. Every successful organization believes in transparency with clients because this helps in building a rapport and trust of the company with its clients. Talygen’s project management solution provides a ‘’Client Tab’’ feature that allows users to associate clients with ongoing project. When you click on ‘’Associate’’ button, a client screen will appear that shows the list of clients. You can select one or more clients as per your requirements and associate them with the project.

Final Words:

These are some of the defining features of Talygen’s project management software which help business organizations to increase the overall efficiency of employees so that it will be converted into positive results in the form of enhanced revenues at the end of the financial year.

Due to word limitations, we cannot be able to share all the features in this blog. We will be back with the rest of the features in our coming blogs. Keep checking this space for more updates.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

5 Reasons Why Organizations Need Talygen’s Knowledge Base System

Whenever any organization expands, its employees want a desirable space to connect with each other to disseminate necessary information and perform with the best of their abilities. An organization can only achieve their goals if team members can get access to all the information and knowledge on time.

A Knowledge Base System is the center of knowledge for any organization. A Knowledge Base Solution is a highly useful tool for an organization. This is a single bunch of information pool which is always accessible, updated and makes way for employees to discover new insights. It enables employees to create and disseminate information (articles) within the organization.

Talygen, a leading business development automation service provider offers a very easy to use Knowledge Base System which provides a plethora of useful features to help organizations in achieving organizational goals in much more easier manner. It not only provides comprehensive and important information about an organization but also creates resources, as in articles, for the proper distribution of information.

Here are five reasons you should invest in Talygen’s Knowledge Base Module which allows companies around the world to improve different kinds of tasks within a company:
 Categorization of Articles

Categorization of articles is the stepping stone for any Knowledge Base Solution. It helps in organizing articles into different categories for effective distribution of articles among employees. Talygen’s Knowledge Base System enables users to define articles into a number of categories. This categorization of articles promotes effective data dissemination. When you add an article to a particular category, it becomes easier for team members to know which article meet their requirements.
Transfer of Writing Responsibilities

As business increases, the need for plenty of information and documentation also increases with time. Scaling capabilities of the companies is also piled up with time. Talygen’s Knowledge Base System provides assistance for easily transferring the article writing responsibilities from one team member to other. This is a very comprehensive feature of Talygen which is really useful when any team member is not available to perform their given task.

It also allows users to save and retain an article as a draft. This helps them to make any final changes in the article if required before publishing it for everyone. It increases the efficiency by allowing users to switch in and out between the tasks and get back to the same article to finish it off in time.

Effortless Collaboration with Clients

Collaboration these days has become an integral part of business organizations to perform their day to day tasks. It is not only useful for internal management of an organization but also beneficial for collaborating with clients. Talygen’s Knowledge Base Solution is customized in a way that clients can have access to the articles as per their requirements. While creating an article, Managers can give article access to clients (through enable or disable functionality), so that they know about the progress of the project. This feature makes a segmentation in which there are two types of articles, one is the company only articles and others are clients based articles.
Security and Privacy of Articles

Talygen’s Knowledge Base System always ensures high-end security and privacy of articles shared by Managers to their team members. There are number of security checks provided in Knowledge Base Module that allow users to maintain privacy. Project Managers can view, track and manage all the shared articles among team members. Knowledge Base Module allows Managers to put restriction on readers from copying any content of the articles. This ensures full-proof security of articles and also nullifies the possibilities of inappropriate data intruding activities.

Personalized Knowledge-Based Repository

Database is a real key to success for any organization. It is the ladder to which every organization climbs through and attains desired goals. Talygen’s Knowledge Base System allows organizations to create their own personalized knowledge base repository. Important articles and data related to the company could be stored and become a reservoir. This feature helps in improving and streamlining the entire operations of the organization. Team members can easily retrieve any information and data of their use at any time.

Final Words

An excellent Knowledge Base System is one of the most important requirements for an organization’s support checklist. Keeping this into mind, Talygen’s intuitive Knowledge Base Module is one of the best comprehensive solutions to share important documents/articles among team members and clients. Try out this intuitive software now and experience a faster execution of your knowledge base management.

How Can Good Leadership Enhance Employee Time Management

Employee time management skills have a direct impact on business outcomes. Good leaders should put more emphasis on helping employees improve their time management skills. 

Leadership plays an integral role in managing employees of an organization. A leader with accurate leadership skills not only motivates employees for achieving organizational goals but also helps them to enhance their skills. If we talk about leadership skills, some people learn them early in life but for someone, it comes with external encouragement, effective training sessions by management and by using some best organizational tools. like online timetracking software.

Here in this post, we will discuss how can employees enhance their time management with the help of effective leadership. 

1.     Leadership Drives Motivation

Leaders are the real motivators for employees of an organization. They can inspire or demotivate their team members. When leaders showcase their supreme leadership qualities with lots of grit and passion, it simultaneously reflects on their team members work performance. Leaders always know how to get out 100% from employees. They know their each strength and weakness on the basis of which they assign tasks. To train your emploees the best way, as a leader, you can organize some activities such as team lunch, movies etc. In this leisure time, you can observe your team members and set up team building activities. Motivating your employees can help them in effective time management and it results in enhancing employees’ productivity as well. 

2.     Online Employee Time Tracking Tools 

Today technology is rapidly transforming around the world. Therefore, if you want to match your business processes with technology, you have to incorporate new methodologies. Managers or leaders are the ones who can enhance productivity by investing in organizational tools such as project time tracking tools. These online time tracking tools not only are easier to implement but also takes out the best of employees abilities. But before finalizing these tools, managers need first require to find out the necessity of technological tools in their workplace. First of all, list out your priorities before choosing any tech-application. This includes your budget and compatibility with users.

Through effective communication process, leaders can create a healthy environment where employees perform their best. There are a number of effective communication platforms such as Talygen’s Message Board and Slack that helps employees to manage their time. These online tools motivate employees to work together as a team for a common goal.

Talygen’s employee time tracking tool is another useful tool for employees to track and record time spent on projects by employees. Trello and Timesheets are another time tracking and payroll management tool. By incorporating these innovative tech-solutions, leaders can push their employees to achieve business success. 

3.     Working Environment

Working environment always plays an integral role to maintain work life balance and improve time management of employees. It also boosts employees’ moral. This could be applicable by implementing some changes in the policies. For example, companies can allow employees to take short breaks in every 3 hours. This will refresh them in between hectic working hours and help them to perform better. Apart from this, there are numerous other policies like unlimited vacation policy in which employees can take leaves as per their choice. This policy is highly result oriented as employees who feel rested, can perform with better work efficiency. These working polices may not be applicable to other organizations. 

Final Words 

Time Management of employees is one of the broad- faceted concerns that increases the complexity level in some business organizations and industries. The ultimate performance is delivered by employees. However, management can help employees to achieve the final result by incorporating certain goal oriented policies and provide a work friendly environment. 

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Talygen’s Unbeatable Project Request Feature for Long Term Relationship With Clients

Project Management software is a highly indispensable business solution for organizations in order to achieve the success and constant growth. Project Management is extremely vast that it includes lots of promising project related processes such as task management, time track management, resource scheduling and project reports. It helps in streamlining Project Management System of the organization.

Talygen, a leading enterprise level Project Management Tool has numerous intuitive and advanced features that assist you in successful completion of projects within its deadlines. In the last few blogs, we have enlightened you about latest advanced features incorporated by Talygen. Today, in this blog, we will discuss about a unique feature of Talygen’s Online Project Management Module, known as ‘’Project Request’’.

Client relationship is such an integral part of every business organization that it always leads the list of priorities. Companies have to establish and strengthen a sound relationship with clients because the long term success of every organization depends on the level of satisfaction clients get from them. The best way to know the satisfaction level of clients is how frequent they get back to you with new projects after completion of one project.

Keeping this in mind, Talygen offers an intuitive project request feature that enable users to get repeat business or projects from existing clients. Clients can easily and promptly quote a request of new project. This allows organizations to instantly respond to a new project with the required quotations. Once, the quotations have been accepted by the clients with their approval, Project Managers can start working on it immediately with a certain deadline given by clients.

Here are some robust features of Talygen’s Project Request feature powered by Web-Based Project Management Module:

Add Owners

Talygen’s Project Management System allows Managers to add owners of the projects assigned by clients through Project Request feature. Once any project is listed on the listing screen of Project Request, Company Admin (Senior Managers) can appoint any one or more Project Managers as an owner of the project, so that they are answerable and accountable for that particular project and proceedings.

The process of adding an owner is pretty simple. Just click ‘’Add Owner’’ from the listing screen to add a new owner, a new screen will appear. It showcases the list of project managers available (The availability of project managers can be enabled from advanced settings tab of user {Project Manager}) at the moment. Select any one project owner(s) from the dropdown list and click ‘’Save’’ to add the owner. You can also cancel the details by clicking ‘’Cancel’’ button.

Accept/Reject Project Request:

As we mentioned earlier, the entire procedure of getting new projects by clients in Talygen’s Project Management Tool is very simple and user friendly. Once any new project is received from a client, Company Admins are allowed to accept or reject that project after discussing with Project Managers and other team members. This helps in streamlining project management process, so that team will start working on the project as soon as possible with a manageable deadline.

To accept or reject the project request, get into the listing screen of Project Request. Select the project (s) as per your priorities and click ‘’Accept’’ if you want to work on this project. A comment box will appear in which you can share your comments and click ‘’Accept’’. You can also reject the project request by clicking ‘’Reject’’ button. Company Admins can also convert the project request into final project by clicking ‘’Convert’’ button.
Quotation Preview:

Quotation plays an integral role in dealing with clients on any project. It shows the details of financial part of the project including name, number and price of items. Talygen’s Project Management Solution also provides a quotation preview feature which showcases a quotation preview of the project sent by the client. 

In this preview, all details regarding the project is mentioned including quote number, issue date, company name, client name, email id, address of the client, due date, items name, units, amount. It also includes a comment box section in which Company Admin can post comments related to project, it will be shown below comment box as in threads.
Project Request Status:

Talygen’s Project Management Module provides a Project Request Status feature to showcase the current status of the project request made by the client. Primarily, there are 4 types of status, i.e. Active, Accepted, Rejected and Converted. Active status means that the project is still active and Project Managers will soon take a call regarding this project (to accept or reject the request). Accepted Status means that the project request made by client has been accepted. Rejected status means that the project request has been rejected while Converted status means that the project request has been converted into project. 

Final Words

Project Management is a necessary part of any organization that drives its success but if you want to take your business forward for longer duration then you should need a Project progress tracking tool like Project Request that will help you to have a sound relationship with your clients.

For more details about Project Request tool, kindly visit the official website of Talygen