Monday, 3 August 2020

Online Time Tracking For Remote Working Post COVID-19

In the Post COVID-19 era, it can seem as though nothing is certain. Huge swathes of your infrastructure may not seem as reliable as they once were, and the metrics and KPIs that once charted your path to success may seem far less meaningful. Moreover, you may feel that employee productivity has nosedived as your team grapples with the logistics of remote working.

But with Talygen, you can get the transparency you need to remotely track your team’s productivity as well as using automation for better time management and employee productivity.
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!
Unleash your team’s potential!
Numerous studies have shown that remote employees can actually be more productive than their office-bound counterparts. Not to mention the significant savings in overhead costs that they can represent. Even after the COVID-19 lockdown has become a distant memory, you may well find that empowering your workforce to do their jobs remotely can improve productivity, cash flow, and employee satisfaction.
How Talygen can help 
Now, more than ever, your team’s agility, productivity and time-efficiency are crucial for your company to survive and thrive in this difficult climate. And Talygen takes the heavy lifting out of getting the most from your remote team.
Talygen is an all-in-one business software platform that offers online and offline employee time tracking. And much, much more.
With Talygen, you can eliminate barriers to productivity with effective time tracking and resource scheduling. You can achieve full visibility over your team’s output no matter where they are. You can track expenses to facilitate healthy cash flow, and manage projects effectively from any location. It also has a robust suite of CRM features.
It’s easy to use and can integrate frictionless and scalable with your operations. Adapting to your needs as your business grows and evolves.

Monday, 27 July 2020

5 Good Reasons to Implement Performance Review Software

The employee review and performance appraisal software make a valuable addition to any organization irrespective of its size and type. No recognition at all makes the employees feel demotivated and less engaged with the workplace. A culture of recognition can strengthen the bonds and provide low productive employees a great way to double their productivity and achieve organizational goals.

In today’s time, performance reviews based on one’s perception can negatively impact any employee’s career growth. Therefore, to bring transparency, revamping the performance review management is necessary using a fully integrated performance review tool with a truly effective evaluation system and other functionalities.

Here are some of the top reasons why performance review software matters to your organizational success, have been rounded up:

1. To improve Morale

The performance reviews not only let the managers have a deep understanding of actual work performance, also give employees a feeling of satisfaction and encourage them to improve and prove their worth. The automated software is designed to value good work and help low productive employees know their flaws & stay focused.

2. To foster open communication 

The real-time performance appraisal software emphasizes on improving communication between employees and managers. The smart solution serves the purpose of fostering collaboration and transferring ratings/reviews to employees in a more convincing manner. Through clear, concise, and evidence-based feedback, the staff can develop a sense of positivity and reduce the stigma of performance reviews.
3. To Shape the Performance

To figure out the performance gaps, it’s important to count on a reliable and powerful tool that evaluates an employee’s performance and provides great support at the same time. The cloud-based performance management software does everything from performance planning, tracking, monitoring, assessing, and reviewing- all that within a single application. It systemizes the entire practice and delivers honest feedback to employees.

4. To Increase Feedback Frequency 
Sharing feedback with employees annually won’t help them learn much from their mistakes. The comprehensive performance tool increases the frequency of communication by sharing feedbacks to employees at the predefined intervals. It will help improve learning and allow employees to excel at every project.  
5. To Automate Performance Monitoring 
Achieving measurable results will help organizations track the progress of individuals. With the automated and efficient tools featuring real-time dashboards, the managers can monitor the performance and encourage underperforming employees.  
Bottom line

Every employee is a valuable asset and to help them contribute to their best, employee performance reviews and appraisals are vital. Rather than collecting feedback verbally from managers, it’s is the need of the hour to incorporate advanced & customizable performance review software with 360-degree feedback in real-time capabilities.

To fully grasp what employees have performed and whether they have met the set standards or not, get Talygen’s performance review software. Talygen provides Software-as-a-Service platform to effectively convey clear and actual feedback as per employee’s performance within the specified period. The software features automated feedback, training feedback, multiple reviewer chain, improved communication, and more.

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Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Expense Tracking App: Top 4 Expense Tracking Apps for Entrepreneurs

One of the most important areas of business management, where start-ups and entrepreneurs find themselves scratching their heads, is expense tracking.  

An expense tracker is more of a necessity than a luxury nowadays. The smallest, as well as the biggest, expenses are easily monitored, reported, logged, processed, and shared using modern expense trackers.

Startups have very tight budgets. It’s essential for entrepreneurs to keep track of all their expenses precisely and in real-time.

Expense Tracker Software

There are many expense tracker apps available in different mobile app markets. Here are the top 5 expense tracking apps for entrepreneurs that can very well simplify their expense tracking and reporting hassles in just a few clicks.

1. Talygen’s Expense Tracking App

Talygen, a global leader in business management automation, offers an intuitive expense tracker app for all kinds of startups around the world. This expense tracking app is available on all leading platforms, namely Android, iOS, and Windows. 

Talygen’s online expense tracking app has integrated a lot of productive functionalities, such as easy expense reporting, custom expense limiting, future expense entries, real-time expense monitoring, and so forth, to simplify expense tracking for entrepreneurs. 

The application empowers entrepreneurs for organizing their expenses systematically and helps them in planning budget costing for long term profits.

One of the top functionalities of Talygen’s expense tracking app is its ability to easily manage expenses of geographically scattered employees from a single dashboard. Managers of a startup can monitor the expenses of all their employees or hired freelancers around the world from a user-friendly, centralized interface.

Other top functionalities of this online expense tracker include: 
  • Detailed and simplified reimbursement reports
  • Easy expense approval 
  • Feature-packed dashboard and interface
  • Overdue alerts
  • Per day limit configuration 
  • Timesheets integration
  • Desktop web-app 

Talygen also offers a Free Demo of its intuitive Online Expense Tracking App. Give it a try for your startup today!

2. Concur

Concur offers a lot of different expense tracking functionalities for small and medium-sized businesses. The app makes tedious processes like reimbursements, submissions, invoice tracking, and so on, quite simple. 

Available on both the iOS App Store and Google PlayStore, Concur allows you to integrate a lot of additional functionalities into the expense tracker from its suite of business management products. 

3. Clarity Money

A very simple to use expense tracker app, Clarity Money offers you a decent amount of functionalities that fulfill many of your expense management needs.

The app allows you to track, as well as cancel subscriptions very easily. It is a very simple expense tracking app that allows you to track a lot of different expenses from a single interface.

With limited functionalities and available only on the iOS platform, Clarity Money is a good choice to learn the basics of expense tracking before moving on to a premium expense tracker.

4. Mint

A great choice for freelance entrepreneurs, Mint offers almost all the must-have expense tracking functionalities. Available both on iOS and Google App Store, Mint has a lot of integrated features for easy tracking, billing, and storing of personal expenses.

Mint offers a Free Trial for 30 days and offers Sync Transaction features with a lot of banks as well. Mint is a great choice for personal expense tracking for sure.        

Bottom Line

A startup needs to organize its expense tracking processes well in advance. A dollar saved is a dollar earned. As simple as that, make sure you keep in mind your long term objectives while choosing an expense tracking app for your startup.

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Online Time Tracker: 8 Instant Benefits for Businesses

Online time trackers help businesses and employees in increasing their productivity and helps them in being more creative in their approach towards the work. 

It has been found that time tracking tools can decrease productivity problems by up to 80%. In the past few months as companies were adapting to work from home style of work, time tracking tools helped them to keep an eye on remote employees and ensure timely delivery of tasks and work. 

Online time trackers offer a lot of benefits to businesses, as well as to their employees. Not just in the long run, but online time trackers have some great instant benefits as well, such as:

1. Improving Estimates and Quotes

Offering quotes and estimates are one of the trickiest and most important part of running any kind of business. Online time trackers can actually tell you how much time a particular task takes to help you calculate an accurate estimate. 

2. Adjusting Priorities 

Adjusting priorities becomes easier for the employees by using online time trackers. Modern online time trackers have features like Timesheets, Manual Time Trackers, Pause/Resume, Bulk Time Entries, and so on that can help employees manage and prioritize work as per deadlines. 

3. Real-Time Performance Review 

Reviewing the performance of an employee becomes much easier with stats and numbers. Using online time trackers, managers can have a real-time glance at the progress of a project and the time been taken by different employees to complete certain tasks. 

4. Time Tracking Tools on the Go 

One of the biggest advantages of time tracking is that employees can track time online from different kinds of devices. Modern online time trackers are offering mobile apps for major operating systems, such as iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. 

5. Work Scheduling 

Online time trackers can help you improve your overall work schedules as you will have much more precise information regarding the usual time taken by your employees to do a particular task. 

6. Track Time Online Across the Globe 

Another very prominent feature of an online time tracker is that you can track the time of your employees residing in some other country with different time zones. 

7. Quick Reports and Insights 

Modern online time trackers offer in-depth details and reports regarding each and every project whose time has been tracked. This can help you improve the flaws in your overall productivity. 

8. Quick Invoice Generation 

Online time trackers can help you make invoices much more accurate than ever before. You can have a detailed report of the time taken to complete a particular task, as well as the variation between the actual and planned cost. 


Online time trackers are there to help you grow your business. With promising long-term goals, online time trackers offer amazing instant benefits as highlighted above. 
Talygen’s Online Time Tracker offers you some highly-productive features, such as Timesheets, Detailed Reports, Mobile App, Activity Logs, Screenshots, and more. Your team can keep logs and track time online for different projects at the same time.

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Thursday, 16 July 2020

Resource Scheduling Solution: 3 Most Common Resource Scheduling Mistakes

A successful project needs an honest work assessment, an in-depth understanding of the goal, and highly productive & flexible resource management.

Project managers have to simultaneously manage a lot of different resources at the same time. These resources involve almost everything from the workforce to budgets. 

Project managers have to be on their toes all the time to make sure:

1. Everything is planned and organized before the project starts
2. Resource are allocated properly for a particular task 
3. Resource and budget estimations are flexible
4. The complete workforce is capable enough for real-time resource re-allocation   
5. No working hours or resource are wasted for even a second

These are some of the most common things a resource manager has to take care of in a project, irrespective of the niche and type of the project. 

Here are the 3 most common resource scheduling mistakes made by project managers that can largely halt the progress of a project:

1. Casual Employee Management

A very important part of resource scheduling is to monitor the progress and availability of employees in real-time.

Managers need a proper system or an intuitive work schedule software to monitor employee progress and workings in real-time. 

This will not only help the manager in assigning resources easily but will make the workforce much more productive and help the team in completing the project before the deadline. 

2. Failure to Reschedule Resources in Real-Time

Managers need a proper system to reschedule resources in real-time. Rescheduling is the key to increase productivity and to make the most of the limited number of resources available. 

Rescheduling resources in real-time is not an easy task. It needs proper planning, monitoring, and real-time resource management to bring success. 

3. Overburdening of Resource Management on Managers

The dependency on managers for resource scheduling creates management overburden on them and ultimately increases the possibilities of a complete project failure. 

Nowadays resource scheduling software are there to eliminate this possibility. These software are packed with highly-productive and flexible resource scheduling functionalities that altogether allow managers to make the most out of their available resources without any hassle. 

Talygen’s user-friendly and highly-intuitive Resource Scheduling Solutions offer organizations and managers a large set of seamless resource scheduling functionalities. 

Resource Availability Checks, Off Day Scheduling, Graphical Representation, Real-Time Rescheduling, Overburden Highlighting, and more such productive features integrated into one user-friendly resource scheduling solution. 

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Wednesday, 15 July 2020

8 Tips To Enhance Employees Productivity

The importance of a well-organized employee management system is a requirement organization shouldn’t ignore. 

From increasing workforce productivity to helping organizations retain customers, employee management strategies are being prioritized globally.

Many global business managers have strived to implement an effective employee management system, but not all have been successful. The reasons are endless.

Listed below are the top 8 recommended tips for employee management that will allow employees to become more productive, irregardless of the industries.

1.  Track Time and Costs Precisely 

Employee time keeping provides for an insight into the employees’ productivity. Decisions can be better made with time tracking when assigning tasks and resources. Organizations should ensure a time tracking system is in place so it doesn’t become a nuisance or distraction.

2. Establish Expectations Clearly

Within the organization, every employee should know what their roles and responsibilities are. This clarity allows them a clear path to be able to achieve their personal growth, as well as the success for the organization. 

3. Scheduling is Important 

Scheduling is one of the first few priorities that needs considerable attention when creating productive employee management strategies. The idea is to create transparent and flexible schedules that can be adjusted along with the progress of a project.   

4. Don’t Always Put Customers Above Employees 

Employees’ morale is one of the most important human element that managers has to deal with. There may be occasions when customers may be right, but siding with your employees every now and then, will boost their confidence and motivate them to work even harder. 

5. Receive Regular Feedbacks

The central idea is to keep employees involved and engaged as much as possible. Ask employees regularly for their feedbacks regarding various subjects, such as updates with any new or recent projects, or any new trends in the industry, etc., to determine if any changes are needed.

6. Award Bonuses

Another widely used program in successful employee management is awarding bonuses to employees who puts in the extra time and effort to accomplish their work, show upward career progression, or demonstrate superior performances. For example, awarding bonus to employees who have worked extra hours or days may help maintain strong relationships with them. 

7. Simplify Approval System 

Managing and dealing with approvals is a constant hassle. A simplified approval system which allows approvers to review time, expenses, vacations, or any other requests quickly, can ease the process.

8. Track Employee Performance

Performance reviews should be a regular occurrence in the employee management strategy. It helps an organization to identify, assess, and address the strengths and weakness, which can be used to improve the employees and company’s overall productivity. 

Bottom Line

Increasing productivity is not a one-time task, but a complete process that involves a lot of subprocesses, such as simplifying talent acquisition, employee task tracking, making training management easier, improving approval systems, employee time keeping, doing multi-level performance reviews, scheduling resources efficiently, promoting transparency, and so on. Businesses in the 21st century are relying on web-based employee management software to boost employees’ productivities.

Talygen’s best-in-class employee management software can offer numerous feature-rich functionalities for many different organizations, regardless of company size or industry type.

The web-based employee management solution provides for an easy, flexible, and manageable process involving performance reviewing, employee task tracking, access management, approval system, attendance tracking, employee time keeping, employee training, talent acquisition, etc., allowing organizations to focus more on its core services or products.  

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Thursday, 9 July 2020

3 Unique Benefits of Advanced Screenshot Tool for Small Businesses

Advanced Screenshot Tools go beyond the usual time trackers with a digital timer going on till stopped. Modern time tracking software with screenshot are offering some of the most robust and easy-to-use employee monitoring features for all kinds & niches of businesses. 

These daily work trackers are packed with some of the most advanced features, such as keyword logging, mouse click logging, cloud-storing screenshots, and so forth.

Also, these tools are not just there to keep an eye on the employees. They help in improving the overall productivity of a project as well.

With the emergence of work-from-home and remote work culture around the world, time tracking software with screenshots are making a huge impact on the growth of business organizations around the world. Here are the 3 Unique Benefits of Advanced Screenshot Tool for Small Businesses:

1. Simpler Workflow Determination

An advanced screenshot tool helps in finding flaws and errors in your workflow. A simple time tracker can only give you the numerical figure of the time taken to do a particular task but a screenshot tracker can give you a detailed insight into the complete workflow structure of your organization. 

You can use this information to improve your organization's workflow, as well as it empowers you to eliminate the wastage of time.

Screenshot time trackers also allow you to monitor multiple numbers of employees, at the same time, from one single interface.    

2. Improved User Work Logging

Using regular time trackers or simple excel sheets you can only save numbers and figures about the progress of an employee. 

Using a screenshot time tracker, you can have detailed insights into the mistakes, progress, and workflow of each and every employee in your organization. 

You can also make better decisions in increments, promotions, awards, and penalties. Modern screenshot time trackers can also save the screenshots and related data in the software itself so that you can analyze the captured screenshots later.   

 3. Eliminate Security Threats 

One of the most important features of an online advanced screenshot tool is that you can monitor and prevent any kind of data theft. 

You can build a strong, safer, and much more trustworthy work environment in your organization.


Time tracking software with screenshots are making a solid place for themselves, slowly and steadily in the marketplace.

Talygen offers a process-driven, simple-to-use automatic screenshot tracker that not only helps businesses to monitor progress but also helps them in boosting their productivity as well. 

Try the Free Demo of Talygen’s intuitive time tracking software with screenshots today

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

5 Best Billing & Invoicing Tools for Startups

For a startup company, hiring an experienced person to manage bills & invoices may not be ideal. Managing bills and invoices are one of the trickiest tasks for new and emerging startup companies in any niche. Using Invoice Creator to handle invoices takes a lot of effort, time, and organization.

With Talygen Modern Online Invoicing software, it simplifies the process for businesses to manage their billing and invoicing needs from a centralized, one-window interface without the need for additional specialized resources.

Listed below are the analysis of the top 5 best billing & invoicing tools for startups: 

1. Talygen Online Business Management System 

Talygen offers a process-driven, intuitive Online Invoicing Software that helps startups in generating online invoices in seconds without much effort.

It allows businesses to automate the complete process of invoice generation and management. Talygen offers a feature-rich billing and invoicing module that offers many amazing features, such as Different Billing Rules, Taxes Management, Recurring Invoices, Invoice History, Multiple Currencies, integrated Online Payment Gateway, and etc.

You can obtain a free trial of Talygen’s Online Invoice Management tool by signing up.


This cheap billing tool is available for $19/month and allows you to control many aspects of invoice generation. At, you can also get unlimited document storage, access to different payment networks, and other add-on services as well.

3. Due

Due is another feasible choice for startups and small businesses. The platform offers access to over 100 currencies and allows third-party integrations, like Paypal as well. Due also offers unlimited invoice creation facility and website embedment.

4. Hiveage

Hiveage is a quick and free online invoicing payment tool. Apart from easy invoicing, the platform also offers other services such as auto-billing, financial reports, and third-party integration.

5. CitrusDB

CitrusDB is an open-source billing and invoicing software. Advanced users who are technically strong can modify it to suit their own specific requirements. It offers service management, billing system, built-in emailing of invoices, and some other features for free.  

Bottom Line

While deciding to choose which Invoice Management tool can assist with their transactions, startup companies need to ensure the workflow doesn’t negatively impact them. With Talygen’s Online Invoice Management tool, it offers complete automation and saves time to focus on other core business functions.

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Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Customer Relationship Management Software: 4 Reasons Your Company Needs a CRM

Customer relationship management software is an important tool for all kinds of businesses around the world. The CRM tools are making complex processes like client relations, contact management, lead management, and overall sales easier, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

The customer relationship management software market is currently the biggest software market in the world and is expected to become an $80 billion revenue-generating market by 2025.

Also, customer relationship management software and CRM tools are not just here to make B2C relationships smoother, but have enormous benefits for an organizations’ productivity as well.

Here are the top 4 reasons your company needs a CRM right now!

1. Unsatisfied Customers

When your business or service starts getting negative responses, lower feedbacks, a large number of complaints, and poor survey responses, it means that your product or service has left behind a lot of unsatisfied customers. This is an urgent situation that needs a quick response.

Using the best CRM software for your business can help you in offering a better overall client experience to your clients.

You can increase your chances of getting repeat orders, better word of mouth, and increased reach in your niche as well.

2. Lost Opportunities for Sales

Tracking, managing, and nurturing sales are important. If you have a manual process to do so, you are prone to lose sales on a regular basis.

By making use of CRM tools, you can easily track your leads till the very end. You will have a centralized data of all your leads, the current status, the contact information, and more so that you can nurture your leads better.

3. Lesser Productivity

Making spreadsheets, creating data records, analyzing monthly reports, making notes, maintaining contracts, and so on mostly consumes a lot of time and energy when done manually.

Using customer relationship management software, a lot of time-consuming tasks related to client management, analytics, data capturing, communication, and so on can be saved, so that you can work more on your priorities and boost productivity.

4. Accountability Issues

Some of the best CRM software allows businesses to record each and every interaction being made with the leads. This will help businesses lacking accountability in the workforce to take the required steps in order to improve their interactions.

You can get a detailed record of how you lost a lead, what was the last interaction made, when was the last time your employees interacted with clients, and so on.


CRM tools have something or another beneficial for all kinds of businesses. Either you lack productivity, have accountability issues, have more bad reviews than your competitors, or any other problem, customer relationship management software will surely help you make your business processes easier.

Talygen’s advanced customer relationship management software offers some of the most advanced CRM features like Feature-packed Dashboard, Lead Management, Account Management, Campaign Management, Email Templates, Automated Invoices, and many more. The CRM tools offer automation and business synchronization features to boost your overall productivity.

Sunday, 28 June 2020

Top Five Project Management Problems Derailing Progress

Project managers are expected to be on their feet throughout the course of the development of the projects to ensure the projects are progressing in the right direction. Even in the presence of modern web based project management software, project management still demands a lot of focus and accurate planning to deliver the desired results.

According to a recent survey, 80% of project managers have agreed that half of their time was spent on reworking to a complete project.

Another noticeable statistic states that only 58% of organizations fully understand the importance of project management.

So what can be concluded as the reason for these project management failures?

Project managers across the globe are using some of the best project management software. However, most of them face 5 frequently occurring problems in their project management process, which includes:

1. Breaking Down of Tasks

For smooth operations, projects in every field of work need to be divided into smaller tasks with relevant milestones. It helps the project managers, as well as the people involved in the project, to have better control over the progress of a project.

Many project managers and organizations either set up unachievable milestones & tasks or unable to complete the original plan for various reasons.

2. Role Division and Accountability

Every contribution made to a project is essential. The critical point here is that every member of the team should have a clear understanding of the importance of their roles to ensure the successful delivery and execution.

Project managers have access to web-based project management software or any other project management software to simplify the role’s responsibilities, which will lead to defined accountabilities.

3. Messaging/Communication Problems

One of the biggest reasons why most projects either failed or are reworked is due to the lack of clear communications.  With the increase of remote and work-from-home capabilities across the world, communications may still exist as a challenge for many project managers.

This challenge becomes even more difficult when project managers have to deal with many different teams, with different directions, working on a single project.

Although most modern web-based project management software offer commendable communication channels, project managers need to simplify communications as much as they can to avoid miscommunications or misinterpretations.

4. Improper Resource Scheduling

Resource scheduling is one area that project managers have been consistently having to deal with.

Resource scheduling is not just about using the best project management software. It’s also about making the right decisions.

5. Reporting and Changes

Using a simple project management software for reporting and making the required changes are two different aspects.

Project managers need to make the required changes at the required time to make sure that the project delivers the desired results.


Web based project management software has made project management manageable. Still, the project managers, as well as the other teams involved, can be more productive with a software that can provide more efficiency with better results.

Talygen’s Online Project Management Software offers a set of highly advanced project management features to help project managers maximize their resources, enhance collaborations within the team, and ensure deadlines are met.

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Friday, 15 May 2020

Avoid these Top 4 Mistakes While Choosing an Employee Monitoring Software

In any industry, building a great relationship between employees and employers is crucial. This is not only important to drive a healthy environment, but also to help SMEs and large enterprises grow. Managing office staff requires less effort than managing remote employees. The reason behind organizations getting stressed out while handling remote sales staff is the lack of essential framework and technology-rich employee management software.

The efficacy of business operations is dependent on the productivity of the staff and the time invested. To achieve this, organizations need to adapt to a workforce management tool that is best suited to their needs.

However, the other side of the story is that most of the organizations do not know what to consider when looking out for an employee monitoring solution and make the same mistake when looking for the best option.

Here, we have discussed some common mistakes that almost every individual and enterprise should avoid:

Never Trust Blindly

Any established company or a start-up is the result of the hard-earned money and collective efforts of its workforce. Therefore, to keep your business profitable and stay ahead of your competitors, there is a need to do a thorough research while buying an employee time tracking software. As your success lies in the productivity of your staff, it is necessary to do your homework and determine whether it features things like automatic time tracking, activity tracking, screenshots tracking, and other such functionality or not.

Will the software track time when there is no internet connection? Will you be able to track all the activities of remote employees? This all needs to be answered beforehand to choose the right software for your business.

Cheaper Isn’t Always Better 

No doubt, pricing is always a concern for all small or large businesses, but a cheap employee management software doesn’t contain all the features required to get overall picture and control over employees spread all over the world and in remote locations.

Also, it costs you more in the future and forces you to search for a better solution, again and again. Instead, pay attention to a complete business automation management solution that caters to your employee’s time and performance management needs and which is within your budget.

Customized or Configurable Software

The market has a wide variety of SaaS-based applications designed to help managers supervise work from home employees. It is important to see whether your business needs a tailor-made solution or a complete pre-made solution with little scope of modification or customization. Therefore, flexibility is one such key factor that can’t be overlooked when selecting a robust employee performance tracking solution for managing virtual employees.

Look for a Trusted Seller

Employee Time Tracking Software is everywhere. But where to buy is what confuses as there are many choices available. To avoid unnecessary costs and improve the productivity of the employees, it is essential to invest in the most advanced cloud-based SaaS platform offered by the right service provider. Never forget to do a background check and ensure that the seller is among the industry leaders.

Keep the above points in mind and avoid the absolute worst mistakes and choose a highly secure and functional Employee Monitoring Software

Why Choose Talygen Over Other Providers?

Virtual employee management with Talygen has long-lasting benefits. This highly advanced automation software provides great features and modules, everything in one place. Talygen is easy to install, use, implement, and maintain regardless of the size of your business.

For further details about Talygen and its benefits, visit

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Employee Monitoring Software – Some Key Features

Inefficiency and Incompetency are the top reasons for the increased turnover rate in organizations. Certainly, better performance and quality of an employee’s work are the backbone of every organization’s growth and it needs to be maintained for continuous success.

With the COVID-19 outbreak, self-isolation is highly recommended by health officials to ensure safety. In light of this, organizations have been conveniently adopting work from home during these unprecedented times. Further to keep their staff available virtually for collaboration and meetings, and to track their mobile workforce, Employee Management, and Time Tracking software are essential.

Monitor Employees the Right Way

Physical monitoring by sight and senses helps managers track performance only within four walls of your premises, but managing remote employees requires virtual remote access solutions for all day long monitoring. The SAAS based monitoring tools ensure immediate support for technical problems to keep the business going. In virtual office spaces, employees are fully monitored thru the use of robust activity and time tracking software.

Here, we are going to discuss a few features of productivity tracking tools that help employees curb burnout, low productivity, and inadequacy. Take a look:

Project Management 

Project planning is crucial to systematize the organizational processes and projects. The project management feature allows streamlining the hierarchy of tasks. It makes planning, scheduling, and delegation of numerous projects stress-free. Apart from efficient task management, it keeps the managers, employees, and teams united by creating a seamless workflow.

You can also have the benefit of centralized document storage and project tracking for remote workers.

Performance Review

Building a close connection with your employees whether working in front of your eyes or at a virtual office is necessary. To align every employee’s performance with organizational objectives, you need to utilize and set-up a powerful software with in-built project management capability. Evaluating performance with tech-driven tools helps in determining the actual work output of virtual workers.


Working from a virtual office doesn’t mean that you will not be contacted by anyone from your team. To keep employees active, the managers can have a live and group chat with them and can access their screen as well. Through the use of a message board, anyone working within the organization can build connections effortlessly. In addition to instant messaging, private and secure document sharing can also be possible.

Apart from these, there is an array of features that you can quickly go over when you install one of the best software for managing remote employees.

Do you have a virtual team? Get Talygen Now

Since the introduction of Talygen, it has empowered hundreds of businesses by delivering a fully digitalized solution for collecting, storing, analyzing, and reporting organizational and employee data. This web-based cloud SAAS platform limits the risk of insider theft with its secured employee monitoring technology.

It offers immense benefits to employers by enabling them to keep a check on remote employees connected to the company’s computer network, no matter even if they are using their own systems. Furthermore, the Message Board for Communication, Approval Module for Regulating, Job Portal for HR, Performance Review for Evaluation, and a lot more features encourages employees to work and penalizes them for any intentional and unintentional time waste.

Visit to help your business avail an automated employee time tracking software for never-ending growth.

Thursday, 7 May 2020

Top 6 Ways to Boost Remote Team’s Performance with an Employee Monitoring Software

In light of the Coronavirus outbreak, ever-evolving technologies have been providing businesses and employees remote monitoring tools to improve scalability and efficiency while working from home.

Working remotely becomes a lot smoother when the team is working cohesively in the cloud as it provides a required level of security and ease of working virtually. For enhanced output managing a remote workforce at any time anywhere is essential and to make it easier for your big or small businesses, you need to have secure control over the remote staff using a robust Employee Monitoring Software or time tracking software. Take a look at 6 ways employee monitoring software enhances team performance and productivity:

Time Efficient Training Sessions

The management of a remote workforce is necessary to motivate them to work with full dedication. In order to energize employees, managers can have training sessions and provide them knowledge using the best monitoring software with featured employee management capability. The advanced assessment feature allows managers to track performance and schedule training with virtual employees to build a high-end learning environment.

Relevant Access Controls

Managing work from home can be easier for employees. However, managing the productivity of virtual teams can be difficult without a robust tracking system. A fully-featured software with constant monitoring helps managers to give employees limited and relevant access. From the centralized configured servers, the network specialists keep checking on the unauthorized access to irrelevant projects during working hours. Cloud-based platforms track and save all the information on the database and assist organizations to protect business operations from insider threats. 

Desktop App Screenshot Capturing

In addition to tracking remote staff’s performance in reports, the screen capturing feature provides images of Microsoft Word, Websites accessed, Emails shared, Chatting, and more. The technology-rich applications monitor screens and take images to store on the cloud to evaluate the performance based on screenshots.

Activity Log & Project Report Progress 

The built-in progress tracking features track log time and activities of an unlimited number of employees in real-time. The software helps in 12/24 time tracking and provides the status of remote teams working on multiple projects and tasks. It will help businesses cut expenses and at the same time keep employees motivated by giving them feedback on their performance.

Calendar View of Tracked Time

Whether managers want to track one-day productivity or work history over past years, the time tracking tool provides a quick and visual representation in the form of a calendar view. The powerful interactive view gives them valuable information about the users all days’ activities.

Improved Collaboration

Strengthening relations with employees to build a trusted workforce and in turn boost the feeling of togetherness between on-site and remote staff. Employee monitoring software eases the communication process, additionally allows distributed teams to get in touch online to manage projects and tasks from their distant locations. 

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Friday, 17 April 2020

Four Major Problems an Employee Monitoring Software Can Solve

When it’s about running a business, you will agree with the fact that many challenges are there. Be it monitoring employees, financial management, recruiting dedicated workforce, exploding data, uncertainty and more. Though all the areas need equal attention, however managing remote employees is the biggest problem that will soon turn into the biggest threat to an organization’s existence, if not handled efficiently. 

Before things go out of your hand and your profits diminish, you need to get hands-on with advanced cloud software for employee time tracking.

Manual Timesheet Management

Along with time management, the biggest problem that comes in an organization is to manage data and information about employees. Tracking leaves, hours, hourly payrolls, etc. need to be maintained for effective management and to save extra expenses. Automatic data accumulation through timesheets brings in more clarity and helps managers track the productivity of their staff. 

In addition, managers can take advantage of tracking incorrect entries by employees. This provides them a quick view of their workday report and helps in performance evaluation.

Only One Entry at a Time

Logging entries for previous days is a daunting task that wastes your time and effort too. But, with comprehensive employee tracking software, users can immediately add multiple entries at the push of a button. The software best fits the needs of remote employees and managers. To add time entries, you need to open the ‘Bulk Time Entry’ tab in the available options in the software. With no limitations, you can fill, remove and edit entries.

Manual Punch In/Punch-Out

The traditional punch card attendance system is no longer in practice, as the employee monitoring tools have in-built online attendance functionalities to track employee’s hours. With one-touch access from their desktop screens and mobiles, the users can punch in and start their day from anywhere. Additionally, this flexible time tracking feature streamlines the HR processes to accurately calculate their employee's leaves, attendance and shift hours.

Work Management Across Different Time Zones

Organizations regardless of their size majorly struggle with managing time zones to cater to their clients’ needs globally. Virtualization technology has connected all the industries in real-time and bridged the differences that teams face while working according to their country time zones. The robust time management solutions enable users to schedule their work and monitor staff across the globe based on the time zone they logged in. As a user, you simply need to log in with the account (must-have) to select the current time zone. Then you need to go to the General Settings section where you will find an option to adjust the time. Moreover, you can also set the time the moment you register with the application or you can get ahead with the default settings.

To help you address all the challenges smartly, Talygen is the best cloud-based software that you can try out. Virtual employee management with Talygen’s time tracking software boosts confidence in employees and builds trust.

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

TALYGEN- The Right Key to Manage Remote Employees

Being monitored at physical offices doesn’t mean someone is standing behind to keep an eye on you. The advanced monitoring tools have dramatically transformed the whole concept of managing employees whether in offices or virtual. The organizations providing the comfort of work from home can monitor their physical screens with ease. 

In the technology-rich era, where the idea of working from different locations is offering convenience to both the public and private sectors, it nevertheless has a ripple effect. Businesses need to take into account important problems such as data breach, network issues and instant access to technology, before employing work from home successfully.

Now the question here is how it can be made possible? Talygen is the right answer to help you stop worrying about checking employees at dynamic locations.

Must-Have Features on Talygen’s Employee Monitoring Software

Talygen is the best web-based application with advanced technologies that allow managers to monitor employees responsibly. With comprehensive employee time tracking software at the ready, all small and large organizations can watch every move of remote teams. It not just brings transparency, and in turn, it encourages employees to stay engaged and add more value to their organizational growth.

Talygen maps the journey of employees, giving leverage to work independently at home but, under strict surveillance. 

Time Tracking Software- Anytime Anywhere 

Having complete control of employee’s tasks is the need for time for businesses to check how loyal your employees are to you. This software is the right fit for the businesses and it works as an online time tracker to enable managers to have complete access to tasks assigned to their teams.
  • Timesheet creation by Talygen allows users to manage workflows by adding the right number of hours. It works in the background and automatically tracks the activities of the teams and at the end represents that in a graphical chart to make it more understandable.
  • Flag and Track Entries feature in this robust employee management tool automatically highlights the incorrect time entries by generating a flag. The managers have access to check the entries anytime plus they can also share their feedback to get them corrected.
  • Next comes, Bulk Time Entries feature of Talygen. In case any employee failed to add an entry, through the customized multiple time entries, one can enter ‘n’ number of entries within minutes.
  • Additionally, Talygen offers flexible and manual time tracking options using which the teams and managers can get complete control of the entries and can add manual entries at one’s convenience.
  • You can have the freedom to stop the active timer during breaks and resume when you are back at the system so that the exact time tracking can be calculated for the productive hours.
  • Moreover, with Talygenemployee time tracking software, tasks can be tracked even when the internet connection is lost. This is also possible for all the employees working with different time zones.
Well, the acceptance towards such types of employee tracking software comes with mixed reviews, but when it comes to protecting your valuable clients, business data and secures your network, then no organization compromises at any cost.

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