Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Now Track Your Organizational Expenses with Talygen’s Expense Tracking System

Tracking of expenses is one of the important business needs of an organization. It is not only used to raise your expense requirement from the concerned department but also manage the entire expense related submissions such as reimbursement of expenses, compile them and send for approval. 

It also helps businesses to make correct financial decisions. Due to huge business expansion, it is really important for you to have an Expense Tracker App or Online Expense Tracker which allows you to track and manage your entire expenses.

Talygen, a business automation tool, provides you all these features in a single Expense Tracker App. Talygen’s Expense Tracking system allow users to raise expenses for different projects and trips, and then send them for approval.

With the help of Project Expense Tracker under Expense module of Talygen, a user can easily create expenses by entering expense details associated with Projects and other expense details as an attachment.

Here are some more robust features of Talygen’s Expense Tracker:

1.Expense: Simplest Way To Manage Expenses

Under this section, you can easily manage your expenses via Expense Management module. The users can add/edit/ and manage expenses related to various projects, trips, and categories. If they don’t want to send them for approval at the moment, then they can save them as a draft. Approver has the privilege of reimbursing the expenses by the organization or client associated with a project. 

Shortcut buttons play a very important role when managing your expenses and Talygen’s Online Project Expense tracker facilitates a number of shortcut buttons in the home screen, like sent for approval, remove, edit, download the attached file. Besides this, you can also post and view any comment.

2.Bulk Upload Expenses: Manage Multiple Expenses

Talygen’s online expense app management provides the ability to upload your own expenses in bulk. Users can also create Excel files if they have multiple expenses and then import them. These expenses can be further sent for approval through the support of appropriate approval chain which includes authorized personnel.
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What user has to do is simply download the sample file by clicking on the expense. Fill the necessary details related to your expenses and upload this Excel file in Talygen.


Configuration is an integral part of Talygen’s Expense Tracker. From here you can set maximum file size of an attachment that can be uploaded in expenses (in MB). Besides this, you can also allow users to enter future expenses by click on Yes and No, if you do not want it.


Gone are the days, when you had to show manual bills and cash memos to the management for receiving necessary expenses. With Reimbursement feature of Talygen’s Expense Tracker, you can view the list of expenses which users have applied for reimbursements. The best part of this feature is that you can view the expenses either reimbursed by the company or the client.

If we talk about its functionality, it totally depends on expense approval. During Expense Approval, if you choose ‘Company’ as an option for reimbursement, then the company will reimburse all your expenses. On the other hand if you choose ‘Client’ as an option, you have to draft an invoice in which all the expenses would be automatically fetched and sent to the client. Once they are approved from client’s side, then all the expenses will be reimbursed by client.

5.Expense Limit: 

Expense Limit feature of Talygen’s Expense Tracker provides assistance to the companies to view a certain limit of expenses upto which users or employees can get reimbursement from the company. If the expenses go beyond this limit, it would be paid by the users. Same thing applies for the clients. This Expense Limit could be set from Project Management module by monthly or on daily basis according to requirements. To view the list, you just have to select the project along with category, over limit and date.

Final Words:

Hope you understand all these unique features of Talygen’s Online Project Expense Tracker App. Please send your feedback on these features. We would love to hear your views on this and would appreciate any innovative ideas you would like to share with us to be implemented in the expense tracker.

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