Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Client Portal System: Time And Expense Approval By Clients For Smooth Evaluation

Clients or customers are the most important part of your business. You get paid for the services you provide to your clients. Clients always have the upper hand and can ask anything related to their project. For instance, if clients want to know the current details about their ongoing project, you have to present each and every detail including resources working on the project, time spent in completing the project and more to the clients.

However, it becomes difficult for the organization to update clients every time due to the lack of effective communication or client’s disagreement with the working time spent on the project.

To overcome this issue, there is a Client Portal System that offers an advanced and latest approval system. Clients can effortlessly monitor and analyze the ongoing tasks and time entries of the team working on their projects. They can even send back the work for correction and also approve or reject it.

Reasons for Client Approval for Time and Expense Entries:
James, owner of a Content Development firm develops content for an upcoming campaign of a client. As per the communication, James assured his clients that he would finish the task in 90 hours and the client would pay him accordingly. Due to electricity failure, the work gets delayed and couldn’t finish in scheduled time. As a result, it took extended hours to finish the given tasks and total amount also increased more than what was decided in the first place. What happened next, the client refused to pay as there was not any proof of this unwanted delay.

This situation could have been smoother if James used an appropriate Client Portal Solution and get client’s approval. All James has to do was to send the expense and time entries to the client for his approval and share the reason behind the delay in the comment section. This way the client would have understood the reason and the whole confusion could be avoided while making the invoice.

Advantages of Using Client Portal Solutions:

  • Faultless Time Entries: Client Portal System allows users to record and submit the time entries to the clients on regular intervals so that they can have a look at the time spent on each task. With the help of this timesheet, clients get a clear idea of what’s happening on their project. They get aware of the current proceedings of the project whether they are going on right direction or not. Clients can also share their inputs on the ongoing project and tell the users what they should do or not to do to avoid upcoming complexities.
  • Verified Communication: As mentioned earlier that Client Portal Solution provides you with proof of communication which happened between you and the client. When you communicate with the client via Client Portal, your comments get saved within the application as proof. This proof can be used later if any confusion occurs when dealing with the payments.
  • Save Time While Working on Multiple Projects: Sometimes a situation occurs when you have to work on multiple projects of the same clients or others. This is a complicated situation, where it becomes really difficult for you to track and manage time and expense entries of the clients with traditional ways. Here comes the Client Portal Software to rescue you in this situation. It helps in organizing the time and expense entries of all the projects of a single client at one place and it can be accessed by the client as well. It not only saves your precious time but also improve the overall efficiency of your team members, who are working on the projects.
  • Easily Share Opinions with Clients: Earlier you had only a few limited ways of communicating with the clients such as email or call. These communication mediums have some limitations due to which the issues could not get resolved at the earliest. Client Portal System allows you to discuss your problems with clients on projects via the comments section. You can easily exchange your messages effortlessly anytime and get an instant reply. These comments can also be preserved as proof of your communication with clients in the future at the time of reimbursements.

Final Words:
These are some of the reasons for and advantages of using Client Portal Solution by the business organizations. After reading this blog, you can easily understand the importance of Client Portal for your business. If you are still using traditional ways of dealing with your clients, you cannot go longer and achieve long-term goals. Switch on to the best Client Portal Software available in the market and enhance your work efficiency.

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