Tuesday, 31 March 2020

TALYGEN- The Right Key to Manage Remote Employees

Being monitored at physical offices doesn’t mean someone is standing behind to keep an eye on you. The advanced monitoring tools have dramatically transformed the whole concept of managing employees whether in offices or virtual. The organizations providing the comfort of work from home can monitor their physical screens with ease. 

In the technology-rich era, where the idea of working from different locations is offering convenience to both the public and private sectors, it nevertheless has a ripple effect. Businesses need to take into account important problems such as data breach, network issues and instant access to technology, before employing work from home successfully.

Now the question here is how it can be made possible? Talygen is the right answer to help you stop worrying about checking employees at dynamic locations.

Must-Have Features on Talygen’s Employee Monitoring Software

Talygen is the best web-based application with advanced technologies that allow managers to monitor employees responsibly. With comprehensive employee time tracking software at the ready, all small and large organizations can watch every move of remote teams. It not just brings transparency, and in turn, it encourages employees to stay engaged and add more value to their organizational growth.

Talygen maps the journey of employees, giving leverage to work independently at home but, under strict surveillance. 

Time Tracking Software- Anytime Anywhere 

Having complete control of employee’s tasks is the need for time for businesses to check how loyal your employees are to you. This software is the right fit for the businesses and it works as an online time tracker to enable managers to have complete access to tasks assigned to their teams.
  • Timesheet creation by Talygen allows users to manage workflows by adding the right number of hours. It works in the background and automatically tracks the activities of the teams and at the end represents that in a graphical chart to make it more understandable.
  • Flag and Track Entries feature in this robust employee management tool automatically highlights the incorrect time entries by generating a flag. The managers have access to check the entries anytime plus they can also share their feedback to get them corrected.
  • Next comes, Bulk Time Entries feature of Talygen. In case any employee failed to add an entry, through the customized multiple time entries, one can enter ‘n’ number of entries within minutes.
  • Additionally, Talygen offers flexible and manual time tracking options using which the teams and managers can get complete control of the entries and can add manual entries at one’s convenience.
  • You can have the freedom to stop the active timer during breaks and resume when you are back at the system so that the exact time tracking can be calculated for the productive hours.
  • Moreover, with Talygenemployee time tracking software, tasks can be tracked even when the internet connection is lost. This is also possible for all the employees working with different time zones.
Well, the acceptance towards such types of employee tracking software comes with mixed reviews, but when it comes to protecting your valuable clients, business data and secures your network, then no organization compromises at any cost.

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