Friday, 17 April 2020

Four Major Problems an Employee Monitoring Software Can Solve

When it’s about running a business, you will agree with the fact that many challenges are there. Be it monitoring employees, financial management, recruiting dedicated workforce, exploding data, uncertainty and more. Though all the areas need equal attention, however managing remote employees is the biggest problem that will soon turn into the biggest threat to an organization’s existence, if not handled efficiently. 

Before things go out of your hand and your profits diminish, you need to get hands-on with advanced cloud software for employee time tracking.

Manual Timesheet Management

Along with time management, the biggest problem that comes in an organization is to manage data and information about employees. Tracking leaves, hours, hourly payrolls, etc. need to be maintained for effective management and to save extra expenses. Automatic data accumulation through timesheets brings in more clarity and helps managers track the productivity of their staff. 

In addition, managers can take advantage of tracking incorrect entries by employees. This provides them a quick view of their workday report and helps in performance evaluation.

Only One Entry at a Time

Logging entries for previous days is a daunting task that wastes your time and effort too. But, with comprehensive employee tracking software, users can immediately add multiple entries at the push of a button. The software best fits the needs of remote employees and managers. To add time entries, you need to open the ‘Bulk Time Entry’ tab in the available options in the software. With no limitations, you can fill, remove and edit entries.

Manual Punch In/Punch-Out

The traditional punch card attendance system is no longer in practice, as the employee monitoring tools have in-built online attendance functionalities to track employee’s hours. With one-touch access from their desktop screens and mobiles, the users can punch in and start their day from anywhere. Additionally, this flexible time tracking feature streamlines the HR processes to accurately calculate their employee's leaves, attendance and shift hours.

Work Management Across Different Time Zones

Organizations regardless of their size majorly struggle with managing time zones to cater to their clients’ needs globally. Virtualization technology has connected all the industries in real-time and bridged the differences that teams face while working according to their country time zones. The robust time management solutions enable users to schedule their work and monitor staff across the globe based on the time zone they logged in. As a user, you simply need to log in with the account (must-have) to select the current time zone. Then you need to go to the General Settings section where you will find an option to adjust the time. Moreover, you can also set the time the moment you register with the application or you can get ahead with the default settings.

To help you address all the challenges smartly, Talygen is the best cloud-based software that you can try out. Virtual employee management with Talygen’s time tracking software boosts confidence in employees and builds trust.

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