Thursday, 7 May 2020

Top 6 Ways to Boost Remote Team’s Performance with an Employee Monitoring Software

In light of the Coronavirus outbreak, ever-evolving technologies have been providing businesses and employees remote monitoring tools to improve scalability and efficiency while working from home.

Working remotely becomes a lot smoother when the team is working cohesively in the cloud as it provides a required level of security and ease of working virtually. For enhanced output managing a remote workforce at any time anywhere is essential and to make it easier for your big or small businesses, you need to have secure control over the remote staff using a robust Employee Monitoring Software or time tracking software. Take a look at 6 ways employee monitoring software enhances team performance and productivity:

Time Efficient Training Sessions

The management of a remote workforce is necessary to motivate them to work with full dedication. In order to energize employees, managers can have training sessions and provide them knowledge using the best monitoring software with featured employee management capability. The advanced assessment feature allows managers to track performance and schedule training with virtual employees to build a high-end learning environment.

Relevant Access Controls

Managing work from home can be easier for employees. However, managing the productivity of virtual teams can be difficult without a robust tracking system. A fully-featured software with constant monitoring helps managers to give employees limited and relevant access. From the centralized configured servers, the network specialists keep checking on the unauthorized access to irrelevant projects during working hours. Cloud-based platforms track and save all the information on the database and assist organizations to protect business operations from insider threats. 

Desktop App Screenshot Capturing

In addition to tracking remote staff’s performance in reports, the screen capturing feature provides images of Microsoft Word, Websites accessed, Emails shared, Chatting, and more. The technology-rich applications monitor screens and take images to store on the cloud to evaluate the performance based on screenshots.

Activity Log & Project Report Progress 

The built-in progress tracking features track log time and activities of an unlimited number of employees in real-time. The software helps in 12/24 time tracking and provides the status of remote teams working on multiple projects and tasks. It will help businesses cut expenses and at the same time keep employees motivated by giving them feedback on their performance.

Calendar View of Tracked Time

Whether managers want to track one-day productivity or work history over past years, the time tracking tool provides a quick and visual representation in the form of a calendar view. The powerful interactive view gives them valuable information about the users all days’ activities.

Improved Collaboration

Strengthening relations with employees to build a trusted workforce and in turn boost the feeling of togetherness between on-site and remote staff. Employee monitoring software eases the communication process, additionally allows distributed teams to get in touch online to manage projects and tasks from their distant locations. 

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