Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Create Systematic Arrangement with Personalized Project Management Dashboard

Operating a business and juggling with a number of tasks is a common thing for small scale to large scale businesses. To handle all these tasks successfully advanced project performance tracker is designed. These trackers come up with a lot of benefits that assist a businessman in numerous manners. Well, each software claims its own set of features, but they all share common benefits businesses can utilize such as:

·       Help in smart project planning, organizing, and monitoring:

Most of the people think that project the management tool is used only to track the activities of the project. But in actual, the project management dashboard comes up with solutions that ease the complexity of the project and make effective planning, organization, and monitoring.

Well, before we explain the significance of the project management tool, it's crucial to understand what project management is and what it involves. The understanding of this fact will really help you to utilize the tool in a desired manner. Well, it entails the utilization of numerous principles, methods, and policies that are mainly established to instruct a project from its conception stage. In fact, every project management professional admits that accurate project planning help.

·        Monitor the quality of the project in the correct manner:

Next, the biggest benefit of a personalized project management dashboard is quality control. This tool ensures the quality of whatever is being delivered, dependably hits the mark. Usually, the projects are under numerous pressure to be successfully completed. Without an advanced dashboard for management and a dedicated project manager, it’s hard to handle the complete tasks without an error.
·       What happens, if we don’t employ the personalized dashboard in any project?

When a team works on projects, it goes under a lot of supervisions, task processes, and much more. Due to all such activities, tasks are underestimated, processes rushed and schedules tightened and the result is bad quality. Due to all such reasons, it is advisable to employ a personalized dashboard in the project. Additionally, it also gives evidence of quality assurance.

·         Reduce the probability of mistakes:

Another remarkable factor about choosing the project performance tracker is minimizing the possibilities of errors and mistakes. Such kind of trackers carefully seek all the key risks to the project quality and develop a successful plan to achieve it. This way one can easily reduce the risk for any error or mistake.

With that being said, an advanced project management dashboard makes a systematic arrangement for different projects and helps the team to complete it successfully.

Monday, 10 June 2019

What Features Make Time Tracking Tool More Effective

There is no need to explain the importance of a time tracking tool. We all know how much these tools are efficient for a business. So, there is the point of discussion is not emphasizing the significance of such tool but here we will explain you the list of a few features that can enable a user to utilize much more from a time tracker.

Created with updated technology:

Whenever you have to choose the time tracker, the first thing to seek is the technology on which tool is based. You need to choose the one that is created with the latest technology so that you can easily explore the feature you wish to. Additionally, advanced technology means advanced benefits. You will have many functionalities to use. All these functionalities will effectively enhance your work experience.

Capturing Screenshot Feature

Next, the important feature that makes the time tracking tool superior to others is enabling screenshot facility. This is a special feature for all project managers as well as senior professionals. By using this feature, they can easily evaluate the work process of employees. By enabling this feature, a screenshot of the employee’s desktop will be captured after a fixed interval of time Automatic Screenshot Tracker is considered the most reliable and effective mean for enhancing project productivity.

Bulk time entry

One another important feature of the online time tracker is bulk time entry. In a case, if you want to update time entry of employees’ work manually, then also you have the facility to enter the entries in bulk so that you can save your valuable time. This feature of the time tracker makes it perfect to choose. Also, the tool should be efficient enough to make the bulk time entries without any issues.

Flag Track Entry

Next, an important and quite essential feature of the tool is flag time entry. In a case, if while making any time entry from the employees you as a project manager find anything not relevant or appropriate, you can flag it. And, this would be possible if your selected time tracking tool is offering you this leverage. So, whenever you choose the tool, must check this feature.

Easy to operate:

Easy to operate app is always the first preference of people. Making an app with advanced technology doesn’t mean it is not understandable by the user. The advanced functionality of the app should be simple enough that anyone can perform it without any discomfort. Other than that if a user finds any difficulty while working on the app, then there should any assistance team that can resolve their queries.

Affordability must be there

Last but not least; the highly advanced automatic screenshot tracker should be available at the most reasonable prices. Anyone can easily afford and utilize their significant features. The cost-effective prices are the feature that certainly enhances the number of users for the application.
So, this is the list of advanced features that make the time tracking tool best to choose. Whenever you need to select such a tool, must consider them!

Friday, 31 May 2019

Best Way To Enhance Project Productivity Beyond Expectations

Expecting to utilize the maximum benefits in your business? Wish to earn the profit beyond your expectations? Yes? Then probably the very first thing you need to consider is employee productivity. More of your employees will be productive more you can expect to get in your business. Hence, in order to utilize the desirable outcomes, you need to monitor your employees’ productivity. How much time they are investing in projects? And, this monitoring is possible mainly with two means – manually and automated.

Well, in case of manually, you have to do all the things on your own. You have to make the list of projects then add the tasks to employees, monitor their activities and all. In short, manually monitoring project activities is a hectic task. On the other hand, if you choose the automated method for the same purpose, i.e. choose the feature to enrich time tracking software, you will not only keep the sharp eye on employees’ activities but utilize many other significant benefits too. All these benefits make online time tracker worth to choose.

How To Choose A Project Time Tracking Software?

Although there are online time tracker tools available in the market for the same how can you identify the best one among all? So, this thing depends on a few factors that presence help a project manager in a numerous manner. The list of these remarkable factors is as follows:

    Customized as per individuals’ requirements:

Whenever it comes to choose the employee time tracking software, the very first thing you need to evaluate is the customization option. Make sure the software you choose can be customized as per your unique requirements so that you can handle your project as per your terms and meet the expectation of clients easily. If any tracking device is offering the same kind of leverage, choose it else search for another one.

    Build with advanced technology:

Next, the important feature of the online time tracker you must seek is built technology. Choose the project build with advanced technology. This is because if the software is designed with advanced technology, you can utilize many significant benefits with ease. Additionally, the software should be compatible with iOS, Android, MacBook or Desktop. In short, there should not be any restriction regarding software accessibility. You can operate it on any device.

    Easy to use:

Yes, this is one of the most critical factors to keep in mind while choosing the project time tracking software. Along with based on advanced technology, involving the best feature, it should be easy to operate for employees. One can easily understand it and operate seamlessly. In fact, there should be any facility of support too so that whenever you raise any ticket, someone can handle it properly. This feature of the tool will really help the project manager or company to make a smooth workflow.

    Available at the cost-effective prices:

Last but definitely not the least; the software should be available at the most reasonable prices so that anyone can easily afford it. Hence, when you have to purchase the time tracking software must check the prices.

This is the list of advanced features that make the project tracking software the best. Must make into consideration and choose the best tool to enhance the project productivity beyond expectations!

Friday, 24 May 2019

Enhance Business Productivity With Advanced Project Management Dashboard

Grab the opportunities to enhance your business productivity and perform the entire tasks accurately! Well, this is only possible if you are monitoring the complete project activities accurately and in the proper manner. And this would be easy If you involve the efficient project performance tracker in the business. This tracker will not only track the critical activities of the project but also provide many other leverages too. But in order to utilize the next level features, you need to make a wise selection. You have to choose the best and a customized project management module so that you can implement it as per your requirements.

So, the software that can actually help you in this task is Talygen. This is a fully customized product comes up with wonderful additional features that help you in many ways. Whether it’s assigning the tasks, checking the report, knowing the complete detail of the project, etc., you can do it with ease.
What Unique Features Of Talygen Make It Perfect To Choose?

Talygen involves a long list of significant features. All these features play a critical role to enhance the importance of this app and reduce the burden of users. For example:

·         Time tracking feature:

One of the effective features is time tracking. You can easily track the time of multiple projects or tasks. This feature will allow the project manager to monitor the project effectively. Also, this module provides the leverage to project manager either they can fill the time entries or they can give access to users to fill the entries of project progress.

·         Screenshot feature:

Next, an important feature is keeping a sharp eye on the project progress. The advanced dashboard for project management module offers the facility to the project manager that they can monitor the activities of employees while working on the project easily. They can enable the screenshot feature that captures the shot of users’ working screen. Now the best part is that the project manager can monitor the duration of the screenshot, their popup time and duration. In fact, if the client of any project demands for the same thing, if he also wishes to view the list of the screenshot, then also Talygen offers the facility to project manager. They can enable the feature of the screenshot for clients too!

·         Graphical representation of project & activities:

Talygen provides the graphical representation of the essential information related to start, end, and duration of a Task. With this information, a project manager can easily evaluate the project progress and take the actions accordingly. This shows the order of dependencies between Tasks and the order in which they must be done. For more reliability and ease, this chart is integrated with the Project Management system.

Thus, due to all these reasons, it is recommended to choose Talygen’s project performance tracker module and utilize its outstanding features. You can purchase it at the most reasonable prices. In order to understand the working of the software, you can ask for a demo also. Without wasting more time, get in touch with Talygen!

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Choose Efficient Online Performance Management Software

Whenever a question asked to a business owner, what is the most important thing for them, he always replied more and more profit. And, undoubtedly every business owner works hard to make it feasible. They plan a lot of strategies, modify them, implement them and perform much more activities with the desire of getting expected benefits. But they usually ignore the importance of one of the most important and critical components. Any guess what it can be? This is none other than the valuable employees.

In most general cases mainly in the case of small scale companies having very limited budget never appreciate the efforts of their employees. But trust us by making them feel valued, you can utilize desired benefits in the easiest manner. And such recognition you can give them by choosing an effective performance managementsystem. Such kind of system enables you to explore many remarkable benefits such as:

    Monitor the performance of employees:

With the help of an advanced performance review system, you can easily track the performance of your employees and provide them with accurate compensation as per their performance. You can motivate the employees who go beyond the call of duty.

    Figure out the strengths and weaknesses of employees:

Next, an important reason of using the performance review system is figuring out the employees’ key strengths and weaknesses. By getting the feedback of their seniors, you can easily figure out in what field they are good or where they lack. This information will help you in correct resource scheduling task.

    Open Employee Advancement Opportunities:

There is no denying the fact that top performers are the real asset of an organization. Hence, they deserve to advance the opportunities arises. Here the online performance management software will work for the organization. Without using such a system find out the talented employees can get stuck in jobs beneath their skill level and end up leaving as a result. Along with finding the top performer, a business can also identify the bad performer and take strict action accordingly.

Due to all these reasons, it is always recommended to choose an effective performance management system. But here the considerable thing is that you can expect to get the entire benefits only by making a wise decision of the system. Whenever it comes to choosing the online performance management software, evaluate various factors, seek various sources, take references and browse many websites. All these will assist you to choose a reliable and effective platform for evaluating the performance of your employees.

Well, there is a software that can provide you with the same leverage and implement a transparent & very effective performance review task. Yes, you heard it correct. This is possible with ‘Talygen’ software. This software offers an advanced method to conduct the employee review process. The best part of Talygen is customization. As a company Admin, you have full authority to implement the process as per your requirements. You can involve other employees also in the process to make it more impactful. Additionally, there are much more to explore in Talygen that benefit you in many terms.

In a nutshell, if you really wish to reward your employees' hard work and motivate them for more efforts, choose Talygen. To get more details about the product, you can search it online or visit its official website.

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

A Quintessential Guide To Project Invoicing Software

In the traditional business model, the entire finance department used to be monitored manually. Many companies still do business in the same manner where they create the invoice at the end of each billing period. But trust us, this is an inefficient way that demands lots of consideration and time. That is the reason nowadays project invoicing software becomes quite popular and most of the companies are using it. Such kind of software solves numerous problems and enable the users to utilize remarkable perks. Let’s discuss the complete functionality, unique features and the remarkable benefits of such applications:

What does invoicing software do?

In order to make the entire billing and payment system easy, the invoicing software comes up with vital functions. For example:

·        Customize the created invoices

The online invoicing software is helpful in creating invoices for users or clients. Secondly, operating such kind of software is quite simple. One can easily understand the process of creating an invoice and then implement accordingly. The best feature of such apps is customization. Unlike the traditional method where you have the printed invoice and no leverage of creating by your own, such application includes the customs invoice creator option. It means you can create the invoice as per your requirements and then populate the line items with customer name, amount, discounts, quantity, sales tax, and others.

·        Choose business invoice template

Next a great benefit of online invoicing software is a template. You can select the templates built into the software and fill in the fields. The choice would be completely yours. Usually, most of the software provides personalized options to the users so that they can change the invoice element or add their company logo or other symbols they want. You can easily create new clients and import the client’s name from a database. Additionally, you can transform estimates approved by clients into invoices and send them also, or you can alert them to get the invoice from an online portal.

·        Ease billing and payment effectively

Online invoicing software does not need any additional setup and can give you a hassle free approach to the payment process. With the access of invoicing software, you can generate an online portal for the clients for making direct payments and you can instantly process them.  It enables companies to receive foreign currency payments as billing. And, with the help of your feature enrich software, you can effortlessly handle the multiple currencies. This directly indicates with invoicing application you can easily manage and process the payment!

·        Track the finances

One of the outstanding features of project invoicing software is tracking your finances and monitor them accurately. And, this is possible by producing the essential reports accurately. Furthermore, you can automate reports generation process, export them as files, and share or receive them by email. You can also monitor the number of invoices, the average time for payment cycles, payment status of different clients. In short, with this application, you can get quick information, manage all transactions.

What is the best invoice creator application for a company?

The most considerable point in this content is invoice creator and monitor app. Well, Talygen is the name of the product that can give the answers to all your queries and serve you with the best invoice creating the feature. This is the advanced technology app created by a highly skilled team of engineers.  This app comprises a variety of invoice creation feature that easily meets the unique requirements of users and serves them with efficient functionality.

With this app, you can create different billing rules, easily define the tax or discount amount (fixed as well as in %), import time directly and much more. In fact, Talygen has the recurring invoices facility also. In a nutshell, this app is a bundle of advanced features that help you in your business a lot.

Monday, 29 April 2019

Strategic Reporting Software To Improve Business Productivity

Strategic planning plays a key role in running an effective business. When done correctly, it turns today’s vision into tomorrow’s reality. But in order to meet the goals in the plan efficiently, businesses need a management reporting system to help them implement the plan.

Business intelligence report system is the basis of successful strategy execution. It’s a scheduled and structured set of reports designed for specific stakeholders that allow the organization to identify trends, analyze data, track performance, and align performance to business goals. A good reporting system provides the data to pinpoint non-performing areas and leads to the following benefits:

1. Improves Communication
When senior management and employees share the same information, there is improved communication between them to determine the issue and find mutually agreeable solutions. Moreover, businesses are able to share progress reports and statistics with stakeholders and clients.

2. Increases Accuracy And Productivity
A good reporting system not only improves communication across departments, but also helps to decrease any duplicate efforts among team members. Automated reports also save countless hours of scrutinizing through heaps of paperwork in search of data. Team members become more productive as they don't have to spend time collecting the data the management wants, allowing them to deal with other items on their to-do list.

3. Improves Business Efficiency and Decision-Making 
Without a functional online expense report software, managers often rely on their experience alone and team members don’t have a clear sense of direction. Better accessibility of information reduces ambiguity and lets managers make decisions based on consistent data.

4. Identifies Potential Problems 
A good reporting module helps management to achieve maximum productivity before a project or program reaches the crisis level. Management is also able to discover different alternatives and analyze the potential results before making commitments and decisions.

5. Cuts Costs 
A good reporting software leads to increased revenue and decreased costs. Having the data at your fingertips allows managers to easily switch gears and respond to changing business needs faster.


A reporting system is essential for any organization that is serious about enhancing the performance of its business operations. Without a custom report system, businesses often use a trial-and-error approach, rather than making comprehensive decisions based on considerate analysis of data.
If your business could benefit from any of the benefits mentioned above, take advantage of Talygen strategic reporting software, which provides a full set of tools to help streamline your business workflow and improve performance.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

Benefits of Effective Project Management Software

Businesses often juggle several tasks, projects, plans, and team members. Having a project management software that can help them be systematized whilst planning and managing projects is essential. 

The advantages of project management tools are infinite. Not long ago project management software was signified by three things: a sheet of paper, a pencil, and an approach. Although, time 
Basically, project management software is used for project planning, time management, and resource allocation. Talygen’s project management software is among the most beneficial tools that can help businesses to stand ahead of the competitors.

Following are some of the key benefits of project management apps:

1. Collaborate on Projects
Team members are often entitled distinct tasks which are part of the bigger project the team is working on. Talygen’s project management software enables team members to collaborate on projects by discussing timelines, documents, remaining tasks, etc.

2. Internal & External Communication
Project Management software creates a funnel for communication about projects tasks & projects internally, and with stakeholders and clients externally.

3. Budget Management
Budget is the most important aspect of your budget. The success of any business depends on how well it can deliver within the given budget. Talygen’s best project management software helps the managers to determine the project budget to ensure proper alignment of the project.

4. Monitoring
To achieve continuing success for any business, monitoring the work progress is important. Dedicated software helps to monitor the different stages of projects, and can give insights into the completion and delivery of specific tasks. 

5. Document Sharing
Document sharing enables team members to find more inclusive documents, specifications, wireframes, etc., which drives communication and transparency.

6. Communication with Clients and Suppliers
Businesses should be able to collaborate with vendors and clients from the same place. Companies using project management software should offer their clients the ability to log in and analyze the relevant project data. This way clients can provide direct feedback, make edits and review project progress in the same place.

7. Optimized Decision Making
Project management software helps to make the right decisions as you have all the details in one place. Therefore, the decision process is improved and more precise.

8. Improved Customer Satisfaction
When you complete a project done fast and under budget, the client turns into a satisfied and returning customer. Talygen’s project management software promotes this customer/supplier relationship. By applying advanced project management strategies, you'll attain your business objectives, and improve your rate of success. 

Saturday, 16 March 2019

Talygen’s Time Tracking Tool to Improve your Workforce Productivity

An integral part of your organizational success, Time Tracking helps in managing projects and deliver value which is in line with your business expectations. The Time Tracking Software is basically used by different product or service based organizations, contractors, and freelancers to measure the time taken to complete the given assignments.

Talygen, the worldwide leader in Business Management Automation, provides an Online Time Tracking Tool to enable the team members/users to keep track on their working hours. Apart from tracking, working hours of multiple projects, tasks, and team, Talygen’s Time Tracking Tool is also used by the users for billing purposes, invoicing, employee’s management and more.

Here in this post, we have compiled the top 5 features of Talygen’s Online Time Tracking Tool that ensure your business success.
Automated Time Tracking System 

Talygen’s Online Time Tracking Tool provides an Automated Time Tracking System which allows users to easily track the time entries related to various projects. Although, there are numbers of things that proves the quality of this Automatic Time Tracking tool but the top three in queue are Screenshot functionality, Timesheet and Leave automation.
Clients and managers can get the live progress of the project by automatically receiving users’ screenshots at regular time intervals in Screenshot functionality available in Talygen Application. Apart from this, by enabling an option, you can also view the progress status of the projects via screenshots.

In Timesheet, there is an automatic functionality according to which, if a user has been working on a project for the past few days, he/she does not need to manually fill the details regarding the project every time. The time entries are prefilled in the Timesheet, the user only need to submit the timesheet.

Similarly, after enabling an option, the user can view the leaves automatically in the Timesheet.

Manual Time Tracking

Flexibility is the USP of Talygen’s Online Time Tracking Tool. Apart from automatic time tracking, users can also enter their time entries manually with the help of Manual Time Tracking feature.

Sometimes, users are not able to use the timer while working on a project due to different reasons. Therefore, it becomes difficult for project managers to monitor the progress of the project. In this case, users can save their time entries manually even after finishing the current project or task. You can also fill the manual time entries of the previously done projects.

Flag Track Entry

Flag Track Entry is another unique feature of Talygen’s Time Tracking Tool. With the help of Flag Track Entry, the users can mark tracked entries flag and unflag as per their requirement. Clients and Managers can easily highlight suspicious or doubtful entries by flagging it. They can also monitor flagged entries and input comments regarding the areas that need to be modified or reviewed. Apart from this, you can also post comments regarding the entries and mention the reason behind the flag and unflag entries.

Bulk Time Entry

Bulk Time Entry feature of Talygen’s Time Tracking Tool allows managers and users to add bulk time entries for multiple users as per their projects and tasks. The uniqueness of this feature is that Company Admins or Project Managers can do bulk time entries of multiple users who are associated with particular project or tasks in one go.

Bulk Time Entries has eased down the work pressure from the team members to fill their time entries every time they work on a project. They can now concentrate on their projects and submit the time entries even after finisheing the work. While, Company Admins and Project Managers can fill the bulk time entries of the team members but the users only allow to enter their bulk time entries.

Timesheet Report

Timesheet Report is another robust feature of Talygen’s Online Time Tracking Tool which displays the details related to tracked time entries including the Billable and Non-Billable working hours, statuses and more. The best part of Talygen’s Timesheet Report is its flexibility. You can view the time tracked reports of different users on the basis of projects and tasks. Even, users can view the reports on multiple formats like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PDF as per your requirements after exporting it.

A popular quote says ‘Time and tide wait for none’. Keep track of the time spent on each of the projects with Automated Time Tracker and you’re already on your way to managing your projects with utmost ease.

Thursday, 28 February 2019

Improve Business Productivity with Talygen’s recruitment Software

Recruitment plays a key role in talent acquisition. A widening skills gap, low unemployment rates, and an increasingly competitive talent landscape have made hiring an incredibly fragmented and complicated process for the modern-day HR team has it pretty difficult.

Today, hiring top talent is not just about filling vacancies anymore, organizations need to build predictable talent pipelines and keep prospective employees engaged to deliver the best ROI on talent acquisition. Advanced online recruitment software like Talygen has leveled the playing field at work, creating new opportunities for recruiters to not only find great talent faster but also communicate with them in real time.

Here, we explore four key features of Talygen’s online applicant tracking system that can help you drive business growth and land the best talent.

Recruitment Marketing: In the advanced, candidate-driven job industry, a robust employer brand is key to retaining and attracting top talent. Research shows that 71% of active job seekers are more like to apply for a job if the employer brand is actively managed and accomplished. Recruitment marketing leverages the principles of omnichannel marketing in the talent ecosystem to engage and attract potential team members.

  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS): ATS automates the hiring lifecycle by gathering, organizing and tracking applicant information in a central repository that can be managed at scale. This system can offer a plethora of candidate information that can be leveraged to provide personalized and unique candidate experiences. It also offers different integrations with tools for interview management, background verification, and more.
  • Talent Analytics: By using data analysis and statistical models, talent analytics can help you answer all of your questions. With better data quality, you can easily gain deeper insights to drive improved business growth. Along with real-time talent insights, talent analytics also offer predictive proficiencies and suggested courses of action for desired business results.
  • Employee Onboarding: Onboarding is an important part of creating a great employee experience for new hires. Onboarding is more than a welcome packet and the regular meet-and-greet session. Onboarding lays the foundation for your teams as they accept their new roles to become successful and productive.
Final Words:

Assessing and selecting the right recruitment software can be an arduous task, and not to mention the substantial costs involved if you choose the wrong hiring solution. Don’t worry, Talygen has got you covered. Check out our comprehensive online recruitment software that features the most progressive and advanced solutions for your business needs.

Monday, 18 February 2019

New Features and Key Updates of Talygen’s Customer Relationship System

Last week Talygen, a leading business development software service provider has unveiled some new updates in its Customer Relationship Management System.

These updates include some new advanced features which allow users to customize CRM as per their unique business requirements, enhance productivity and effortlessly manage entire operations. These elegant and intuitive user interfaces can be used by business organizations irrespective to their size and help increase the understanding with their customers in order to build strong relationships.

Below are some brief overview about new updates and features of Talygen’s CRM System.

Bulk Imports of Leads, Opportunities and Clients: 

Managing leads today is an arduous task for managers, especially, for a large scale organization. It is challenging for Project Managers to manage projects, leads and opportunities in this extended competitive market without any online software. Talygen’s Client Management Software allows users to simply manage and track lead records. This intuitive Customer Relationship Management Software helps users to effortlessly import Prospects, Leads, Opportunities and Clients as in excel file or CSV. You can also import or exports leads in bulk which eliminate the need of manual entry of details into application. This result in cost cutting and you can save more bucks and enhance the efficiency.

Reminders and Follow-Ups:

Talygen is one of the Best CRM Softwares in the market toda, serving millions of customers across the globe. The second exciting feature of its CRM system is automated client communication and follow-Ups. It streamlines the management of a large number of leads in one go. User can create follow-ups as a reminder and communicate with clients on their favorite mode of communication. Users can set and fix reminders for a specific time period on a particular day.

Sale Analytics: 

Talygen’s Client Management System enables users to filter the information, analyze it and present it in detailed conclusions which can be further used for creating some fine sale campaigns and make better future business decisions.

Sales Automation: 

Talygen’s CRM System is capable of automating every aspect of the sales process including follow-up campaigns, outgoing calls and management of data is for successful sales campaigns.

Additional Owners:

Customer Management System of Talygen offers an Additional Owner feature that helps in streamlining the entire CRM management. As per this feature, Project Managers can create additional managers who act as substitute managers of lead as per the requirements. Once a user has been assigned as additional owners, he has all the rights and responsibilities of the primary manager. However, the primary manager can limit the access for additional manager if needed so that business policies might not harm and are properly enforced.

Convert Leads Into Clients:

Talygen’s CRM System can easily help users to create Projects for leads and clients. Users first make an estimate for budgets and sent it to clients. Once this estimate budget with certain conditions is approved by the Client, the team can easily start working on projects which were created. Company Admin and Project Managers can simply track team member’s goal, view detailed reports and coordinate the workflow within the organization.

Final Words:

These are some of the latest updates and features of Talygen’s Customer Relationship Management System. With these product refinements, Talygen allows its users to customize their workspaces with these innovative features and upgradation.
If you like these features, you can request for a demo, our representatives will connect you and learn more about these updates.

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Client Portal System: Time And Expense Approval By Clients For Smooth Evaluation

Clients or customers are the most important part of your business. You get paid for the services you provide to your clients. Clients always have the upper hand and can ask anything related to their project. For instance, if clients want to know the current details about their ongoing project, you have to present each and every detail including resources working on the project, time spent in completing the project and more to the clients.

However, it becomes difficult for the organization to update clients every time due to the lack of effective communication or client’s disagreement with the working time spent on the project.

To overcome this issue, there is a Client Portal System that offers an advanced and latest approval system. Clients can effortlessly monitor and analyze the ongoing tasks and time entries of the team working on their projects. They can even send back the work for correction and also approve or reject it.

Reasons for Client Approval for Time and Expense Entries:
James, owner of a Content Development firm develops content for an upcoming campaign of a client. As per the communication, James assured his clients that he would finish the task in 90 hours and the client would pay him accordingly. Due to electricity failure, the work gets delayed and couldn’t finish in scheduled time. As a result, it took extended hours to finish the given tasks and total amount also increased more than what was decided in the first place. What happened next, the client refused to pay as there was not any proof of this unwanted delay.

This situation could have been smoother if James used an appropriate Client Portal Solution and get client’s approval. All James has to do was to send the expense and time entries to the client for his approval and share the reason behind the delay in the comment section. This way the client would have understood the reason and the whole confusion could be avoided while making the invoice.

Advantages of Using Client Portal Solutions:

  • Faultless Time Entries: Client Portal System allows users to record and submit the time entries to the clients on regular intervals so that they can have a look at the time spent on each task. With the help of this timesheet, clients get a clear idea of what’s happening on their project. They get aware of the current proceedings of the project whether they are going on right direction or not. Clients can also share their inputs on the ongoing project and tell the users what they should do or not to do to avoid upcoming complexities.
  • Verified Communication: As mentioned earlier that Client Portal Solution provides you with proof of communication which happened between you and the client. When you communicate with the client via Client Portal, your comments get saved within the application as proof. This proof can be used later if any confusion occurs when dealing with the payments.
  • Save Time While Working on Multiple Projects: Sometimes a situation occurs when you have to work on multiple projects of the same clients or others. This is a complicated situation, where it becomes really difficult for you to track and manage time and expense entries of the clients with traditional ways. Here comes the Client Portal Software to rescue you in this situation. It helps in organizing the time and expense entries of all the projects of a single client at one place and it can be accessed by the client as well. It not only saves your precious time but also improve the overall efficiency of your team members, who are working on the projects.
  • Easily Share Opinions with Clients: Earlier you had only a few limited ways of communicating with the clients such as email or call. These communication mediums have some limitations due to which the issues could not get resolved at the earliest. Client Portal System allows you to discuss your problems with clients on projects via the comments section. You can easily exchange your messages effortlessly anytime and get an instant reply. These comments can also be preserved as proof of your communication with clients in the future at the time of reimbursements.

Final Words:
These are some of the reasons for and advantages of using Client Portal Solution by the business organizations. After reading this blog, you can easily understand the importance of Client Portal for your business. If you are still using traditional ways of dealing with your clients, you cannot go longer and achieve long-term goals. Switch on to the best Client Portal Software available in the market and enhance your work efficiency.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Talygen’s Message Board Module: The Best Real Time Client Communication Platform For Businesses

In our previous blog related to Message Board, we had discussed some of the robust features of Talygen’s Message Board Module such as global reach, direct chat with clients, users’ collaboration and message translation. It helps business organizations to easily connect with the people within the organization as well as with the clients.
This blog is the sequel of the previous one wherein we will elaborate some more productive features of Talygen’s Message Board tool. This module of Talygen is considered as one of the best Real Rime Client Communication platforms for business organizations across the globe. Due to its simplicity and flexibility, Message Board is the outstanding source of communication and discussions on the cloud.

Effortless Access of the Logs:
As an owner of a business organization, you need to have the records of all your conversations with clients so that any kind of confusion can be eliminated. Talygen’s instant Message Board Module helps users to save all the conversations done on chat with clients or other users. It can be easily retrieved anytime as per the requirements. All the users can easily access and view their communication logs with the other users and clients. These logs play a crucial role at the time of receiving payments from the clients.
When an organization works on a client’s project, the team working on the project regularly communicate with the client to receive necessary inputs and directions in order to get perfect results. Therefore, if you have your conversations log with them on Message Board, they cannot deny or delay the payments as you have the records of the conversations which will work as a proof of communication.

Remove Communication Gap:
Communication gap is one of the biggest hurdles faced by business organizations. Although, there are numbers of reasons for this communication gap, the language barrier is amongst the top. Today, businesses have stretched their operations globally. They are collaborating with clients who are based on different countries and regions. Therefore, it is essential for organizations to be well-versed with different foreign languages to improve the overall efficiency.

Talygen’s Message Board Module assists users in removing the communication gap by allowing message translation privilege. Users can select their preferred language while communicating with other users or clients through the Message Board. As per the functionality, the messages sent by the Managers to the end users are automatically translated into the preferred language chosen by the user. It helps users to effortlessly read and reply to the messages without the need to translate them first.

Improves Quality of Communication
Quality communication always plays an ultimate role in the success of a project. If communication with clients is not as per the standards, it is really difficult for anyone to satisfy the clients and achieve their business goals. Talygen’s Message Board Tool allows the users to have seamless communication with utmost transparency and accountability. The best part of this communication system is the Real Time Client Communication that enables Project Managers to contact the clients in real time. It helps both the parties to resolve the issues on projects as soon as possible without any confusions. This results in building a healthy relationship between business organizations and clients.

Client Oriental User Interface:

The User interface is also an important aspect of any business software or application which drives the users towards the system. Talygen’s Message Board Module comprises a user-friendly interface that gives an amazing experience to the users. It includes numerous intuitive traits such as socialize module, live chat etc. that makes it simple for the users to effectively communicate with clients and other team members.

Final Words:
Here comes the end to this engaging blog related to Talygen’s Message Board System. We hope that this informative blog will help in understanding how crucial this Message Board is for the long term growth of the business organizations. To get more information about Talygen’s Message Board, contact us and book a free demo.

Friday, 4 January 2019

Talygen’s Resource Scheduling Solution: The Best Tool to Manage Your Resources

Project Management is one of the most critical aspects for any business organization. This is the pillar on which any business organization stands and delivers with the expected growth. There are hundreds of hurdles faced by the organizations in managing projects such as overlapping, budget allocation, task management, timely deliveries of projects and many more. Among all, Resource Scheduling is topmost priority for the managers in order to deliver projects within deadlines.

Business Managers have the prime responsibility to schedule available resources efficiently. This is the most integral part of project management for Managers. If resources could not be managed effectively, it may cost heavily. Therefore, Managers should have to schedule their resources in the best possible way to avoid the issues.

Talygen’s Resource Scheduling System allows Managers to schedule different tasks of existing projects in different stages. It helps you to effortlessly find the flaws in the progression of the projects and resolve them before they become a threat for the project.

In this post, we have compiled some robust features of Talygen’s Resource Scheduling Application that helps you to transform your Resource Scheduling System in order to effectively schedule your resources.

Check and Review Availability of Resources:

Talygen’s Cloud Resource Scheduling System is the most flexible and configurable solutions among its competitors. This system is supervised by Managers to schedule and assign project related tasks to the team members. Besides this, Managers can readily check and review the availability of team members and then assign them tasks accordingly. This feature of Talygen allows Managers to easily review the current availability of the team members. They can easily know that which group of team members is occupied with the work or which group has time availability to schedule the tasks. Talygen’s Resource Scheduling System is the best way to manage your workload.

Tasks Scheduling on off Days
The primary objective of Talygen’s Resource Scheduling Application has always been to enhance the work productivity of team members by efficiently scheduling their tasks. This system allows Managers and their team members to schedule their upcoming tasks on off days. This will help them to positively meet the needs of the clients. The best part of this feature is that Managers can easily assign the highly prioritize tasks on the off days to meet the short deadlines.

Rescheduling of Tasks:

Rescheduling of tasks is an important part and parcel of project management. For a manager, it is essential to reschedule tasks of the team members as per the necessity of the project. Talygen’s Employee Cloud Resource Scheduling system allows Project Managers to increase the time period of the team members working on completion of a task. This can be simply done by dragging the assigned resource bar. This is a time-saving feature that allows Managers to directly increase the time limit. Therefore, you need not to go through the entire process of assigning and saving a new task.

Notifications for Overburdened Employees

Talygen’s Resource Scheduling Solution provides a notification feature to its users. As per the functionality, if one user is overburdened with excessive assigned tasks, a notification will be received by the Managers. After which, they can reschedule the tasks as per the availability of other team members. This is an amazing feature which always makes sure that the workload of the organization has always managed efficiently so that results would always come as per the requirements.

Graphical Representation of Data

Talygen’s Resource Scheduling Solution enables a graphical representation feature to the users which helps them to easily understand and analyze the data. Moreover, users can get in-depth details of the current situation which helps them in further scheduling of the upcoming tasks.

Final Words:

Regardless of size and demand of the project, resource management is an integral part of project management. Talygen’s Resource Management System is a complete solution for the organizations. It provides an intuitive and graphical interface to the users that help them in finishing the given projects within deadlines. Managers can easily improve the quality of the ultimate results by reducing human errors.