Monday, 20 August 2018

Why Choose Talygen’s Invoicing Software for Billing

According to a research, business organizations spend approximately $5 to $25 per transaction in creating, processing and sending invoices. Another research says that a small company having 10 employees can save upto $2500 annually by giving up traditional billing model and acquiring online invoicing software. These stats are enough to understand the importance of invoice creating software

Attracting new clients and managing your existing ones is one of the biggest challenges organizations face today due to highly competitive market. Irrespective of your business size, you should look for solutions that help you in saving time and money to increase productivity. Therefore, online invoicing software can become a key factor for your business growth.

Invoicing and Billing is the very first step to scale-up your business as per expectations, so you need an efficient invoicing software which not only provides you assistance in generating invoices but also helps in tracking your expenses.

The traditional billing and invoicing model was used to create invoices at the end of every billing cycle. After this, the generated invoices get printed and sent to clients.

With various technological advancements, this method of invoicing has become inefficient as it takes time to generate an invoice and send it to your client. Therefore, time has come to move on and replace outdated manual invoicing model with online invoice creator to beat your competitors.

Now the main question is, which invoicing software should one choose as there are a number of options available in the market? Although, at present, one can find numerous alternatives available with unique features but if we talk about a complete package, Talygen might be the best option to choose as per your business requirements.

Talygen, one of the leading business management automation service provider, offers a highly intuitive and easy to use online billing and invoicing solution. Talygen’s invoicing software has the ability to solve all your problems related to billing and reduce costs. Here, we have compiled some of the significant features of Talygen which can be beneficial for your business.

Create Multiple Billing Rules

Talygen offers an advanced online invoicing software that helps users to effortlessly create multiple billing rules to meet client requirements. Managers can easily upgrade these rules. Users and clients can enter data through an uploaded data file and map its fields to match Talygen’s fields. They can further use these fields to create billing rules for each client individually.

Proffer Discounts and Apply Taxes

Talygen’s invoice creator allows companies to offer discounts and apply taxes on invoices. They can also add more discounts to a specific line item. Besides this, users can also apply taxes as per government rules. Talygen's online invoicing system includes key elements of accounts payable such as Offers, Discounts, Applicable Taxes, etc. in the invoice.

Importing of Time and Expenses

At the time of invoice creation, users can easily import details related to time and expenses directly to an invoice. This not only helps to increase credibility and authenticity of invoice but also shows a clear picture to clients related to payments of work done in a specific time duration.

Supports Multiple Currency Accounting

Talygen's invoicing solution supports multiple currencies. This allows businesses to seamlessly manage their accounting process. They can send invoices, create business invoice templates, reconcile accounts and receive payments in any currency as per their requirements. This also ensures the global acceptance of Talygen’s project invoicing software.

Numerous Online Payment Gateways

Talygen has integrated its online invoicing software with numerous online payment gateways which help clients to easily accept online payments as per their requirements. PayPal and Stripe are some of the most authorized and universally accepted payment gateways integrated with Talygen’s invoicing system.

Final Words:

Talygen’s process driven billing system provides a number of extensive features such as invoicing, financial systems, project delivery, financial reporting, setting up of invoicing software and much more. It’s the best time for you embrace Talygen’s invoicing solution to eliminate the unnecessary delays in payment and achieve your business objectives.

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