Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Employee Monitoring Software – Some Key Features

Inefficiency and Incompetency are the top reasons for the increased turnover rate in organizations. Certainly, better performance and quality of an employee’s work are the backbone of every organization’s growth and it needs to be maintained for continuous success.

With the COVID-19 outbreak, self-isolation is highly recommended by health officials to ensure safety. In light of this, organizations have been conveniently adopting work from home during these unprecedented times. Further to keep their staff available virtually for collaboration and meetings, and to track their mobile workforce, Employee Management, and Time Tracking software are essential.

Monitor Employees the Right Way

Physical monitoring by sight and senses helps managers track performance only within four walls of your premises, but managing remote employees requires virtual remote access solutions for all day long monitoring. The SAAS based monitoring tools ensure immediate support for technical problems to keep the business going. In virtual office spaces, employees are fully monitored thru the use of robust activity and time tracking software.

Here, we are going to discuss a few features of productivity tracking tools that help employees curb burnout, low productivity, and inadequacy. Take a look:

Project Management 

Project planning is crucial to systematize the organizational processes and projects. The project management feature allows streamlining the hierarchy of tasks. It makes planning, scheduling, and delegation of numerous projects stress-free. Apart from efficient task management, it keeps the managers, employees, and teams united by creating a seamless workflow.

You can also have the benefit of centralized document storage and project tracking for remote workers.

Performance Review

Building a close connection with your employees whether working in front of your eyes or at a virtual office is necessary. To align every employee’s performance with organizational objectives, you need to utilize and set-up a powerful software with in-built project management capability. Evaluating performance with tech-driven tools helps in determining the actual work output of virtual workers.


Working from a virtual office doesn’t mean that you will not be contacted by anyone from your team. To keep employees active, the managers can have a live and group chat with them and can access their screen as well. Through the use of a message board, anyone working within the organization can build connections effortlessly. In addition to instant messaging, private and secure document sharing can also be possible.

Apart from these, there is an array of features that you can quickly go over when you install one of the best software for managing remote employees.

Do you have a virtual team? Get Talygen Now

Since the introduction of Talygen, it has empowered hundreds of businesses by delivering a fully digitalized solution for collecting, storing, analyzing, and reporting organizational and employee data. This web-based cloud SAAS platform limits the risk of insider theft with its secured employee monitoring technology.

It offers immense benefits to employers by enabling them to keep a check on remote employees connected to the company’s computer network, no matter even if they are using their own systems. Furthermore, the Message Board for Communication, Approval Module for Regulating, Job Portal for HR, Performance Review for Evaluation, and a lot more features encourages employees to work and penalizes them for any intentional and unintentional time waste.

Visit to help your business avail an automated employee time tracking software for never-ending growth.

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