Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Smart Tips To Get More Productivity With Your Project Management

When it comes to project management, we require so many strings that can complete this process perfectly, for example, professional project managers, suitable time management, best resource scheduling, and much more other components. But top of all these components, the most important factor that plays a crucial role in the project management process is productivity. A frequently overlooked one in project management that, when implemented in the proper context, can produce stellar outcomes and strive new techniques of accomplishing tasks with higher rewards.
The very obvious questions are always about productivity. In what way project managers can lead a team of creatives alongside other non-creative crews in a trend that is helpful to the project object and get more productivity? Well, if you are finding the answer to such questions, you are in the right place. In this post, we will provide you with the best ways to get more creative with your project management.  


Undeniably, if you are tracking the project activities from minor to major, you can make a strong command on the projects. This command will help you to understand various aspects of the projects. You can easily understand what can boost up the productivity of your project or what is decreasing it? It means if you are expecting to get more productivity, you must have a project performance tracker.


Another essential factor that can help you in getting good productivity is accurate resource scheduling. If you are able to understand the process of resource scheduling, you can easily utilize the desired results. But for that, you have the information about various aspects of an example which resource has what quality, what is the availability of resources and much more


Last but not least; motivating the team and reward their efforts is one of the vital steps to obtain productivity with your project management solution! Motivation can be the antidote that boosts employee commitment, satisfaction, and performance. Employee rewards are a crucial part of giving a connection between effort and results.

Now the question that may confuse you, how to involve all the above activities in your business? The best and most reliable solution to this problem is an advanced project management dashboard of any reliable tool that can provide you with the leverage of smart time tracking feature, accurate resource scheduling and motivating team in a much easier and reliable manner. Talygen is one of the best examples of such kind of tool. With the personalized dashboard of Talygen tool, you will realize how effectively you can obtain more productivity.

Monday, 19 August 2019

A Closer Look At Project Management Tracker

To make any idea successful, what is the most important thing? What are the factors that play a critical role? It's only your wise planning and smart approach that can make it possible then whether it's your personal life or professional. Well, in this post, we highlight the points how can you make your professional life much easier with wise planning and smart approach.

There was a time when it took a lot of efforts to planned a project properly. There are so many tough elements people have to attend while planning the project. But with the passage of time, many new techniques and tools come into existence that make the whole process of project management quite easy! Out of those techniques and tools, the project performance tracker is the newest and effective one mean. The importance of this tool becomes more valuable when it uses the collaborative power of the Internet.

 Why Are Project Management Tools Important?

Planning: Well said by a great man, “a goal without a plan is just a wish.” It means if there is a goal, there should be a master planning to achieve it. The whole success of your project lies in the planning. And here the project management tool can help you. These tools will provide you a masterstroke for your project.

Comprehensive Scheduling: Another vital task performed by the project management tracker is comprehensive scheduling. This feature makes sure that everyone understands what is expected of them.
(Where the scheduling project starts?
The Gantt chart is where the scheduling process starts and it becomes a figure for the entire project. The software then permits you to expand on that chart and build the complete schedule that will become the project blueprint.)

 Estimation: There are 3 primary parts of project estimation:

·         Effort and time
·         Resource, and
·         Cost
The three estimates joined makeup project estimation as a complete. Estimating a project can be a difficult task. But the reliable tools divide it into smaller parts that will make it ten times simpler, and possibly even more specific. Also, estimating effort and resources will shed new light into the costing of a project.

Can we make the project management tool customized?
 Yes, this is possible with the project management tools. You can develop the personalized dashboard as per your unique requirements. This type of dashboard is called the advanced dashboard where customers can explore the features they wish and complete the project!

Talygen’s Project Management dashboard is the best example of such type of tool. It’s intuitive features enable you to successfully complete project before assigned deadline.