Thursday, 29 November 2018

Talygen’s Project Management Tool: A Tested and Proven Web based Project Management System

Successful business organizations constitute a solid management team that includes some talented Project Managers who effortlessly plan, schedule and manage the available resources to the best of their abilities.

Even on a hectic day, results are overwhelming. Why? What are those ways that they incorporate to enhance their team’s performance to this level?

The three words answer to these questions is – project management tool. Yes, today organizations are using some of the best project management software solutions to run and manage a large number of professionals. If we go by facts and figures, currently around 80% companies are using online project management tools.

Talygen, a leading online business management software offers plethora of features making it one of the powerful project management system at the moment. In this post, we will examine some raw features of Talygen’s project management software. These features will be enabled when you add/edit a project from project listing screen.

General Settings:

This is the first step to add/edit a new project. When you click on ‘’add/edit’’ button, general settings screen appears that include numerous project related fields which you have to fill. Some of these mandatory fields include - Project Name, Project Mode, Project Hours, Project Rate, Project Amount, Project Billability, Project start/end date and many more. Users can select off days in a week as per deadlines and project scheduling. They can set the priority of project as high, low or medium as per the requirements.

The best part of this feature of project progress tracking tool is Virtual User functionality. By checking a given box, user can add virtual users to the existing project. A Virtual User in Talygen is a person who will be visible (if enabled) to the client. Other users (to whom virtual user has been assigned for the project) can also operate this profile.

Custom Fields:

This feature is enabled when users add/edit a new or existing project. Custom field refers to a particular feature in which a user can customize the fields as per their requirements. These fields are basically related to personal contact information of the user such as mobile number, email address, alternate e-mail etc. Users can set up custom fields from Custom Field module.

Talygen’s project management module is an all-in-one comprehensive system to manage multiple projects. As a Project Manager, you have to manage your projects but before this, you need to manage the tasks assigned to your team members. Our next feature is also a Task manager.

In this Task tab, a user can add multiple tasks with all the necessary details like Task Name, Task Rate, Hours, Start and End Date, Team and Description. You can also add more tasks by clicking ‘’Add More’’ button. This feature helps managers to assign any tasks to team members related to projects. Team members can also manage their tasks according to their priorities.


A team plays an integral role in completing and delivering any project. A team with efficient team members always achieve or sometimes surpass the expected results. Although, the most important thing is how a manager manages his team with a number of complexities. Talygen’s web based project management tool provides a ‘’Team Tab’’ feature through which Project Managers can add and manage the team working on a project.

They can add new members in their team for the project by clicking ‘’Add Team’’ button. A new screen will appear which shows the list of existing team members. You can add new members here. You can also appoint Project Manager out of the users to lead the project.


A business organization which extends healthy relationship with their clients would achieve remarkable success in the longer run. Every successful organization believes in transparency with clients because this helps in building a rapport and trust of the company with its clients. Talygen’s project management solution provides a ‘’Client Tab’’ feature that allows users to associate clients with ongoing project. When you click on ‘’Associate’’ button, a client screen will appear that shows the list of clients. You can select one or more clients as per your requirements and associate them with the project.

Final Words:

These are some of the defining features of Talygen’s project management software which help business organizations to increase the overall efficiency of employees so that it will be converted into positive results in the form of enhanced revenues at the end of the financial year.

Due to word limitations, we cannot be able to share all the features in this blog. We will be back with the rest of the features in our coming blogs. Keep checking this space for more updates.

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