Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Increase Your Transparency and Accountability with Clients Using Talygen’s Client Portal System

Gone are the days when you need to send lengthy email threads to discuss the project estimation with your clients and then had to wait days for getting an update. Client Portal System is a platform that enables users within an organization to share integral information with their clients effectively and smoothly. With Client Portal Solution, you don’t need to wait for so long to receive the payment.

Keeping this into mind, Talygen has designed an inclusive Client Portal Software that makes sure that the communication between organization and clients is smooth and transparent. It helps in enhancing and boosting sharing of digital files, information, services with clients. Talygen offers an intuitive suite of powerful modules to seamlessly manage clients.

Here in this blog, you will get to know how you can build a rapport with your clients using Talygen’s Client Portal System.

1.Transparency and Accountability:

The most integral factor of any business organization is how you are associated with your clients on different projects. Talygen’s Client Portal System offers seamless monitoring of project’s progress to your clients. Clients can view each phase and landmark of their projects with utmost accountability and transparency within an organization, on the basis of which they can suggest some changes in the strategy and approach towards projects if required.

2.Extensive Monitoring of Work Progress

If you allow your clients to monitor work progress of their projects, it not only helps you to satisfy your clients as per their expectations but also build healthy relations with them. Talygen’s Client Portal Solution provides a Client Login feature that allows clients to get access to ongoing projects. Clients can effortlessly monitor the work process and progress via activity tracking, time tracking, reports, and client portals and subsequently share their views and feedback on every phase or landmark of the project.

3.Managing Invoices

Talygen is one of the leading Client Portal Solutions that offers state-of-the-art and intuitive invoicing system. It allows Managers to submit and manage invoices related to projects. Clients can also view these invoices with the help of Client Portal. Besides this, clients can also view and analyze future invoices along with the estimate of upcoming payments regarding an ongoing project. They can easily figure out the approximate amount to be paid based on the upcoming invoices.

If we talk about payments, Talygen’s Client Portal System allows clients to make their payment through different integrated payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net. Clients can also make partial payments through this system.

4.Full Proof Data Security on Cloud

Talygen’s Client Portal Software comes with a distinctive file dashboard system which ensures full proof data security storage on Cloud. A team working on a project can easily upload and share any important documents with the client so that the project would be carried on smoothly. This secured system is integrated with some popular file systems such as Google DropBox and Google Drive. It makes sure that the high-end security of your integral data is intact.

5.Project Request Feature

This is a universal truth that once you associate with a client and deliver a successful project as per their expectations, then you try your level best to extend this powerful bond of association for a longer duration. This long term association of Talygen offers a unique Project Request feature that allows Managers to get more business from their existing clients.

Clients can instantly request a quote for a new project through Client Portal Software. Right after this request, Managers can quickly respond to the quote. If client accepts the offer, Project Managers can start working on the project. Clients can also suggest some alterations in the quotes as per their requirements.

Final Words:

It’s been a while when we introduced this module and received a tremendous response from our valuable clients as they started using this Client Portal System of Talygen. Our main motive behind this system is to increase and enhance the association between business organizations and their clients.

Give it a try to this Client Portal Solution and feel the difference.

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