Monday, 7 October 2019

Explore Wonderful Benefits With Advanced Talygen Application

Operating a business can never be an easy task if you don’t have a reliable mean to manage business activities in a successfully manner. A mean that can take the responsibility of task management, accurate execution of processes, recruit deserving candidates and provide many other features easily. Do you know any tool that can work the same manner you wish? No? Well, Talygen is the best example of such an online tool. It consists of multiple modules that help a user in various manners. Let’s understand about its module and important features in detail;

Undeniably, building a sound relationship with clients is one of the hardest and integral parts of the business. This helps in the overall development of business. Talygen CRMsoftware offers the same leverage to business owners. This enables business organizations to control the power of automation for CRM. Additionally, users can easily manage prospects, leads, and clients with this module.

Significant features of CRM software:
·         Advanced Dashboard where you can manage the entire module seamlessly
·         Track the sales
·         Create additional owners & contacts
·         Store and share the essential information and documents
·         Covert leads into projects
·         Import the leads in bulk
·         Create follow-ups and reminders

Cloud Storage:
Another module of Talygen application that can help you in sharing the documents & files with team and clients is 'Cloud Storage'. This Cloud-Based Storage System is integrated with Microsoft's Azure Cloud Service. If an organization uses Dropbox, Box and Google Drive, it can quickly integrate their existing account with Talygen. Along with online shared storage, this module has many other vital options too, for example, versioning of documents.

Significant features of Cloud Storage software:
·         Manage cloud storage space
·         Divide the storage space between different users
·         Make file sharing process easy
·         Multiple file versioning is possible
·         A smooth file storage & sharing process

Project Management:
Project Management is one of the advanced and quite important modules of Talygen. The outstanding features of this module make it a perfect option to choose from. It helps users to manage critical activities of the project. Users can complete the project with its intuitive features. You can estimate the importance of this module with below-mentioned features;

·         Organization can easily establish and strengthen Client relationships
·         They can plan and track a Project’s progress
·         It takes the responsibility of employee task management
·         It successfully operates the Campaigns
·         Track the time invested in a particular project
·         Provide leverage to bulk time entries

Other than these modules, there are many other important modules you can use with Talygen application. To collect the essential information about those modules and features, you can visit the official website!

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