Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Increase Your Transparency and Accountability with Clients Using Talygen’s Client Portal System

Gone are the days when you need to send lengthy email threads to discuss the project estimation with your clients and then had to wait days for getting an update. Client Portal System is a platform that enables users within an organization to share integral information with their clients effectively and smoothly. With Client Portal Solution, you don’t need to wait for so long to receive the payment.

Keeping this into mind, Talygen has designed an inclusive Client Portal Software that makes sure that the communication between organization and clients is smooth and transparent. It helps in enhancing and boosting sharing of digital files, information, services with clients. Talygen offers an intuitive suite of powerful modules to seamlessly manage clients.

Here in this blog, you will get to know how you can build a rapport with your clients using Talygen’s Client Portal System.

1.Transparency and Accountability:

The most integral factor of any business organization is how you are associated with your clients on different projects. Talygen’s Client Portal System offers seamless monitoring of project’s progress to your clients. Clients can view each phase and landmark of their projects with utmost accountability and transparency within an organization, on the basis of which they can suggest some changes in the strategy and approach towards projects if required.

2.Extensive Monitoring of Work Progress

If you allow your clients to monitor work progress of their projects, it not only helps you to satisfy your clients as per their expectations but also build healthy relations with them. Talygen’s Client Portal Solution provides a Client Login feature that allows clients to get access to ongoing projects. Clients can effortlessly monitor the work process and progress via activity tracking, time tracking, reports, and client portals and subsequently share their views and feedback on every phase or landmark of the project.

3.Managing Invoices

Talygen is one of the leading Client Portal Solutions that offers state-of-the-art and intuitive invoicing system. It allows Managers to submit and manage invoices related to projects. Clients can also view these invoices with the help of Client Portal. Besides this, clients can also view and analyze future invoices along with the estimate of upcoming payments regarding an ongoing project. They can easily figure out the approximate amount to be paid based on the upcoming invoices.

If we talk about payments, Talygen’s Client Portal System allows clients to make their payment through different integrated payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net. Clients can also make partial payments through this system.

4.Full Proof Data Security on Cloud

Talygen’s Client Portal Software comes with a distinctive file dashboard system which ensures full proof data security storage on Cloud. A team working on a project can easily upload and share any important documents with the client so that the project would be carried on smoothly. This secured system is integrated with some popular file systems such as Google DropBox and Google Drive. It makes sure that the high-end security of your integral data is intact.

5.Project Request Feature

This is a universal truth that once you associate with a client and deliver a successful project as per their expectations, then you try your level best to extend this powerful bond of association for a longer duration. This long term association of Talygen offers a unique Project Request feature that allows Managers to get more business from their existing clients.

Clients can instantly request a quote for a new project through Client Portal Software. Right after this request, Managers can quickly respond to the quote. If client accepts the offer, Project Managers can start working on the project. Clients can also suggest some alterations in the quotes as per their requirements.

Final Words:

It’s been a while when we introduced this module and received a tremendous response from our valuable clients as they started using this Client Portal System of Talygen. Our main motive behind this system is to increase and enhance the association between business organizations and their clients.

Give it a try to this Client Portal Solution and feel the difference.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

5 Reasons Why You Should Go With Talygen’s Online Performance Review System

Oh yes! Its appraisal time, which is a magical time of the year for an employee as their performance would be reviewed by Managers in order to give them appraisal. Although, performance review excites and pleases employees but it is an uphill task for employers if they are using traditional methods of performance management system.

At present, with an expanded volume of work, paper-based performance review system is outdated. Firstly, it is a time consuming task as managers have to write a performance review, get print outs and send it to other authorized personnel for their comments and reviews. Sometimes, the concerned person is unavailable to submit his/her review due to various reasons, which means unnecessary delay. It only increases frustration and make you feel exhausted.

If you are having similar concerns for a long time, then using Talygen’s online performance management software is the best way to get breathing space and avoid the usual pitfalls you are facing in between your performance review system.

Talygen, a leading business management automation provider, offers an affordable and effective performance management system which has a number of benefits for both employers and employees. In this post, we will give you different reasons of opting for Talygen’s performance management system.

Efficient Performance Review System:

Talygen has an efficient and effective performance management system with multiple review processes. Managers can create an approval chain sequence that comprises multiple reviewers who have the authority to evaluate performance of employees on the basis of different standards. They will provide their inputs and comments on multiple levels and submit them to managers. Managers can also set a sequential and non-sequential order of review, so that performance of employees would be evaluated by reviewers in desired order.

Time Saving System of Performance Review:

Talygen’s online performance management module is specifically created to save precious time of organizations by reducing paperwork. Talygen is available on various digital platforms including a mobile application that helps businesses to become more environmental friendly by reducing hardware requirement.

Exceptional Reporting and Review System:

As per traditional performance review system, it was an extremely challenging task for managers to manage and control entire progress of performance review. While using paper-based performance review system, it used to be very difficult to view how many reviews have started and completed. You could only depend on emails and chats to keep records.

Talygen’s online performance management system allows users to view consolidated real-time reports of their reviews. The system enables users to access data anytime. Besides this, they can also view the feedback given by Reviewers about performance on the basis of which, their appraisal will be recommended.

Self-Assessment of Employees:

Self assessment is an integral part of Talygen’s employee performance review system. It ensures active participation of employees in the process and motivates them towards their professional goals. Talygen’s performance review process allows employees to write and view their performance review. They can view essential details such as review type, former review list, review ratings by different Managers, and percentage of progress made over a specific period of time. This helps them to identify their strengths and weaknesses from their point of view. When managers provide their reviews, employees can acknowledge and assess pros and cons of the review that leads to better results.

Multiple Templates in One Application:

Every organization has numerous employees with different skillsets, so there need to be multiple benchmarks and standards for employees as per their skills. Talygen’s online performance management system enables Managers to create customized review templates for each employee. Managers can also create different review templates and save them for later use. Customized templates include star ratings against the answers they would write.

Final Words:

Going after the above mentioned traits, it is clear that adopting Talygen’s effective performance management system is the ultimate solution for organizations to analyze performance of their manpower. It not only transforms your business by generating maximum productivity from your employees but also reduces unnecessary costs incurred on paper-based performance management system.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Why Choose Talygen’s Invoicing Software for Billing

According to a research, business organizations spend approximately $5 to $25 per transaction in creating, processing and sending invoices. Another research says that a small company having 10 employees can save upto $2500 annually by giving up traditional billing model and acquiring online invoicing software. These stats are enough to understand the importance of invoice creating software

Attracting new clients and managing your existing ones is one of the biggest challenges organizations face today due to highly competitive market. Irrespective of your business size, you should look for solutions that help you in saving time and money to increase productivity. Therefore, online invoicing software can become a key factor for your business growth.

Invoicing and Billing is the very first step to scale-up your business as per expectations, so you need an efficient invoicing software which not only provides you assistance in generating invoices but also helps in tracking your expenses.

The traditional billing and invoicing model was used to create invoices at the end of every billing cycle. After this, the generated invoices get printed and sent to clients.

With various technological advancements, this method of invoicing has become inefficient as it takes time to generate an invoice and send it to your client. Therefore, time has come to move on and replace outdated manual invoicing model with online invoice creator to beat your competitors.

Now the main question is, which invoicing software should one choose as there are a number of options available in the market? Although, at present, one can find numerous alternatives available with unique features but if we talk about a complete package, Talygen might be the best option to choose as per your business requirements.

Talygen, one of the leading business management automation service provider, offers a highly intuitive and easy to use online billing and invoicing solution. Talygen’s invoicing software has the ability to solve all your problems related to billing and reduce costs. Here, we have compiled some of the significant features of Talygen which can be beneficial for your business.

Create Multiple Billing Rules

Talygen offers an advanced online invoicing software that helps users to effortlessly create multiple billing rules to meet client requirements. Managers can easily upgrade these rules. Users and clients can enter data through an uploaded data file and map its fields to match Talygen’s fields. They can further use these fields to create billing rules for each client individually.

Proffer Discounts and Apply Taxes

Talygen’s invoice creator allows companies to offer discounts and apply taxes on invoices. They can also add more discounts to a specific line item. Besides this, users can also apply taxes as per government rules. Talygen's online invoicing system includes key elements of accounts payable such as Offers, Discounts, Applicable Taxes, etc. in the invoice.

Importing of Time and Expenses

At the time of invoice creation, users can easily import details related to time and expenses directly to an invoice. This not only helps to increase credibility and authenticity of invoice but also shows a clear picture to clients related to payments of work done in a specific time duration.

Supports Multiple Currency Accounting

Talygen's invoicing solution supports multiple currencies. This allows businesses to seamlessly manage their accounting process. They can send invoices, create business invoice templates, reconcile accounts and receive payments in any currency as per their requirements. This also ensures the global acceptance of Talygen’s project invoicing software.

Numerous Online Payment Gateways

Talygen has integrated its online invoicing software with numerous online payment gateways which help clients to easily accept online payments as per their requirements. PayPal and Stripe are some of the most authorized and universally accepted payment gateways integrated with Talygen’s invoicing system.

Final Words:

Talygen’s process driven billing system provides a number of extensive features such as invoicing, financial systems, project delivery, financial reporting, setting up of invoicing software and much more. It’s the best time for you embrace Talygen’s invoicing solution to eliminate the unnecessary delays in payment and achieve your business objectives.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Talygen’s Resource Scheduling System: A Key To Successful Project Management

Project overrun is a critical problem faced by many companies. This mostly occurs because of those last-minute error-corrections and further improvements that often take longer than expected.
Projects that were on schedule suddenly become overrun, costing you thousands of dollars not to mention your client’s cranky face every time you try to describe the situation to them. Planning and scheduling your resources in a collaborative environment is the best way to avoid this problem.
Since you can schedule projects in different stages, you can easily find quality issues ahead of time and your client can also get real-time information about the progress. This hence allows you to resolve any issue before it becomes a serious threat to your project’s schedule.

How Resource Scheduling Ensures Organizational Progress?
Cloud Resource Scheduling plays an important role in project management. It helps you to understand the scope of the project in advance and manage/assign your resources accordingly. Besides, it provides an overview of who’s responsible for delivering what and by when.

Talygen’s Resource Scheduling System works in combination with its Project Management Software to optimize utilization, forecast revenue and give the latest information about who’s working on what and when. The system gives the visibility you need to start projects faster and model your staffing needs with precision. In other words, you get a clear picture of what’s happening through the lifecycle of a project and manage each task closely through collaboration and clear communication.

Talygen’s Resource Scheduling Solution helps you in various ways, including:

  • It provides a foundation for monitoring and regulating different project activities
  • Based on your schedule, you can decide how to allocate resources and tasks to best attain your project goals
  • To evaluate time delays and understand their impact on project
  • Analyze if you have additional resources to assign other tasks/ projects
  • Track the progress and status of projects

Resource Scheduling Software To Improve Business Productivity 

Talygen offers a configurable, flexible Resource Scheduling Software that adapts to your company practices, people, and projects. It enables your project managers to set staffing requirements and also helps resource managers to decide how best to accomplish those needs.

The Resource Scheduling App gives easy-to-use tools for an ongoing task of assigning people to projects, while providing insightful answers about your hiring needs, revenue, utilization, and profitability. Gantt chart with its easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality makes scheduling resource changes a snap. You are going to be forever changing your scheduling to match the existing resource with the task that needs immediate attention.

Powerful reports and dashboards combine day-to-day scheduling data to show you who’s expected to work on what, who’s available, and who’s overbooked. They also help you realize performance to budget at completion, rather than just performance to date. This is how you can avoid bottlenecks in your schedule, by staying flexible and knowing where your resources are allocated at any given time.


Managing your company resources without an efficient Work Schedule Software can be a total nightmare. Capacity and demand can vary throughout the project. Resource management is thus important for completing a project within the right budget, timescale, and quality.

Talygen’s Employee Database Software provides a graphical, intuitive interface for matching projects with the right people. The software helps to track activities and tasks, ensuring that your teams collaborate and communicate with each other to deliver the required activities effectively and within the given time period. This not only enables you to meet your deadlines but also improves quality of end result by reducing/ eliminating human errors.

Friday, 29 June 2018

How to Manage Your Employees with Talygen’s Employee Management Software

Employees are the biggest asset for any organization. They are the backbone of an organization and an integral part of their business objectives. A company cannot even think to survive and grow without motivating their employees with various means. To enhance employee performance, organizations impart a number of methodologies among them employee management software is certainly on the top.

Today, in this fiercely competitive work environment, managers have a lot at hand including meetings, conferences, and appointments, therefore, it is really very difficult for them to look after their team members with as much attention, time, motivation as they deserve.

To aid in handling a workforce, employee management software is a specialized online manager which has the ability to reduce burden of an organization’s management team. It can not only increase work productivity of the employees but also provides a best-in-class employee management system that makes it easier to review an employee’s tasks and productivity.

Talygen, a leading business management automation provider offers a cloud-based employee management solution that has a number of rich functionalities. It has lots of useful features that help managers to assign tasks, manage shifts, review assigned tasks, view work progress, manage attendance and many more.

In this post, we will educate you on how organizations can efficiently manage their employees through Talygen’s employee management software with its vast array of helpful and distinctive features:

1.Talent Acquisition Management:

Talent acquisition is one of the most important task for Hiring Managers of an organization. Any organization wants to hire the best talent to ensure quality output within a reasonable or short turnabround time. Talygen provides a state-of-the-art employee management system to manage and increase hiring opportunities of organizations. Hiring Managers can quickly manage all the necessary hiring requirements electronically. With Talygen, Managers can add a new job opening with all necessary details. Apart from general details, Managers can set an approval chain that includes the authorized personnel to give approval to a new job opening or a vacant post.

Hiring Managers can use internal, external and hidden links for job postings. The internal job postings help employees within organization to view an opportunity. External links allow outside users to view job postings. Hidden job posting links can only be viewed by authorized managers. Hiring Managers can also add a new job applicant with all the relevant information.

2.Track Employees Attendance:
These days, Managers have to deal with an immense workload, it is very hard for the to take out time to supervise their team members. Talygen’s activity tracking software allows Senior Managers to track their team member’s attendance and time offs. Employees just need to start tracking their time via the easy to use inbuilt time tracker when they are about to start working on a project. They can also stop and resume time tracking anytime as per requirement. Managers can track and manage working weeks of employees for a particular location or shift. They can also track log in and log out time of team members, allowing them to keep track of how many hours they have worked on a particular day.

Employee time tracking software makes things easier for managers. Now, they need not rely on manual tracking. It not only allows them to monitor their team members but also helps in analyzing the work performance of team members at the end of a certain time period.

3.Approval System:

An mature approval system plays an important role in any organization. There are a lot of things that happen in an organization for which employees need to take an approval from the higher authorities. Manually, it is very difficult to take approval as there are a number of work priorities for any employee in a day. Talygen’s hassle-free employee management software is the best solution for such a situation with its inbuilt approval system. This advanced enterprise-level approval system helps employees to send approval request to respective Managers and approvers can instantly approve it after reviewing their request. Employees can send approval for time, attendance, expenses and leave requests. As this system works on customizable rules, it gives complete flexibility to an organization.

4.Roles Management:

Defining roles is an integral part of a Project Manager’s responsibility. They have to set roles of each team member, so that they can specifically work on given tasks, rather than looking after multiple tasks and loosing focus. Talygen’s employee task tracking software allows Senior Managers to create and assign different roles to team members and make sure that they can only access limited information in their Talygen account. With specified roles, employees can only have access rights to view those sections for which their roles have been defined. Managers can easily and seamlessly manage privileges for employees.

5.Multi-Level Performance Review:

Talygen’s offers employee time keeping software to analyze the performance of employees. After tracking employee performance, managers can add multiple reviewers for reviewing employee’s performance in a sequential and non-sequential chain. For multi-level reviews, the system can also track employee’s performance with different skill sets. This entire system is highly beneficial for both employees and organizations. On one side, employees work sincerely as they know their performance is being analyzed scientifically, on the other side, it becomes easier for organizations to review the performance of employees and pay accordingly.

Final Words:

So, these are some of the highly effective features provided by Talygen’s employee time tracking software. As we mentioned earlier, this software is highly suitable for small as well as large organizations. A system where employees can handle responsibilities related to their work and managers can help them in achieving their organizational goals.

Monday, 11 June 2018

5 Advantages of Using Talygen’s Job Portal Software

Online recruitment software has now become an integral part of hiring for any organization. Due to rapid pace in technological advancements, traditional ways of doing recruitments have become outdated and are being replaced by online recruitment software. There are a number of reasons including high-end costs, slow pace, and inflexible nature. Currently, all businesses require a quick and steady method of recruiting staff.

Whether you have an established business or you have just started out with a baby project, you desperately need a dynamic recruiting software which can grow into an all-in-one solution for hiring. Presently, there are a number of job portal software available such as Workable, JobSite Professional, Zoho, and Enterprise Infinity. All these have their own pros and cons which differ based on the kind of organization that use them, but if we talk collectively overall, Talygen comes out as the winner.

Talygen, which is a leading business automation management provider, offers a job portal software to manage hiring capabilities of an organization. This job board software is specially designed to remove all hurdles faced by businesses in hiring process and communication with applicants.

In this post, we have picked 5 advantages of Talygen’s job portal software which can help organizations in recruiting and managing some of the best talents from the masses.

1. Designing of Customized Job Board Layout:

Talygen’s online applicant tracking system allows organizations to design their own job board layout for their convenience. Every organization is somewhat different from another in certain aspects. Hiring policies and procedures also vary from organization to organization.

Talygen’s job board software is a vibrant software which allows a company’s hiring team to design their own job templates with an external link for applicants to apply for multiple positions. Besides this, they can also easily customize headers, footers, comments, and messages for different positions in their job board layout.

This feasible procedure of designing job board link templates allows Recruitment Managers to display and manage a personalized look of a company’s job board link so that clients feel and reflect the company’s brand value in the market.

2. Job Posting Requisitions:

Every organization has different departments to manage multiple tasks. To perform these tasks with certain excellence, hiring managers to recruit and select the very best of professionals. Sometimes, Project Managers require some specialized team members for a certain project to get better results. With Talygen’s online recruitment software, Project Managers can create a requisition for a job post. It will be sent to the hiring manager, who can easily approve it after analyzing it.

Once job requisition post is approved by the authorities, it will automatically redirect and turn into a live job posting onto the company’s official website. This entire procedure not only saves the precious time and money of the company but also streamlines the hiring management of the organization.

3. External Links for the Applicants:

Today, in the internet and online age, it is necessary to stay a step ahead of other company’s hiring methods. Talygen’s online recruitment software provides an external link of the job post on the company’s website or job board. Now, applicants can directly apply for a vacancy through this external link. This external link includes all the necessary fields related to a candidate’s biodata, education details, experience details etc. They have to fill all the details carefully and submit their documents to the organization with this link.

This helps both the applicants and the organization in streamlining their recruitment procedure. The organization can easily get details of applicants, scrutinize them and later on, call them for a interview. They can manage the entire recruitment process with the help of this external link.

Apart from external links, Talygen’s job portal software also provides internal, external and hidden links for different job posts. The internal job posting links allow team members to view job post, so that they can recommend any eligible candidate to a particular vacancy. External Links allow outside users to view vacancies and hidden job postings links can only be viewed by Senior Managers and Hiring Managers of the company.

4.Reduces Paper Work:

Over the years, paper work has been replaced by automated techniques in order to reduce the time consumed for finishing the task. It not only saves you time and effort but also saves money. Talygen’s online recruitment software drastically reduces paper work.

The entire system of Talygen is environment-friendly as all the users can operate their Talygen account from everywhere and from all the popular platforms like website, desktop and mobile application. This practice automatically decreases and reduces paper usage and translates into an additional saving for the organization and also for the protection of  the environment.

5.Configuration of File Size:

Talygen’s online applicant tracking system allows Hiring Managers to set a size limit for the files uploaded by applicants as per their requirements. Uploaded files include resume and other important documents of the applicants. This helps them to manage the entire recruitment process and also make it much easier.

Final Words:

Talygen’s job board software is a cloud based software which helps organizations in managing important recruitment processes. The best part of this software is that it has the ability to serve any size of businesses in the simplest way and handle their recruitment process efficiently. You can also customize your own job portal to attract candidates for vacant positions.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Benefits of Using Talygen’s Expense Tracking Software for Your Business

Technology has eased down the burden of managing employees’ expenses, which is considered as one of the most time-consuming tasks for managers of an organization.

Earlier, entire expense management was done manually through a pen-paper process. It was a tedious process which cost both time and money to the company. Thanks to online expense tracking software that brings a number of benefits to the organization, expense management has never been easier.

Talygen is one of the most popular expense tracking applications today. Talygen offers an expense tracking system which allows users to log various expenses related to projects, trips, and other official expenses. Later, they can send the expenses for approval and get them reimbursed by the client or organization.

In this post, we have compiled 5 key benefits of using Talygen’s expense tracking software to achieve your business’s financial goals.

1.Reduce Mistakes and Delays Caused by Manual Process:

Traditional ways of managing expenses were full of risks. Managers used to draft paper-based reports related to expenses and then shared those papers/spreadsheets with managers for their approval. This was a lengthy process full of numerous errors and wastage of paper.

Talygen’s online expense tracker is an easy to use application that allows users to log expenses for multiple projects and trips, send for approval and ultimately get them reimbursed by the client or company. To add expenses, a team member can enter the expense details associated with a project and also add other expense details as an attachment. Talygen enables an easy submission of expenses through the web, desktop and mobile application.

2. Pre Defined Roles:

Expense management of an organization usually brings lots of confusion for the upper-level managers. This is due to lack of transparency and accountability. Often, there is a lack of clarity on who is responsible for approving the expenses. There are multiple approvers for each type of expense.

Talygen’s expense approval system is highly flexible according to business needs. It automates and streamlines workflows associated with creating, approving and managing expenses. Here, roles are clearly defined. Senior Managers have authority to appoint different approvers under an organized approval chain and approval group in accordance with company’s policies.
The approvers are solely responsible for approving or rejecting expenses submitted by users. Senior Managers can define time limit within which expenses should be reviewed and approved by approvers. If expenses are not approved within the set time period, approving managers can be notified. This process tends to save your precious time and reduce possibilities of errors.

3.Automated Communication Process:

Lack of effective communication is also one of the biggest reasons for delay in the expense management process. For example, a team member returns back from an official trip and sends expense report to his manager but it is still pending because his manager  doe not have the time to read  his e-mail or in certain scenarios the finance department does not know that the expense has been approved. All these are block holes in managing expenses due to communication barriers.

Talygen’s expense tracking software is completely automated and its seamless communication process allows users to get quick approval for expenses they have made. Talygen’s expense management system comprises of pre-defined approval chains and groups. Defined by Senior Managers, these approval groups and chains include list of expense approvers.

With sequential and non-sequential feature, if an approver is not able to approve or reject the expense, then any one of the approvers in the list can approve the expense. The moment, any of the managers approves or rejects an expense, a notification message or alert will be sent to all the managers/approvers. This ensures timely completion of tasks without any work loss or bottlenecks.

4.Faster Reimbursements:

When expense reimbursement process takes too long, it becomes a frustrating for team members and entire expense management system fails to work properly. Talygen’s expense tracker application offers an online reporting system which helps users get faster reimbursement of expenses. With Talygen mobile application, users can submit expenses while they are not in office. Approving managers can immediately view and approve these expenses with their comments.

Final Words:

Today, organizations are looking for cost-effective and time-saving solutions to get maximum output in minimum time. Talygen’s expense tracking application saves time and money by reducing traditional paper-based expense management processes. The best part of Talygen is that it enhances expense monitoring system and reduces company’s costs.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Talygen’s Time Tracker with Screenshots: An Indispensable Asset for Your Organization

As the business environment is becoming highly competitive, organizations are bound to impose modern techniques to stay ahead of their competitors.

Monitoring employees with an automatic screenshot tracker has become an essence for businesses. Surprisingly, many people consider this practice as illegal or violation to the privacy of the employees. However, if you are being paid by the employer for your services, then they are free to know how you are spending your working hours.

Talygen offers a unique time tracking software with screenshot functionality which allows organizations to measure the progress of projects by tracking an employees’ work in real time. Managers can easily view activities of their team along with daily work logs to ensure complete transparency in a project’s progress.

In this post, we have compiled key features of Talygen’s time tracker which tracks time using screenshots, keystrokes, mouse clicks and more.

1.Talygen’s Desktop Application with Screenshot functionality

Nowadays, companies prefer to hire freelance employees to work on some of their projects from home or remote locations. However, hiring freelancers makes it difficult to monitor their work activities. Talygen’s desktop application provides screenshot functionality which allows Managers to monitor a remote employee in real time.

2.Daily Work Log to Evaluate Employees Work

Talygen’s desktop application enables seamless evaluation of an employee’s daily work log. Company Admins/Project Managers can review the daily work log of their employees using automatically captured screenshots.

3.Activity Tracker to Track the Efficiency of Employees

Talygen’s activity tracker provides detailed information regarding a resource’s daily work log including keystrokes and mouse clicks for a specific time frame. Managers can extensively monitor the real time work progress of employees which helps to improve their work efficiency by making them conscious and accountable.

4.Stealth Mode to Capture Hidden Screenshots

By enabling Stealth Mode, screenshots are captured without notifying the users. The screenshot preview option can be disabled by the Company Admin or Project Manager to motivate employees to work with more dedication without any distraction.

5.Discarding Irrelevant Screenshots

With the help of discard functionality, users can delete irrelevant screenshots while they are being tracked. Irrelevant screenshots can also be discarded through Work Diary that contains the entire history of the captured screenshots.

Final Words:

These are some of the prime features of Talygen’s automatic screenshot tracker. I hope, this screenshot tracking software will become an integral part of your organization.

For more details regarding Talygen, kindly visit our official website 

Friday, 13 April 2018

4 Essential Things You Should Consider Before Choosing A Time Tracking Software

Time is a key asset for employees of any organization. It’s an invisible resource which has the ability to turn the tables. Every task in an organization from Project Management, Hiring, to Asset and Human Resource Management is correlated to time, so you have to find ways which can help you manage time.
Nowadays, things have significantly changed due to the competitive working environment in which we live. To get an edge over your competitors and to sustain for a longer duration, you need to invest in a time tracking software which can help you to track and manage your tasks efficiently.
Talygen, a leading business automation management software, offers a comprehensive time tracking tool which automates time and productivity monitoring for businesses. This time tracking solution works seamlessly with a wide range of business products such as invoicing module, screenshot tracker, and employee management module.
Investing in a time tracking software is a critical decision. Make sure that you do extensive research and consider all the key aspects before making your final decision. In this post, we have compiled some essential factors to ensure you find the best time tracking software for your business.
1.     Employee Tracking
Due to the cut-throat competitive business environment today, companies are constantly trying to offer world class services to their clients. Having a feature-rich time tracking tool helps to track working hours of employees and increase business productivity.
Talygen’s employee time tracking software is equipped with screenshot functionality which helps record mouse clicks and keyboard activities for a task in a project. Moreover, the GPS tracking feature in the software ensures managers can track an  employee’s whereabouts while the employee can keep tracking time.
2.     Comprehensive Reports
As a Company Admin or Project Manager, it is really important to be aware of your employee’s productivity. Talygen’s time tracking software helps to track the time spent by employees on a particular project.
The software offers detailed reports including average time spent on specific tasks, information about less and more efficient employees etc. These comprehensive reports help managers to evaluate the performance of employees in an efficient manner.
3.     Tasks Monitoring
Employees are the real backbone of any organization. Project Managers should exactly know about the daily-schedule of their team members. A comprehensive time tracking software not only helps you in managing your employees but also aids in improving the productivity of your business.
With Talygen’s time tracking tool, you can easily determine how much time is consumed in each task and which tasks are taking more time. This helps you make quick changes in your business strategy and improve the employees’ productivity and time estimation in project completion.
4.     Better Insights of Your Business Productivity
As a project manager, you should know which projects are the most beneficial for your business. All the best time tracking software help you compare your work performance and billing cost which gives you a clear insight into your business productivity.
Final Words:
A quality time tracking software helps drive your business efficiency. You can easily simplify your business processes, streamline your projects, and finances which ultimately improve the business profitability and productivity.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Empower Your Business with Customer Relationship Management Software

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a commonly known term in business organizations. According to reports, a CRM system is capable of increasing your business revenues by 50%, reducing your marketing costs by 20% and increasing your conversion rate by 350%.

A CRM system is all about understanding the customers’ needs. It helps to enhance your sales and marketing by giving you the opportunity to understand your customers in a way that they will become your clients in future.

With the help of Customer Relationship Management system, you can easily manage information related to prospects, opportunities and leads at one place. This information can be accessed by authorized people in real time, to help them make smart business decisions

Here are few reasons why your business needs to employ CRM:

- Focus on Your Targets:

CRM brings a targeted approach to your business which helps you focus on your ultimate goals and meet the customers’ needs. It also helps you to develop a personalized approach to your marketing.

- Extensive Communication Channels:

Businesses usually face the problem of poor communication. CRM serves as an effective communication channel that helps to connect with your target audience and to keep track of customer’s preferences.

- Keep Track of Customer’s Interests:

CRM helps you target your potential customers those who want to get associated with your brand. You get aware of the kind of mindset that people have towards your brand so that you can modify your strategies accordingly. This improves your brand loyalty and reputation among the customer base.

- Targeting New Customers:

CRM provides an extensive platform to add new customers to your brand. If you want to survive in the current highly competitive market, then you cannot just rely on your existing customers. You need to devise your business strategies to attract opportunities, prospects and win new customers.

- Cost Cutting:

Customer Relationship Management makes sure that you target only those customers, who are actually interested in your brand. By understanding your customers, you can stick to your their preferences and not waste your time and money on non-profitable aspects. This will help you  maximize your business sales and profits.

Why Choose Talygen’s CRM Software?

Talygen, the leading business automation software, offers a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management tool which empowers businesses to manage prospects, leads opportunities and clients.

Talygen allows users to manage, organize and synchronize their business processes with robust features such as automated invoices, documents, follow up assessments, real-time analytics, CRM software screenshots, CRM message board and many more.

Here are some of the defining features of Talygen’s CRM module.

Bulk Import of Leads, Prospects, Opportunities, and Clients:

With Talygen’s CRM system, users can easily manage Leads, Opportunities, and Clients. Now, there is no need to manually enter the details of customers, users can import or export leads in bulk.

Automatic Follow Ups and Reminders:

Talygen has an automatic follow up and reminder feature that helps to streamline the management of a large number of leads at a time. Users can create a follow-up reminder to communicate with clients via different modes of communication. They can set reminders on specific days as per their requirements.

Conversion from Leads  into Projects:

Users can seamlessly make budget estimate with Talygen and quickly send it to the client for approval. Once it is approved by the client, the team can start working on the project. Project Managers can easily track the tasks, set goals for team members and coordinate workflow within the organization.

Additional Owners:

Talygen’s CRM system allows Project Managers to create Additional Managers for leads. Additional Managers are basically the acting manager of the lead. An Additional Manager has all the rights and responsibilities of the Project Manager so that work does not get affected in the absence of the main manager.

Final Words:
In this cut-throat competitive business environment, companies need to have better customer relationships to attain soaring business growth. CRM or Customer Relationship Management is the best way to streamline customer relationships, automate your work, and cut down the workload of employees so they can easily focus on their assigned tasks.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Why Your Business Needs To Invest in a Project Management Software?

In today’s competitive business world, it’s important for every organization to improve its business efficiency to achieve success.

According to a study done by Standish Group, out of 6516 IT development projects, only 27% percent of the projects have succeeded. Rest of the 73% projects have been altogether canceled due to over-budgeting, mismanagement and breaking deadlines.

That’s why organizations are now finding and adopting innovative ways to tackle and address these problems and move things faster in the right direction. This helps them to provide maximum output in minimum time.

No matter how big the size of the project is, you have to plan, execute and manage the all project related tasks to get the desired results. Therefore, web-based project management software's such as Talygen, Asana, Trello, and Zoho are the best online solutions to achieve  project goals.

Talygen’s online project management software helps businesses to manage their schedules, track project progress, and remove communication gaps. This online software is customized as per the needs of the organization so that they can easily identify, allocate, track and match the project requirements and deliver within the given timeframe.

Here, we are sharing some of the critical reasons why any business needs to adopt and invest in project management software:

1. Streamlined Access to Information:

With the help of online project management tools, you can store all the important business information at one place. When confidential data is accommodated within a centralized protected place, team members can easily share and access the data with complete integrity.

This centralized system helps to protect the information with single point of access. Also, one can monitor and control projects through various project management security tools.

Talygen, an advanced business management software, offers a unique screenshot tool in its desktop application. This feature allows Company Admins/Project Managers to monitor and track an employee’s work in real time. This automatic tool provides all the details regarding screenshots, mouse clicks and keystrokes for a particular time frame of an employee’s workday.

This not only improves the client’s experience with utmost transparency but also helps to streamline overall project management.

2. No more manual workloads:

Gone are the days, when you had to do project related tasks manually. With the improved project management techniques in place, manual workarounds have now become old. Manual work and manual project management using spreadsheets and via emails can lead to numerous problems and additional workload which can cost you precious money, time and sometimes even clients.

These outdated techniques have now been replaced by project management softwares, which have completely transformed the project deliverable. Online project management softwares come with several unique features such as auto scheduling, sustainable allocation of resources, assignment of tasks, budget tracking and progress updates of each project.

When every single task within a project is fully automated and free from manual intervention, all the team members including Project Managers can focus on the project deliverables and their business goals rather than thinking much about updating things related to the projects process.

3. Real-Time Collaboration on Projects:

Communication and Collaboration are two most important aspects of project management. Effective decision making will only take place when you are able to match all the project requirements at the right place and right time.

Project management tools always work in real time; therefore project leads can take important decisions regarding projects on time. Different teams working on the same project can easily collaborate with each other. This helps in completion of the project within the stipulated timeframe given by the clients.

Also, the communication process in web-based project management softwares is highly secure and safe which ensures the entire project’s tasks move as per set deadlines.

4. Minimize the Risks and Reduce the Possibility of Project Failures:

Most of these project management tools like Talygen provide businesses with the ability to tackle and manage risk in a controlled manner. Earlier, consolidated spreadsheets and emails were the only way to view the overall picture of the projects’ risks.

Now, with these online project management softwares, you can centrally manage all the risks by getting real-time visibility of the risks at every stage of the project. Moreover, you have the feasibility to perform multiple actions which help to limit the impact of the risks on the final delivery of the projects.

Timely management of risks helps to deliver more projects on time and within the given budget. This will surely give a pleasing moment to your clients.

5. Document Sharing:

Document sharing, whether inside the team or with the clients, plays an integral role in providing transparency in the project management cycle. It allows the team to get more extensive documents, descriptions, and wireframes that ultimately help to streamline project management.

Talygen provides a Cloud-based Document Storage feature in the Project Management Module. This cloud based storage system allows users to store and share the documents with both the teams and clients with advanced features like document versioning.

Final Words:

Project management is an essence to businesses of all sizes. Including online project management tools in your business operations helps to increase the agility, improve communications and maximum utilization of the resources. Go for it!

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Now Track Your Organizational Expenses with Talygen’s Expense Tracking System

Tracking of expenses is one of the important business needs of an organization. It is not only used to raise your expense requirement from the concerned department but also manage the entire expense related submissions such as reimbursement of expenses, compile them and send for approval. 

It also helps businesses to make correct financial decisions. Due to huge business expansion, it is really important for you to have an Expense Tracker App or Online Expense Tracker which allows you to track and manage your entire expenses.

Talygen, a business automation tool, provides you all these features in a single Expense Tracker App. Talygen’s Expense Tracking system allow users to raise expenses for different projects and trips, and then send them for approval.

With the help of Project Expense Tracker under Expense module of Talygen, a user can easily create expenses by entering expense details associated with Projects and other expense details as an attachment.

Here are some more robust features of Talygen’s Expense Tracker:

1.Expense: Simplest Way To Manage Expenses

Under this section, you can easily manage your expenses via Expense Management module. The users can add/edit/ and manage expenses related to various projects, trips, and categories. If they don’t want to send them for approval at the moment, then they can save them as a draft. Approver has the privilege of reimbursing the expenses by the organization or client associated with a project. 

Shortcut buttons play a very important role when managing your expenses and Talygen’s Online Project Expense tracker facilitates a number of shortcut buttons in the home screen, like sent for approval, remove, edit, download the attached file. Besides this, you can also post and view any comment.

2.Bulk Upload Expenses: Manage Multiple Expenses

Talygen’s online expense app management provides the ability to upload your own expenses in bulk. Users can also create Excel files if they have multiple expenses and then import them. These expenses can be further sent for approval through the support of appropriate approval chain which includes authorized personnel.
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What user has to do is simply download the sample file by clicking on the expense. Fill the necessary details related to your expenses and upload this Excel file in Talygen.


Configuration is an integral part of Talygen’s Expense Tracker. From here you can set maximum file size of an attachment that can be uploaded in expenses (in MB). Besides this, you can also allow users to enter future expenses by click on Yes and No, if you do not want it.


Gone are the days, when you had to show manual bills and cash memos to the management for receiving necessary expenses. With Reimbursement feature of Talygen’s Expense Tracker, you can view the list of expenses which users have applied for reimbursements. The best part of this feature is that you can view the expenses either reimbursed by the company or the client.

If we talk about its functionality, it totally depends on expense approval. During Expense Approval, if you choose ‘Company’ as an option for reimbursement, then the company will reimburse all your expenses. On the other hand if you choose ‘Client’ as an option, you have to draft an invoice in which all the expenses would be automatically fetched and sent to the client. Once they are approved from client’s side, then all the expenses will be reimbursed by client.

5.Expense Limit: 

Expense Limit feature of Talygen’s Expense Tracker provides assistance to the companies to view a certain limit of expenses upto which users or employees can get reimbursement from the company. If the expenses go beyond this limit, it would be paid by the users. Same thing applies for the clients. This Expense Limit could be set from Project Management module by monthly or on daily basis according to requirements. To view the list, you just have to select the project along with category, over limit and date.

Final Words:

Hope you understand all these unique features of Talygen’s Online Project Expense Tracker App. Please send your feedback on these features. We would love to hear your views on this and would appreciate any innovative ideas you would like to share with us to be implemented in the expense tracker.