Thursday, 6 September 2018

5 Reasons Why You Should Go With Talygen’s Online Performance Review System

Oh yes! Its appraisal time, which is a magical time of the year for an employee as their performance would be reviewed by Managers in order to give them appraisal. Although, performance review excites and pleases employees but it is an uphill task for employers if they are using traditional methods of performance management system.

At present, with an expanded volume of work, paper-based performance review system is outdated. Firstly, it is a time consuming task as managers have to write a performance review, get print outs and send it to other authorized personnel for their comments and reviews. Sometimes, the concerned person is unavailable to submit his/her review due to various reasons, which means unnecessary delay. It only increases frustration and make you feel exhausted.

If you are having similar concerns for a long time, then using Talygen’s online performance management software is the best way to get breathing space and avoid the usual pitfalls you are facing in between your performance review system.

Talygen, a leading business management automation provider, offers an affordable and effective performance management system which has a number of benefits for both employers and employees. In this post, we will give you different reasons of opting for Talygen’s performance management system.

Efficient Performance Review System:

Talygen has an efficient and effective performance management system with multiple review processes. Managers can create an approval chain sequence that comprises multiple reviewers who have the authority to evaluate performance of employees on the basis of different standards. They will provide their inputs and comments on multiple levels and submit them to managers. Managers can also set a sequential and non-sequential order of review, so that performance of employees would be evaluated by reviewers in desired order.

Time Saving System of Performance Review:

Talygen’s online performance management module is specifically created to save precious time of organizations by reducing paperwork. Talygen is available on various digital platforms including a mobile application that helps businesses to become more environmental friendly by reducing hardware requirement.

Exceptional Reporting and Review System:

As per traditional performance review system, it was an extremely challenging task for managers to manage and control entire progress of performance review. While using paper-based performance review system, it used to be very difficult to view how many reviews have started and completed. You could only depend on emails and chats to keep records.

Talygen’s online performance management system allows users to view consolidated real-time reports of their reviews. The system enables users to access data anytime. Besides this, they can also view the feedback given by Reviewers about performance on the basis of which, their appraisal will be recommended.

Self-Assessment of Employees:

Self assessment is an integral part of Talygen’s employee performance review system. It ensures active participation of employees in the process and motivates them towards their professional goals. Talygen’s performance review process allows employees to write and view their performance review. They can view essential details such as review type, former review list, review ratings by different Managers, and percentage of progress made over a specific period of time. This helps them to identify their strengths and weaknesses from their point of view. When managers provide their reviews, employees can acknowledge and assess pros and cons of the review that leads to better results.

Multiple Templates in One Application:

Every organization has numerous employees with different skillsets, so there need to be multiple benchmarks and standards for employees as per their skills. Talygen’s online performance management system enables Managers to create customized review templates for each employee. Managers can also create different review templates and save them for later use. Customized templates include star ratings against the answers they would write.

Final Words:

Going after the above mentioned traits, it is clear that adopting Talygen’s effective performance management system is the ultimate solution for organizations to analyze performance of their manpower. It not only transforms your business by generating maximum productivity from your employees but also reduces unnecessary costs incurred on paper-based performance management system.

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