Friday, 24 May 2019

Enhance Business Productivity With Advanced Project Management Dashboard

Grab the opportunities to enhance your business productivity and perform the entire tasks accurately! Well, this is only possible if you are monitoring the complete project activities accurately and in the proper manner. And this would be easy If you involve the efficient project performance tracker in the business. This tracker will not only track the critical activities of the project but also provide many other leverages too. But in order to utilize the next level features, you need to make a wise selection. You have to choose the best and a customized project management module so that you can implement it as per your requirements.

So, the software that can actually help you in this task is Talygen. This is a fully customized product comes up with wonderful additional features that help you in many ways. Whether it’s assigning the tasks, checking the report, knowing the complete detail of the project, etc., you can do it with ease.
What Unique Features Of Talygen Make It Perfect To Choose?

Talygen involves a long list of significant features. All these features play a critical role to enhance the importance of this app and reduce the burden of users. For example:

·         Time tracking feature:

One of the effective features is time tracking. You can easily track the time of multiple projects or tasks. This feature will allow the project manager to monitor the project effectively. Also, this module provides the leverage to project manager either they can fill the time entries or they can give access to users to fill the entries of project progress.

·         Screenshot feature:

Next, an important feature is keeping a sharp eye on the project progress. The advanced dashboard for project management module offers the facility to the project manager that they can monitor the activities of employees while working on the project easily. They can enable the screenshot feature that captures the shot of users’ working screen. Now the best part is that the project manager can monitor the duration of the screenshot, their popup time and duration. In fact, if the client of any project demands for the same thing, if he also wishes to view the list of the screenshot, then also Talygen offers the facility to project manager. They can enable the feature of the screenshot for clients too!

·         Graphical representation of project & activities:

Talygen provides the graphical representation of the essential information related to start, end, and duration of a Task. With this information, a project manager can easily evaluate the project progress and take the actions accordingly. This shows the order of dependencies between Tasks and the order in which they must be done. For more reliability and ease, this chart is integrated with the Project Management system.

Thus, due to all these reasons, it is recommended to choose Talygen’s project performance tracker module and utilize its outstanding features. You can purchase it at the most reasonable prices. In order to understand the working of the software, you can ask for a demo also. Without wasting more time, get in touch with Talygen!

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