Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Talygen’s Unbeatable Project Request Feature for Long Term Relationship With Clients

Project Management software is a highly indispensable business solution for organizations in order to achieve the success and constant growth. Project Management is extremely vast that it includes lots of promising project related processes such as task management, time track management, resource scheduling and project reports. It helps in streamlining Project Management System of the organization.

Talygen, a leading enterprise level Project Management Tool has numerous intuitive and advanced features that assist you in successful completion of projects within its deadlines. In the last few blogs, we have enlightened you about latest advanced features incorporated by Talygen. Today, in this blog, we will discuss about a unique feature of Talygen’s Online Project Management Module, known as ‘’Project Request’’.

Client relationship is such an integral part of every business organization that it always leads the list of priorities. Companies have to establish and strengthen a sound relationship with clients because the long term success of every organization depends on the level of satisfaction clients get from them. The best way to know the satisfaction level of clients is how frequent they get back to you with new projects after completion of one project.

Keeping this in mind, Talygen offers an intuitive project request feature that enable users to get repeat business or projects from existing clients. Clients can easily and promptly quote a request of new project. This allows organizations to instantly respond to a new project with the required quotations. Once, the quotations have been accepted by the clients with their approval, Project Managers can start working on it immediately with a certain deadline given by clients.

Here are some robust features of Talygen’s Project Request feature powered by Web-Based Project Management Module:

Add Owners

Talygen’s Project Management System allows Managers to add owners of the projects assigned by clients through Project Request feature. Once any project is listed on the listing screen of Project Request, Company Admin (Senior Managers) can appoint any one or more Project Managers as an owner of the project, so that they are answerable and accountable for that particular project and proceedings.

The process of adding an owner is pretty simple. Just click ‘’Add Owner’’ from the listing screen to add a new owner, a new screen will appear. It showcases the list of project managers available (The availability of project managers can be enabled from advanced settings tab of user {Project Manager}) at the moment. Select any one project owner(s) from the dropdown list and click ‘’Save’’ to add the owner. You can also cancel the details by clicking ‘’Cancel’’ button.

Accept/Reject Project Request:

As we mentioned earlier, the entire procedure of getting new projects by clients in Talygen’s Project Management Tool is very simple and user friendly. Once any new project is received from a client, Company Admins are allowed to accept or reject that project after discussing with Project Managers and other team members. This helps in streamlining project management process, so that team will start working on the project as soon as possible with a manageable deadline.

To accept or reject the project request, get into the listing screen of Project Request. Select the project (s) as per your priorities and click ‘’Accept’’ if you want to work on this project. A comment box will appear in which you can share your comments and click ‘’Accept’’. You can also reject the project request by clicking ‘’Reject’’ button. Company Admins can also convert the project request into final project by clicking ‘’Convert’’ button.
Quotation Preview:

Quotation plays an integral role in dealing with clients on any project. It shows the details of financial part of the project including name, number and price of items. Talygen’s Project Management Solution also provides a quotation preview feature which showcases a quotation preview of the project sent by the client. 

In this preview, all details regarding the project is mentioned including quote number, issue date, company name, client name, email id, address of the client, due date, items name, units, amount. It also includes a comment box section in which Company Admin can post comments related to project, it will be shown below comment box as in threads.
Project Request Status:

Talygen’s Project Management Module provides a Project Request Status feature to showcase the current status of the project request made by the client. Primarily, there are 4 types of status, i.e. Active, Accepted, Rejected and Converted. Active status means that the project is still active and Project Managers will soon take a call regarding this project (to accept or reject the request). Accepted Status means that the project request made by client has been accepted. Rejected status means that the project request has been rejected while Converted status means that the project request has been converted into project. 

Final Words

Project Management is a necessary part of any organization that drives its success but if you want to take your business forward for longer duration then you should need a Project progress tracking tool like Project Request that will help you to have a sound relationship with your clients.

For more details about Project Request tool, kindly visit the official website of Talygen

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